Crio’s Q? – “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is…”

Young Almanacker, Kane McInerney, chided his Dad’s hurriedly bought Hawks beanie in frigid Launceston –  “If the Hawksnest merchandise is offering a 20% discount, make sure you check that the logo on your item is not upside down or back to front…”

Somewhere in my unopened tea-chest is a t-shirt bought from a tout outside “Twickers” before the only Union game I’ll ever waste time attending – it was, I recall, a match involving the famed ’84 Wallabies (despite the inscription insisting 1983!)

Who else has some “unmemorabilia”?


Kane McInerney’s Junior Almanac piece on Round 22 Hawthorn v Brisbane, Launceston






  1. A receipt from Bill Vlahos ?


  2. I do not have any, but surely any of the memorabilia flogged to death by the Channel 9 commentary team every summer could never ever gain in value.
    The late Tony Greig was chief salesman (and chief beneficiary?)

  3. yes, Smokie, the “exclusivity” of those privileged offers is questionable – at least there was a dodgy certificate of authenticity.
    Kane’s Dad and I were stooged – it’s like buying a baggy green with an incorrect coat-of-arms.

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