Crio’s Q: Golden Boys

With a wave of the (titleist) wand, Tiger is forgotten….golf has its wunderkind…a golden boy.

Though followers have seen it coming for some time, his U.S. Open exhibition ordains Rory McIlroy as “hottest property”.

Can you remember the official baptism of a new hero?

Who and when?



  1. I remember the first big fight of a bloke called Mike Tyson. He was frightening in his early days. A true raging bull. Ruined it all with stupidity.

  2. John Butler says

    Johnny Miller was golf’s golden boy for a while in the 70’s.

    Kim Hughes literally had a book titled ‘Golden Boy’ after him.

  3. Big Carl burst on to the scene with the Saints in 1965

  4. Phantom,
    Was there a particular game or incident that said “He’s arrived!”?

  5. First game I think Crio. Big blond bomshell took control with high leaps beyond the mold of yer John Nicholls type of ruckmen.

  6. Dave Nadel says

    Lleyton Hewitt winning tennis tournaments at sixteen.

    Greg Chappell scoring a century in Perth 1971 (and the bloody ABC crossing to the News just as Greg’s hundred was coming up.

    The first time I saw Peter Daicos kicking an impossible goal at Victoria Park (and I can’t even remember who at was against). When Daicos was at his most brilliant it was hard to even notice other Collingwood players much less members of opposition teams. I’m sure Gary ablett Senior had the same effect at Geelong.

  7. Alovesupreme says

    Definitely first game, first round, but 1963 (not ’65). My unreliable memory says v Melbourne, but I wouldn’t put the residence on it.
    I thought you’d be noting Menzel and Duncan in Round 1, 2011.
    Chappell’s century was pre-Christmas so it was December 1970; all other details of your recounting are correct (including the ABC’s failure – which I’m sure wouldn’t have happened if Sir Charles Moses had still been MD).
    I can think of a few who have been cursed by a premature baptism, as Australians so desperately want for sporting heroes.
    Robert Allenby – almost won the Australian Open as an amateur.
    Aaron Baddeley – did win the Aust. Open while an amateur
    Norm O’Neill – punished with the title “the new Bradman”. (It certainly makes me conscious of my age when I note that Norm is no longer with us).

  8. Mic Rees says

    Norman Whiteside


  9. ’63, Now that was a damn fine footy year.

  10. I hope others are like me and really pleased at McIlroy’s status. He is so good to watch. Fantastic yet fallible. He has the confident strut of an insecure Yr10. Let’s hope that he and Jason Day can get a real rivalry going and that we are not just seeing another Sergio Garcia.

  11. smokie88 says

    Really impressed by Jason Day, and the fact that he seems to have his head screwed on tightly.
    I am with JB…having read “Golden Boy”, I am now even more of the opnion that K J Hughes fits
    that monicker to a tee.

  12. smokie88 says

    What about Ryan Giggs?

    Up until a couple of weeks ago, he was Man U’s all-time golden boiy.
    Sadly, he now may well be remembered for off-field shenanigans.

  13. Clearisghted says

    Nothing to do with sporting heroes, but have just read Kinky Friedman’s “Heroes from a Texas Childhood”, after seeing the man himself and the magnificent Van Dyke Parks perform on the weekend.
    Great read. Moving and funny.
    Where there’s smoke, there’s the Kinksta and his cigar.

    P.S. Congrats to Jason Day

  14. Crio – also love McIlroy (and not just coz I snapped up the 19s on Sportsbet on Thursday).


    Articles today about him being the next challenger to Jack’s 18 majors were, I thought, a touch premature. I think he’s now on, er, 1. Woods on 14 perhaps shouldn’t be rudely jettisoned just yet. He may in fact have been the last chance for ANY golfer to overhaul the magic 18, given how competitive world golf has become. McIlroy would be a superstar if he made it half way.

    Also liked the fact that there were only two (relatively unknown) Yanks in the top ten.

    Rory, Rory, Hallejulah.

  15. true, MOC, but the caution is that the US Open (Andy North) has been less aguide to legend than the others.

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