Crio’s Q: Sports Siblings

It runs in the family!

Though urban myth insists that Nellie Melba’s sister couldn’t whistle, evidence suggests there’s something in a gene pool.

No sooner had another progeny of High Chaparral pocketed a Gr1 (Descarado, trained by Gai Waterhouse, daughter of legend T J Smith), than news reached me that Chris (brother of Brad) Scott was to be appointed Cats coach.

Sporting siblings are much loved by fans.

Let’s rate some of the best.


  1. Bedser twins

    Gatting brothers (one for Arsenal and one for England)

    All those Hughes and Mortimers that played for Canterbury.

    Crio what about spicing it up with Sam Pang’s notion of the “shit sibling” — the much less able brother or sister?

    Who was the shit sibling in the Chappells, Waughs?

  2. I thought this diversion would come up.
    Clearly Trevor Chappell and Dean Waugh struggled by reputation…but still played first class cricket.
    In Victoria at present we have “Pommy” Pattinson bowling for the Bushrangers with all top judges declaring his brother, James, to be clearly the better prospect. We shall see.
    There is always the “better one at home” analogy on the racecourse.
    At Footscray/Dogs, we made an artform of getting the “other” brother…Chalkdog or CowShed will probably elaborate.

  3. Simon and Paul Atkins. Wynyard boys and frequenters of Rocky Cape.

    Simon just finished as coach of Werribee and Paul just finished coaching North Launceston.

    Made Cameron Ling look like Warren Beatty.

  4. The Selwoods are putting up a fine family effort not seen since the Danihers although at different club

  5. David Downer says

    A general comment …the youngest sibling – or the one in any upcoming draft, is always supposed to be the “most talented brother”

    All the bloody Danihers
    All the bloody Selwoods
    All the bloody Houlahans
    Michael and Brett Voss
    Wakelin twins
    Robert and Anthony Harvey (the latter is obviously the “dud”).
    Gary and Nathan (the latter is the “dud” and still has a flag ..and doesn’t give a shit …life just aint fair).

    The Williams brothers (oops, sisters, yes, yes, I meant sisters)
    Bob and Mike Bryan (tennis doubles act – are these the blokes that can serve with either arm too?)
    John and Patrick McEnroe
    Eli and Peyton Manning (NFL)
    Brett and Shane Lee (society was the loser when they formed that band)

    Charlie Sheen/Emilio Estevez
    The Baldwin brothers (Stephen is the dud?)
    The Jacksons (Tito is the dud?)
    The Gibb brothers…

  6. A lot of Rugby League brothers who played against each other and were quite happy to go the thump as well.

    Rod and Des Morris in Brisbane

    The Wynn brothers who played for St George and Parra

    The Morris brothers today who play for St G and Canterbury

    Then there’s the Reddy brothers: one plays RL and the other is the goalkeeper for Sydney fc.

    Hadlee brothers

  7. GOLF: Molinari brothers have had a stellar year

  8. Nankervis brothers who played for Geelong – Bruce and Ian. Both good players.

    But we also had Kelvin Matthews – dudish brother of Lethal Leigh.

  9. DD
    The Marx Brothers. Gummo and Zeppo where duds and Mannie didnt even get a jumper

  10. Peter Flynn says

    Alistair and Stewart Lord

    Elle and Mimi McPherson

  11. Andrew Fithall says

    There are three Molina brothers (Jose, Bengie and Yadier) who are all catchers for their respective major league baseball teams in the US. Amazingly, all three have played in a winning world series team. As one commentator said on the weekend, you would have loved being a pitcher in that neighbourhood when those kids were growing up.

  12. Andrew Fithall says

    Jenny Williams, the sister of Mark Williams (former Collingwood and Brisbane player and coach of Port Power), represented Australia at lacrosse.

  13. Rod and Graham Marsh

  14. Mark’s brother coached Port Magpies. Other deceased.Strong sporting stock through sire Fos.

  15. David Downer says

    Neil Mottram (Basketball) and Craig Mottram (athletics)
    Andy and Jamie Murray (guess the dud)
    Gilbert, Greg and Adrian McAdam
    Gary and Phil Neville (Man Utd)
    Bobby and Jack Charlton

  16. Baseballs Di Maggio’s – Joe, Dom & Vince

    Jack & Bobby Charlton

    PM had the Goss & Christou brothers

    Paul McCartney’s brother Mike was a member of Scaffold (Lily the Pink)

  17. David Downer says

    Apologies for posting a very sad one on this thread…

    Just been reported that Stathi Katsidis the jockey (brother of world champion boxer Michael) died overnight. He was due to ride Shoot Out in the Cox Plate on Saturday.

    Terrible, shocking news.

  18. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Collingwood has a history of producing footballing brothers going back to the 1920s.

    In the 20s and 30s it was the Coventry, Collier and Murphy brothers.

    In the 40s and 50s there were the Richards,Rose and Twomey brothers.

    In the 60s and 70s we had the Richardson and Shaw brothers.

    In the 80s and 90s More Shaw’s, Russell’s,Morewood’s, Beers and Rocca brothers.

    In the 2000s it was the Cloke’s and still more Shaw’s. Quite a variety in quality there, but I can’t think of another AFL club that has had so many sets of brothers over such a long period.

  19. Dave D. 5#,

    I think you are being a bit hard on young Nathan there.

    I watched that season closely and he was a very good player when swithced on – could even be a match winner; just like little Stevie Milne when he was not thinking of other things.

    He did a lot of hard work in the forward line and even though he only kicked three goals in his premiership (did I just say he only kicked three goals in his premiership?) from my vantage point directly behind the Punt Road goals he appeared to take one and sometimes two tall defenders out of the play to let others in.

    He was certainly missed in 2008 as his absence unbalanced a pretty potent forward structure.

    His ‘couldn’t give a rats’ attitude has nothing to do with being a dud.

  20. Chris and Jamie Grant at Doglands

  21. David Downer says

    No need to be that precious Phanto. In relative elite level terms, the majority of players in the league are stone-cold duds alongside Gary Jr.

  22. Peter Flynn says

    The Kol twins.

    Terrific ex-publicans of the Grand Hotel (‘Bool).

  23. Phil

    Aren’t they all related ;-)

  24. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Ha Ha!! You maybe right Syso. Should’ve thought of that :)

  25. Crio # 20 Dogs have had a few

    Collins (Dennis & Daryl – 1 gm Rd1 1974 v Geelong)
    Cordys (Brian, Neil, Graeme)
    Ions (Barry & Graham/Graeme)
    Schultzs (John & Robert)
    Wheelers (Terry & Garry)
    Whittens (Ted & Don)

    I think Joe McGhie (mid 60’s) was Bones’ brother


  26. Dave D, (Dozey, Beaky, Mick and Tish) Phantoms don’t get precious.

    They just seek truth and justice and stand up for the dud siblings who don’t give a rats.

    Billie Jean King and Randy Moffitt (major league base ball pitcher)

  27. Simon Beasley and Shrek

  28. Whoa boys, that’s another topic.
    However ref #3 – I actually had a pot with the Axe last Friday and, though not purporting bto be a judge(nor equipped to throw stones, I’d confidently suggest that he’s got Cling and Steve(the)Hooker covered.

  29. Good trivia question that Lily The Pink one Mic.

    Ther Gen Y’s wouldn’t get it.

  30. Dave Nadel says

    Interesting thing about the Cloke Brothers is that the younger is the better.

    In late 60s and 70s Peter and David Cloke played for Richmond. I met Peter at Monash, he was a really nice bloke but his younger brother David was much better footballer.

    Of David’s three sons, the youngest, Travis, is clearly the most talented although I think that the oldest brother, Jason, was a better footballer than his AFL career indicates.

    Phil (#18) Collingwood’s brothers go back before the 20s. At the turn of the 20th Century there were two Pannam Brothers (Charlie and Albert). One of these became Lou Richards’ Grandfather, the other became the father of another Charlie and Albert Pannam who also played for and captained Collingwood. You are probably aware that sometime before the brothers played for Collingwood the Pannam had been Pannopoulis (sorry if my spelling is wrong). I don’t know if the Pannams were the first players of partial Greek descent to play VFL but I suspect that they probably were.

  31. i have to nominate me and Susie Giese, my fellow ‘Maria’ the similarities between us are just a tad scary!

    Question why is Brad Scott better looking than Chris if they are supposed to be identical twins!!?

  32. Dani,
    You and “sister” Susie’d better work that out yourselves. Only the shade of Blue on their tie will help me…still, that is better than my neighbour who told me that Adam Scott had the gig!

  33. RACING
    Nash and Brad Rawiller
    Damian and Jason Oliver
    Bart and Pat Cummings
    Todman and Noholme

    Re Footy brothers, we got the dud Harvey, Shane, brother of Brent
    Derek and Dale Kickett (were they brothers?)

  34. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Good point #30 Dave. Wasn’t sure if the Pannam’s were brothers. Probably were the first Greeks though!

  35. Steve Healy says

    Norm and Len Smith

  36. Don’t know if it has been said already, but the Krakouer boys.

    Agreed with Danni re comment 31. Brad Scott looks a lot better than his twin.

  37. Steve Healy says

    Steven and Matthew Febey were a good combination too

  38. The Carr brothers

  39. This one is interesting…
    Craig and Brad Sholl, ultimately of North and Geelong!

  40. Andrew and Darren Jarman

  41. Mic,
    We got Scott Bassett and the Crows got Nathan!

  42. Ian Brewer played for Collingwood between 1956 and 1961 and topped the VFL goal kicking in the Pies’ Premiership year. His brother Ross first played for Melbourne eleven years later in 1972. Ross spent six years at Melbourne, three years at Collingwood and two years at Richmond so his career went from 1972 to 1983. He would probably have to have been at least fifteen years younger than Ian.

    There would be a fairly similar age gap between Spida and Andrejs Everitt. Can anyone name any other brothers apart from the Brewers and the Everitts who virtually played in different decades?

  43. Dave,
    I’d reckon there’d be a decade between the oldest and youngest Cordner, but your examples are more remarkable.
    Also, to you and Phil re Pies families…The Galballys.

  44. Dave Nadel says

    Good get on the Galballys, Crio, although according to Holmesby and Main the three Galballys (Jack, Frank and Bob) had eighteen games between them.

    The real involvement of the Galbally family with Collingwood is as Supporters, benefactors, lawyers and failed Presidential candidates (Jack,
    Frank and David) I voted against David in the mid nineties back in the days before Eddie found a way to stop Collingwood having committee elections.

  45. Collingwood and the Dogs have some family connectors Dave.
    Bob Rose and, of course, Robert Rose.
    And, Billy Picken sired one boy for Brisbane but the other, young Liam, is a real goer at Whitten Oval. I just hope he’s not September jinxed…or is it October now?

  46. Good on the Doggies for giving Liam a go. I wanted Collingwood to rookie list him, particularly after seeing him at Williamstown when they were still affilliated with Collingwood.

    Billy was nearly always Collingwood’s best player in the losing Grand Finals of the late seventies and early eighties. Son Liam doesn’t have his Dad’s height or natural ability, but he does have his Dad’s detirmination and persistance and that’s innate rather than something you can create through coaching.

  47. No-one’s mentioned Horace and Walter

  48. The Polaski twins. No, wait – they were the girls that Fonzie dated.

  49. The Bond boys go widely unacknowledged.
    Shane got a flag with WC in 94.
    Brother Troy played all season with Carlton only to miss the 95 decider.
    He then got a premiership medallion with Adelaide in 1997.

  50. It’s not widely known that when Tim Watson made his debut as a 15-year-old in 1977, his brother Larry was the one who was dropped to make way for him. Larry played 31 games for the Bombers from 1975 to 1978 and then played four games for Fitzroy in 1980.

  51. No mention yet of Victoria’s current planning minister and his brother. They played 710 games between them.

  52. Graham and Richard Osborne.
    John and Billy Duckworth.
    The senior Abletts: Gary, Geoff and Kevin.
    Geoff and Daryl Cunningham.

  53. Just to finish on #50, Larry Watson came 3rd in Dons’ B+F on half a season but, as a utility, was in the shade after Timmy arrived. He ultimately found his way to West adelaide and was a solid plater there. Tragically his son, Jake, was to die after an on-field collision in an U19’s SANFL game.

  54. here’s some good soccer stock…
    Van Berlos
    Westhoffs (which i reckon sounds like a bus company).

  55. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Spiro and Tony Malekellis
    Bill and Blair Brownless
    Renato and Laurie Serafini
    Geoff and Alan Jennings
    Des and Stephen Ryan
    Steve and Rod Macpherson
    Tony, Shane and Paul Morewood
    Glen and Alan Jakovich
    John and Peter Worsfold
    Gary and Stephen Hocking
    Stephen and David Kernahan

    I vaguely remember the Leneghan brothers at Geelong, early to mid 80s…could be wrong.

  56. #55 You’re right about the Lenaghan brothers, Phil. Doug Wade, as commentator on Channel 7, famously said they were “very hard to tell apart, except that one of them has a beard”.

  57. Champs & chumps:

    Mark & Stan Alves
    Tom & Robbie Flower
    Luke & Brad Ottens
    Donald, David & Che Cockatoo-Collins
    Ben & Nick Holland

    Or did I get that the wrong way around?

  58. Brad Sewell’s brother won a Liston.

  59. Have we yet commended the Bowden clan?

  60. and 3 Cordys…with an Ayce up the sleeve! (sorry!)

  61. #60. Who’s writing your stuff, Crio? Me?

  62. Unemployed Gigs…too much time.

    I heard an interview once with Paul Wynd, brother of Scotty, whose experience at North may have helped us to get the big champ.

  63. Famous (in SA)
    Dennis and Neil Sachse
    Barrie and Rodney Robran
    John and Darrell Cahill
    Fred and Brenton Bills

  64. What about the X-man and Raphael?

    Danny Dickfos (Brisbane had about 4 brothers who threatened to break into the top league but never quite made it.

  65. Doug and Dinsdale Piranha

  66. que?

  67. Come on Tommy – you know your Monty Python! The feared Piranha brothers- Doug was the violent one (nailed someone’s head to a coffee table) while Dinsdale used Pathos, Irony and Sarcasm.

  68. Is that you and me Budge?

  69. Given the identical twin-ness of the Scotts, have we mentioned the Wakelins? Adjudicate Danni!

  70. Andrew Fithall says

    I did note that in Danni’s assessment earlier in the year, Mitch and Nathan Brown were given idential scores.

  71. Budge #63 – I hope you haven’t forgot the Stringer brothers

  72. Mark and Paul Branagan must be acknowledged as trailblazing Almanac brothers – ref Almanackery 2009 edition.

  73. John Butler says

    The Pollocks- no shit siblings there.

    And to balance the ledger, the Hollioakes.

  74. John Butler says

    The Schumachers (everyone forgets Ralph). That is, of course, if Formula One can still be classed as a sport.

  75. Peter Flynn says

    The Konrads could swim a bit.

  76. Peter Flynn says

    Apologies if these have been mentioned:

    Australian Test cricketers:

    Hugh (hat-trick) and John (offie) Trumble

    Alec (Tavare of his day) and Charles (165 RH) Bannerman

    Ken (handy baseballer) and Ron (did his knee in Karachi) Archer

    Dave (first skipper) and Ned (one-Test) Gregory. Ned could have been the earliest-born Aussie Test cricketer.

    Neil (nimble-foot) and Merv (one-Test as opener) Harvey
    Another Harvey brother was a Test umpire in the 70’s.

  77. Peter Flynn says


    Forgot Harry (Test captain) and Albert (Lord’s Pavilion) Trott

  78. Mic and Budge,
    Fred and Butch Phillis.

  79. Dave Nadel says

    Then of course there are political brothers.

    John Howard, the most Conservative PM of recent times (his statement) had a younger brother named Bob who was in the Labor Party.

    His Treasurer, Peter Costello, has an older brother, Reverend Tim, who used to be in the Democrats and is still considerably more progessive than Peter.

    Labor Minister Martin Fergusson (ALP Batman)has a brother Laurie who is also a Federal Labor member for a Sydnet seat. Laurie was a Shadow Minister but when Labor got in they reduced him to a Parliamentary Secretary. Their Dad was Deputy Premier of NSW and a third brother is a union official.

    Laure Brereton, who in his own way was as tough as his footballing namesake was a NSW State Minister who became a Federal Labor Minister. He was pretty unpopular when he left NSW politics but not as unpopular as his sister Dierdre Grusavin (probably not spelt like that) who was also a State Labor member.

  80. Now there’s a tangent Dave!
    G.W. Bush had some family hidden behind said bush.
    The Ruddster seemed to have an interesting Christmas mailing list also.

  81. Dave,
    And, of course, in England didn’t Labor have twins challenge for leadership (I’m well out of my league here).

  82. That’s not all ‘W’ had hidden. If you look hard enough there were three (3) criminal convictions.

    The Kennedy siblings and the labotomy.

    Getting kinda interesting now.

  83. Dave Nadel says

    #81 The interesting thing about the brothers Miliband, who actually are not twins, is that their late Dad, Ralph, was a highly respected Marxist academic who would probably not be happy with move of his sons, particularly David, to a very moderate Labor position.

    Nobody does political nepotism like the Americans. The Kennedy dynasty is into its fourth generation all though none of the current lot appear to have the charisma of JFK or Bobby.

    Al Gore had a father and various uncles, Grandparents and great uncles going back into the nineteenth century in Federal and Tennessee politics.

    Unfortunately I have some work to do or I could bore you with whole lists of politcal dynasties.

    BTW going back to twin footballers, has anybody mentioned the Lonie twins?
    Ryan played for the Pies while his twin, Nathan started at the Hawks and was traded to the Power. Both twins tended to be whipping boys for fans of the clubs they played for.

  84. No hurry Dave, this is nowhere near finished.
    Did I once hear that the recruiters were looking for John Nicholls’ brother when they ended up with “Big Nick”?
    Is that story true(ish)?
    JB or someone should know.

  85. John Butler says

    The Nicholls boys hailed from Maryborough. The Blues got older brother Don (beat the Cats to him) in 1956. He won the best first year player that season. Don was a centreman, who went on to play 77 games.

    John followed the next year and was best first year player in ’57. The rest is history.

  86. Great info JB. I’d no idea that his brother even came down.

    For that I shall reward reward you with Carlton siblings (with a Dogs link) Michael and Ben Sexton.

  87. John Butler says

    Crio, I had a little help from the Blueseum. :)

  88. BTW, apparently Ben Sexton was born in PNG…maybe we’ll do an exotic OS by birth team soon?
    Saw the great Jezza (Salzburg’s finest?) in the paper today. Beside Lethal and Parko, he still seemed the star draw!

  89. John Butler says

    Salzburg it was Crio.

    Back in ’87 (a wonderful year) I mentioned Jezza’s name to some folks doing the Sound of Music tour in that very town.

    Didn’t get much of a response.

  90. Crio,

    Racing. Danehill – Sire of 347 stakeswinners world wide. Full brother Eagle Eyed – Sire of one stakes winner of one stakes race.

    Budge – Good pick up Todman and Noholme.

  91. Racing…Jimmy and Larry Cassidy

    In another era, Ned and Dan Kelly could’ve become “colourful racing identities”!

  92. Richard Jones says

    OKAY, boys some clearing up to do from the central Vic. hub

    #55 Phil D. Yep the two Lenaghan bros. (note 2 “A’s” as the concluding vowels) are Michael and Dennis. Before they went to the Cattery Michael kicked the winning goal for Sandhurst in the Bendigo FL 1977 grand final, less than 3 mins to final siren. The Hurst beat Golden Square by 3 points that September.
    Older brother Peter, with a full beard, was CHB and Hurst skipper.

    #85: JB. My granddad Alfred Outtrim owned 2 pubs in Maryborough when the Nicholls bros. came under notice. He tried his hardest to get Geelong supremo Jack Jennings to grab them/sign them/coerce them but they slipped through the Pivotonians’ fingers.
    Grandpa was a keen recruiter. Jack Jennings was a fellow publican.

    I used to go up to Maryborough at school and uni. vacation time and get laboring work over the summer months. Six o’clock closing time at the time, so having an “in” at a local pub was highly regarded by co-workers!

    #86. Crio. Yep, I knew the Sexton patriarch Adrian during our time together in PNG in the 60s, extending into the 70s. At one stage all four Sexton lads (Matthew/Paul/Michael and Ben) played together in the Sandhurst senior team on Bendigo’s Queen Eliz. Oval.
    Might have been only for 1 or 2 games.
    Matt,the oldest, was at one stage on Richmond’s under-19 list. This was long B4 the TAC Cup under-18s format. Matt played 300 games for the Hurst and is a BFL life member.
    I think the siblings are all bone crunchers, and their sister is, as well.

    Can’t recall now exactly how many of them were born in PNG. Must have been a couple at least.

    AND Steve Healy. I remember Lenny Smith coaching Fitzroy when Norm was coaching the Dees.

  93. Wayne and Max Richardson
    Lou and Ron Richards
    Richie and John Benaud
    Glenn and Allan Jakovich

  94. Brian and Noel Mayfield-Smith?

  95. When the Coodabeens were on RRR, they conducted a “team of the week” competetion. Along the lines of “The knee team”, “One-hit wonders”, “The team you pay any amount to see” etc etc. Each week, the best entry sent in by a punter won a prize. One of the better compettions was for “the Dud Brothers” and named guys like Darryl Schimmelbusch, Robert Briedis, Tom Flower etc.
    But the winning entry was an excellent piece of lateral thinking and contained names such as Terry Alderman (sister Denise played cricket for Australia) and Itchy Brother (who was forever second fiddle to Leonardo, king of Bongo Congo).

  96. In honour of that Smokie, I offer MickeyO and his brother Ricky O’Loughlin, who debuted with the Bears the same day as Big JB. Even went to Sydney. Never made it.

  97. There was also Darren Bradshaw (brother of Daniel) who never quite made it at the elite level but plundered goals in various minor leagues. I believe I saw a news report recently which mentioned he has been banned from all pubs in Kalgoorlie after some sort of incident, the details of which, no doubt, can be found elsewhere on the internet.

  98. Recidivist when on the juice.

  99. #97 I saw that report, Smokie, and wondered if it was the same family.

  100. Pamela Sherpa says

    Gary O’Donnell, Essendon footballer and his sister Shelley who played netball for Australia

  101. David Hussey is at the moment a better bat than his brother Mike.
    It’s a shame they both seem level headed blokes…I’d love them to be wild and have monikers like “brazen” and “shameless”!

  102. The ABC used to have a reporter and producer named Seamus Hoare. I never understood why he didn’t change his name for broadcasting purposes.

  103. Seamus is perfectly acceptable in Ireland – not shameful.

  104. Speaking of Ireland, Jimmy Steyne’s brother Brian tried out for Melbourne as well I think

  105. Dave Nadel says

    #103 I realise that Seamus is an acceptable name in Ireland, Crio. For that matter Hoare probably doesn’t derive from the word that it sounds like. However in Australia, especially if you only had the radio on as background, it sounded decidedly odd to hear a news report from a Seamus Hoare!

  106. Is 105 a record for Crio’s Q ?? – now make it 106

  107. Smokie #95,

    Just used to love King Leonardo. Would Bongo Congo be considered politically correct these days?

    Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole were a good pair but probably not related. (Bullet proof vest, cannon hat, machine gun cane with a rat tat tat tat tat)

  108. When I was young, the Armitraj brothers were the Indian tennis team. Other than a Leander Paes moment, I can’t remember any others there. One of them, I think, became a Bollywood star – as they do!

  109. Who are the siblings, one an Australian netballer, the other an international in one of the Rugby codes? Just can’t remember their surname but it is very recent times.

  110. Mr Kerr’s sister plays for the Matildas.

  111. #109 Mark Ella and his siblings Glen, Gary and Marcia.

  112. Speaking of siblings. On the weekend I saw a new Australian movie called Summer Coda. It was probably a “chick flick” except that I liked it and my wife didn’t. It featured a very impressive performance by Alex Dimitriades. Is he any relation, Phil?

  113. Dave, Dimitriades is Greek for Smith! There was another Ella (a cousin) played RL for Parramatta.

  114. Phil Dimitriadis says

    #112 Dave, the truth is that he is my ugly younger brother. I don’t talk about him that much. It’s not easy living in my shadow.

  115. The Goggin boys are interesting. Billy became a VFL star with Geelong, whilst Charlie remains a shrewd and successful horse trainer in Tassie. Charlie married golfer Lindy and they together bred PGA player Mathew Goggin. I’d bet there are more sports notables in the Goggin bloodlines.

  116. Did Dame Edna Everage and Sir les Patterson play sport?

    They are siblings aren’t they?

  117. Crio – Being a fan of British Football of the ’70’s you may remember Leeds United’s Gray brothers Eddie & Frank.

    They could’ve done with either or both of them this morning.


  118. The only English football siblings I know of are Bobby and Jack Charlton…(Gigs,no relation to Eddie!)

  119. It would be wrong for this thread not to include some famous families from the “crims on rims”…these days the fading force called Harness Racing.
    In South Australia the Websters and in Victoria the Gaths are prominent names in a sport which has hosted generations of sibling rivalries.

  120. Crio: Neville, Fashanu and Ferdinand brothers. The Springett brothers were both keepers.

  121. #109. Crio, are you thinking of Buddy’s sister, Bianca Franklin, who is the girl-friend of Wallaby Matt Giteau ?

  122. What about Homer Simpson’s brother Herb (voiced, I believe, by Danny DeVito)?

  123. In the world of organised crime Dennis Allen, Victor Pierce and Trevor Pettingill were all brothers (half brothers if you want to be technical) Are there sporting brothers (or sisters) with different surnames? The closest I can get in football was the recruitment of Tom Kavanagh under the father/son rule. Kavanagh was his mother’s surname, his Dad was Brent Crosswell.

  124. Dave, continuing your diversion, didn’t Kenny Hunter’s boy get listed?

  125. Yes but I thought that he got listed under the name of Hunter.

  126. I think you are right…Cam was it?

  127. That sounds right.

    BTW I am still I am still hoping someone can come up with sporting brothers with different surnames.

  128. Well there’s the McCure/McCune brothers who played soccer in country Victoria in the 1910s.

  129. Have we mentioned the Payne clan…Paddy’s kids have made quite an impact.

  130. Mo’onia Gerrard is the netballer I was thinking of who has a Rugby brother?

  131. Mick Jeffrey says

    Gerrard’s brother was Mark Gerrard, slow ex-Wallaby winger who was in the side for his kicking game.


    – There were 2 Jason and Darren Smith’s. One set of Jason and Darren Smith’s played Rugby League for Queensland and Austalia. The other Darren and Jason Smith played in the NBL for a number of clubs (Darren played for clubs like Hobart, Jason ended up playing for the Magic, Titans and Kings)
    – Todd and Rick Kelly (V8 Supercar drivers, endurance driver Owen Kelly is not related despite driving with Rick)
    – Alex and Will Davison (V8 Supercar drivers)
    – Kurt and Kyle Busch (NASCAR Drivers, Kyle amongst the ones they love to hate)
    – John and Dean Anastasiadis (played in the old NSL with each other at South Melbourne, and against each other when Dean went to Carlton – blast from the past!)
    – Aurelio and Tony Vidmar (Socceroos)
    – Frank and Andy Schleck (Cycling, Andy may become Le Tour’s winner by default if Contador’s B Sample is positive)
    – Kerrod, Kevin and Steve Walters (RL, all played for Qld and Australia)
    – Anthony and Daniel Herbert (Wallabies, Anthony then went to RL and went only slightly better than Garrick Morgan…he played 2 games)
    – Hamish and James Marshall (Cricket, ex-NZ internationals. At last report Hamish was trying to qualify for Ireland’s team for the 2011 WC)
    – Dwayne and Darren Bravo (T&T Cricketers, Dwayne of course the Windies linchpin)
    – Eduardo and Francesco Molinari (Italian Golfers. Moment of the most recent Ryder Cup, Molinari’s play a foursomes match together, crowd chants…There’s Only TWO Molinari’s)
    – Winston and Kenneth Benjamin (Windies quick bowlers from 80’s-90’s)
    – Dean and Darren Mercer (Ironmen, flagship men for Nutri-Grain’s series at the height of the rivalry with Uncle Toby’s.)

  132. Andrew Fithall says

    Bryce Gibbs and the other Gibbs Barry, Robin, Maurice and Andy. And if anyone tries to tell me their name was Gibb, not Gibbs, just spell Bee Gees.

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