Crio’s Q? – gracious losers


Schoolyard, politics, life (and thus sport) – it is a tag with heavy baggage.

Some, though, manage it with dignity.

How can being No1 in the world and making a Grand Slam Final equate to losing?

Somehow it does.

I, like many, was glad to see Djokovic beaten by Wawrinka.

“The Joker”, I blithely declare, has attitude and is a tool.

But what he is, in fact, is a ferocious competitor who, once defeated, shows remarkable sportsmanlike qualities.

It’s what we preach to our kids and then they see us throwing things at the telly!

Well done Novak. Still can’t find myself barracking for you, but I’ll defend your character henceforth.

Who else is worthy of the tag? To lose when the stakes are high…and to hold your head even higher?



  1. Tom Martin says

    Pat Rafter, Lleyton Hewitt (improved with practice), Goran Ivanesevic (tantrums notwithstanding, one defeat covered him in glory)
    Tulip Flower
    Daniel Kowalski
    Steve Hooker
    Stephen Fleming
    Raelene Boyle
    Anthony DiMarzo

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