Crio’s Q? – mentor

It might seem superfluous to add another to the list of end-of-year awards – but I’m going to anyway.

Sometimes forgotten in the acclamation of sporting excellence is the background roles that shaped the talent and, perhaps more importantly, the person.

Any parent can tell you how critical it is for their kids to find good mentors.

Jason Day did.

He’s been more open of late about his abusive father and his mother’s sacrifices. How the 12 year old Jason was teetering on delinquency – and how Col Swatton has been friend, father, coach, caddy and mentor since they met 15 years ago.

Col Swatton’s my nom.

Support or suggestions?


Ed’s note: On Jason Day, you might like to read his piece on Players’ Tribune. It’s a letter to his younger self.  READ IT HERE.


  1. Great topic Crio, and a great get with Col Swatton. That letter to my younger self series on the Players Tribute site is worth reading. I thought that site might all be written by player’s PR flaks, but most of it seems genuine and from the heart. I remember reading a great article by a young Mexican woman golfer toughing it out in the lower ranks of the LPGA Tour. Far from glamorous, but with lots of heartfelt appreciation for the local golf club families that become home and fan club for the players that can’t afford hotels.
    My nomination would be the Payne family and Darren Weir for how they have mentored and supported Stevie down the years. Understanding his limits but challenging him to test them, and utilising the unique skills (like narrow focus) that people with a disability often have. The Cup brought to public attention what they have been doing behind the scenes for years. Even thawed an old racing cynic like me.

  2. Kate is my mentor and she doesn’t even know it.

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