Crio’s Q? – I was rrrrr..

It’s easy at this stage of the season to go with the “I told you so”…

Fyfe’s a gun

Malthouse won’t last

But it’s sometimes braver to admit the “I never expected that”.

The West Coast conundrum.

I’ll go first:-

I had Matthew Boyd pensioned off seasons ago.

mea culpa (or “my bad”, as they say).


  1. Someone that I am closely acquainted with said (and wrote in these pages):
    – Without MacKenzie and Darling we will be mid table at best. Why not a September holiday in Europe? Go now before we are a finals contender in 2016.
    – Wellingham and Josh Hill should never be picked again.
    – LeCras will never make a midfielder and should only play forward.
    – Shuey and Gaff are outside receivers who will never realise their potential.
    – Brad Sheppard will never be an AFL player.
    I’m glad I don’t punt any more. What I have learned is that improvement is not linear and gradual. It comes in leaps and falls as critical mass of speed, strength and experience is gained (and lost). Witness Bulldogs and Cats.
    Good question Crio. (I also recall saying Kingston Town would never stay because it was by Bletchingly).

  2. Neil Anderson says

    Always worried about M.Boyd’s kicking for goal but never his commitment. Like other Bulldog experiments by an innovative coach, he was tried down back away from goals and like skipper Murphy, has a new lease of life.

  3. The “Portress”

  4. Tony Robb says

    Shane Mumford is a dud

  5. Steve Smith is not a Test player oops

  6. Jarrad Waite will be a great player for North Melbourne.

    Actually, I never did say that.

  7. Peter Fuller says

    I’m looking forward to be proven wrong: “John Barker can’t coach”.

  8. Would love to contribute to the Wrong File but fear I could be limited to 2000 words or less!

  9. whoops, I’m in the wrong place was thinking Budge may contribute to this

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