Crio’s Q: List Management

“List management” We all know what it means.

And most of us understand that you have to give to get.

Who do you want for your side and what are you prepared to pay?


  1. Brendan Goddard to his ‘spiritual home’ would be a good move.

    Saints can have the T-Bird as a swap. :)

  2. I think after a 3rd flag the like of Ottens will retire, Blake delisted, so need another couple young ruckman. Search for next Scarlett continues.

    My wish is for Patrick Dangerfield of the Crows, for one or both Ablett compo picks.

  3. I sincerely hope that the Spudman and Mrs Thornton boy never see the inside of Princes Park again

  4. David Downer says

    Can advice against giving up Luke Ball for nothing in the pursuit of “making a stand”.

    Thanks again Ross.

  5. I want Mark Blake to play his 100th game with the Cats. Am I alone with this?

  6. He’ll play his 100th Daff. With the Tigers. We owe you a big bloke for Ottens.

  7. Perhaps, more objectively, Daff when the dust settles I am sure Blakey would prefer his premiership medal to the extra game.

    He is unlikely to play it with the Cats now that West is going well.

    My brother said to me yesterday to enjoy next Saturday because the big Cats will win the next few. I think he is back on them…..again.

  8. Dogs have to cut very deep even if they receive nowt. Hill obviously. Love Coons but he might be currency. Similarly Crossy looks to be over the top but perhaps no coin for him. Can we retrospectively sue that useless Scott Clayton for his damage?

  9. Richmond can get a ruckman from the Bombers – Hille or Bellchambers for Cotchin or Martin

  10. Those to cull (or #trade) from the Bombers:
    Ricky Dyson
    Alwyn Davey#
    Scott Gumbleton#
    Courtenay Dempsey#
    Brent Prismall # (GWS)
    Andrew Welsh
    Jay Neagle
    Michael Quinn

    Not adverse to trading Brent Stanton for a quality midfielder who can kick

  11. @David Downer.

    I am trusting that Ross will be as generous at Freo as was at St Kilda. I doubt that Collingwood will be that lucky again but no doubt there will be some club a couple of players short of a Premiership (the Eagles?) who will pick up a flag winner from Freo.

  12. Pamela Sherpa says

    Budge – the problem with the Bombers offloading some of those you mentioned is “Who is likely to want them?” I’ll be interested to see what Hird does. A quality midfielder who can kick- We can live in hope I suppose

  13. Pam, the ones without # go for nothing (i.e. de-list). Very reluctant in Welsh’s case given he’s my son’s favourite player but can’t see him as part of the future. The others might have some currency for draft picks.

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