Crio’s Q: Trigger Moments

Although Historians insist that matters are always more complicated,

it is easier for us to declare a certain instance as the trigger for

calamitous events – the shooting of Archduke Ferdinand as starting WW1

is a famous example.

So, too, in sport.

Warwick “The Wizz” Capper’s late goal at Princes Park put the full

stop on Robert Walls’ coaching career on Royal Parade.

Many think that “The Frog” Le Cras has done likewise for Matty Knights.

What moments have been the trigger for change in sport?


  1. Monsieur Crio,

    Le Cras n’est pas la grenouille est-il pas? Pour la grenouille est la grenouille.


  2. Phantom – que?

    Crio – The West Coast players going sans drugs post 2006 has resulted in a calamitous fall!

  3. Tony Robb says

    Half time in the the 1970 GF ,Barassi says to handball and play at all costs. A gamestyle that was quickly adopted by teams the following year arguably heralding the beginning of “modern fooball”. It also commenced a horror run of Collingwood GF performances. A traditonal that continues thankfully to this day bar that blip in 90′


  4. Was the “line in the sand” game considered a turni8ng point for the Hawks?

  5. Peter Flynn says

    Jackie Robinson signing for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

    Potentially, Tiger’s harem Jaimee Grubbs et al.

  6. Tony Robb says

    The 10 year rule certainly changed North’s history

  7. Great example Tony.
    Swans to Sydney changed the landscape forever.

  8. The 2007 round 5 loss by the Cats to the Kangas changed the environment substantially. It dried up the flood.

  9. The second world war cut off Douglas Bader’s Soccer career.

  10. There’s a new brand of History Phantom. Very funny.

    Damien Martyn’s rash shot against South Africa doomed him to years of Test team exile.

  11. Speaking of Sud Afrika.

    The spitting incident at the Wanderers certainly turned the series inspiring the big partnership between G Blewett and S Waugh.

  12. The Deutzland men’s relay team dropping the baton (good name for a race horse) in front of the Feuhrer in 1936 giving the USA team the gold medal was a sign of things to come in African American (and other countries) dominance in athletics sprinting.

    Herr Schickelgreuber certainly looked a bit pissed off on the replay footage.

  13. World Series Cricket?

  14. Easy answer isn’t it, although WSC, of course, came about because of a range of contributing factors.
    Graham Marsh’s great wealth as a second-tier golfer had a big influence on the Aussies’ attitudes.

  15. The sort of thing I was thinking about was…
    Fev had form anyway, but Brownlow Night brought it all to a head.

  16. Andrew Dimetrio’s career in AFL Football administration?

  17. Tony Robb says

    What about coaching thoeries that affected the game. I mentioned barassi in 70. Others I can think of are of course the flood. Walls introed the defensive kick in huddle. Wallace when at Footscary introed a forward huddle from the goal squre when the players split in all directions at the centre bounce. Not sure who brought in zoning but I’d shoot the prick if I did but I’ll blame Sheedy anyway. The fill in coach did however introduce a technique change in the early eighties. A handball with a backward rotation that stopped the footy from dipping and increased the carry making handball as effective as short passing. Pity he hasnt had another sensible idea in the following 25 years. There was Pagans paddock which was only really used at North as they were the only team with Wayne Carey. The rapid increase in interchanges has changed the game immeasurably and must be sorted.Ill blame Roos and Malthouse for that. I introduced the forward anchor formation at the magpies under 12s but the youngsters never really grasped the concept and it sank like its namesake.

  18. Dave Latham says

    I’m going to go with the battle of Jena followed by Ronny Wearmouth’s hair.

  19. Tony Robb says

    The banning of the Rocker cannon brought Lindrum’s enbeaten run to a halt

  20. Who invented gunpowder?

  21. Andrew Fithall says

    It is 30 years since Collingwood had the night premiership stolen because of another lack lustre performance – this time by the siren. It was subsequently decided that something audible would be more effective. It took a while to catch on in Tasmania.

  22. Just what is wrong with the soft clunk of a cow bell Andrew?

  23. Dave Latham says

    What then does the town crier rattle Phantom?

    Napoleon’s hemorrhoids which prevented him inspecting the lines at Waterloo. “My kingdom for a soft saddle (or anusol wipes)!”

  24. “Good old Collingwood forever”, apparently, Dave.

    Good to see you’re up and about.

    We Cats are all hiding under the bed after Friday night.

    Cheers, Phantom.

  25. Now there’s one Crio.

    The electric siren in footy. It must have changed things a bit.

  26. Damian Watson says

    I think it was after the Round 5 1997 match when St Kilda lost to Fremantle that Saints coach Stan Alves asked the players whether they truly believed he was the right coach for the club and that he was prepared to leave if his charges thought otherwise. Of course the Saints had only one win to that point of the season.

    The St Kilda players stood by him and responded with an 80+ win over Melbourne the following week and would go on to drop only three more matches for the season and claim top spot on the ladder coming into the finals.

  27. Pamela Sherpa says

    Fev’s long kick from the boundary in Adelaide finished off Gary Ayres.

  28. Your point is astute Pamela, but….. I think Gary Ayres finished off Gary Ayres.

    They should stop picking on the Bombers. Vultures with short memories.

    Cheers, Phantom.

  29. Jimmy O’Dea finished off John Greening.

  30. And that arrogant Umpire Carberry baited and broke Fabulous Phil Carman.

  31. Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal may have significant repercussions.

  32. The 1980 Premiership finished off Richmond.

  33. John Butler says

    Gary Ablett Snr leaving Hawthorn.

    Gary Ablett Jnr leaving Geelong?

  34. What was the “final straw” for Laidley and for Rev Daniher?

  35. JB, the Hawks won three (or four?) flags after Abblett went to Myrtleford.

    If young Gazza has the same effect on GFC I suppose we will just have to grin and bare it I suppose.

  36. cow shed end says

    Without doubt it was the day Mr.and Mrs.Merrington decided to conceive a son and name him Gary…without him Hudson Wade McKenna Jesaulenko etc etc would have had rather mediocre careers.

  37. club house leader. lol as they say!

  38. cow shed end says

    Also Crio, it is quite apt that the shooting of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand should be brought up,as I’m quite sure Malthouse or Sheedy were involved..why else would keep hearing “Essendon and Collingwood started Anzac day it belongs to us!”

  39. David Latham says

    Voss’s ego looks to be a turning point for the Lions.

  40. #38…My understanding is that this is irrelevant to this discussion which is on causal effects, hence the reference to Scottish rock icons Franz Ferdinand, who, in fact, chose their name after watching the racehorse Archduke Ferdinand win the 2001 Northumberland Plate, probably baring its molars to the breeze.

    What Sheedy, with probably some assistance from Eddie, Mick Malthouse and possibly Alby Pannam, did, was organise a game on Anzac Day which ended the war, in fact usurped it.

  41. BTW, the Northumberland Plate tale is apparently true! The credibility of the rest of the entry (#40), like so much we hear today, is “marginal” at best.

  42. What finished Phar Lap? Can They do a contemporary autopsy?

    2007 finished Port Adelaide.

  43. Mark Bosnich obviously had a drug habit and social issues yet it was his Nazi salute at Spurs fans that heralded the end.

  44. Andrew Fithall says

    A bit of Kevin Sheedy sentimentality, combined with a timely Sumich point for West Coast against Collingwood, adversely impacted Essendon in 1990. In the last round he played all four Danihers, I believe for the only time ever. In doing so, a couple of deserving players missed a senior game that week. The following week Essendon had the week off (finished top in a final 5 system). Then the draw, with no extra time, meant that Essendon had another week’s rest. The majority of the players hadn’t had a proper game for three weeks, and a couple had four weeks off, leading into the second semi. Collingwood thumped them, and then repeated the effort two weeks later.

    Don’t you feel sorry for them?

  45. 1994 World Cup own goal finished Columbian Andreas Escobar

  46. pauldaffey says


    The 1980 flag didn’t end Richmond’s reign. They got to the grand final in 1982.

    So there.

  47. pauldaffey says

    There’s one I’ve always remembered. It was in 1980-ish.

    Swampy Patterson was coaching St Kilda. Two players bumped into each other. This calamity (jane) was all Lindsay Fox needed to point the gun and fire.

    “You can’t have two players bumping into each other,” he said.

    Jezza took over and the rest is … um, irrelevant.

  48. What will be seen as the trigger for Aker’s demise or, retrospectively, was it all inevitable?

  49. The Brisbane players will be nodding their heads sagely (although they have issues of their own to worry about).
    Allowing Aker to earn outside footy was a doomed problem with his personality and the employers selected. From what I recall of his time at 3AW, Steve Price is a nasty little narcissistic Macchiavellian who will view this whole saga as a success. The Herald-Sun needs base level gossip and Aker was too stupid or too ill-advised to give them the blandness most others contribute. But that was his income and ambition. Aker will probably be blustery and ungracious for a week or so and then disappear.
    He was a fantastic player.
    The Dogs will move on.

  50. Mic Rees says

    Crio – August 9 1988 – Big day in Nth America

    Wayne Gretzky traded from Edmonton Oilers to Los Angeles Kings – Only two Canadian teams have won the Stanley Cup since.

    Cubs play first game under lights at Wrigley Field – The first scheduled game was to be played the previous evening 8/8/88 – how clever, but was rained out – how appropriate!. We still await the first WS under lights at Wrigley. Mike Royko once stated any parent who encouraged their kids to become Cubs fans should be arrested and charged with child abuse. I agree.

  51. Why Mic?

  52. Stephen Cooke says

    I told my brother that allowing his son to support Richmond was a form of child abuse. Young Lachlan could be onto a good thing after all now.

  53. Mic Rees says

    #51 – Chris – Do you mean why should the parents be arrested ?

    If you think the Dog’s have been waiting a while, the last time the Northsiders (Cubs) won it all was 1908, the last time they played off for all the marbles was 1945. With the exception of 84, 89, 98, 03 it’s been slim pickings. Why you would subject those you cared for to that slop, I’m not sure.

    Royko’s ashes were scattered at Wrigley. Masochist!

  54. Thanks Mic. Similar to my punting record.

  55. Tim Neilson might be the next scalp if things continue…Aust 64/6

  56. Andrew Fithall says

    I liked this Tweet by DrJavaBeans regarding Akermanis:

    Western Bulldogs show Jason Akermanis the door… Aker requests to be shown the front door as the back door makes him uncomfortable

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