Crio’s Q: Geelong vs Collingwood

AFL will be abuzz this week with anticipation for the BLOCKBUSTER Cats and Pies match on Saturday night.

The game is coined “Match of the Season”. Fair to say that these sides have delivered in the past.

Is this the most important Home and Away game in years and will the result really have any bearing on September glory?


  1. If Winston Churchill was alive today he would be able to write of the Geelong Team:

    “Never in the history of football has so much been owed by so many to so few”

  2. John Butler says

    At least you’re maintaining a sense of perspective there Phantom. :)

  3. John,

    am I hearing that both teams may be keeping their powder dry for this weeks game?

    It is my belief that Collingwood would have more to gain from the occassion.

    The side show is the Bulldogs. They look to be very serious contenders. Interesting game in Adelaide this weekend, all the same, and a tantilising sequal with the Cats and Dogs clash on Saturday week on the shifting sands.

    There is heaps of interest still as a glance through the next month’s fixture gives a hint of a few interesting, and crucial, clashes. There are still a few boil overs to come.

  4. John Butler says

    I agree with you about the Dogs Phantom.

    I think they have the game, and may be timing their run well.

    The question is, do they have the belief?

  5. The Pies need to beat the Cats. They won’t admit it, but they really need to beat them. Going into September with only a win dating back to 2008 and a couple of good old fashioned hidings to contemplate, would no augur well for the Pies.

    If they beat Geelong they will be certainties for the flag (according to the herald Sun) but if they lose it won’t matter (according to Malthouse).

    Watch the Saints. I can’t see the Dogs being quite good enough. As usual injuries will play a crucial part.

  6. Andrew Fithall says

    Dips #5. You and Peter Flynn were saying to me just 9 days ago that they may as well give the trophy to Collingwood now. Were you not being serious? Surely you wouldn’t have been baiting a Collingwood supporter? We Collingwood supporters are known for our trusting natures and frailty of confidence and it would be quite unkind to be taking advantage of such traits.

    I didn’t go to the Collingwood-Carlton game because at this stage of the season, I expect Collingwood to win such games, and if they don’t I don’t want to be there to witness. This Saturday night is a different matter. I will certainly be there. You Dips? Or do you have some roses which need pruning and you don’t want to do it under the harsh late winter sun?

  7. Burley as well I think Andrew.

    I have noticed now that the Pies are seriously in serious mode their supporters are slightly hesitant to rise to the bait. One thousand times bitten – twice shy? Plenty being dropped into the briny though.

    As a Cats supporter it would almost be worth a loss this weekend just to witness the feeding frenzy next week. (Eg. we beat you by 88 points two years ago)

    But the excuses are usually a bit of fun as well. Win Win.

    Don’t you just love a block buster.

  8. AF #6 – I intend going to the footy, but if I don’t it won’t be because I’m pruning roses!!!! It’ll be because I’m pruning hydrangeas.

    Pies supporters starting to get a little twitch in their undies. Could be the year of the tatt (Swan the brownlow, Pies the flag). Excietment builds, haven’t felt this way since 1990, playing as a team etc etc.

    I reckon the AFL has already engraved a “C” on the Premiership Cup.

  9. Stephen Cooke says

    I wouldn’t mind if the Pies beat us by one point on Saturday night so the premiership hysteria rises to near unprecedented levels. It will make their inevitable September loss (be it in the qualifying, preliminary or grand final) even sweeter.

  10. #8 – Well it can’t stand for Carlton!!

    Has there ever been a game in an AFL season (not including finals) that will attract so much attention, so much fans as this one? All the West Coast v Sydney clashes were beauties, but this one definitely takes the cake.

  11. 9- Stephen, a one point Pies win?
    Yeah, i will take that offer thanks :)
    Unlike Swanny, i have saved room for my Collingwood Premiership tatt.

    PS- See you on the big stage during September, this week is just the dress rehearsal.


  12. Steve Healy says

    There was similiar hype for Collingwood V Geelong in Round 9, everyone was saying that was “the match of the season” and similiar stuff. I think Collingwood will win.

  13. Richard Naco says

    We’re all getting a tad presumptious here, methinks!

    As good as this game promises to be, and as likely it appears that these two teams will again dance together come September (and more probably, very late in September), I think that the Saints, Bulldogs & Hawks will also stake a very real claim to the throne before the end of this month (let alone, during the next). Just as despite the Danish Swan having a very real & rightful claim to the Brownlow, any one of a plethora of pretenders could also earn it.

    Although – as a Cat – I am as ever quietly confident of the success of The Pivot’s finest in both this game and the serious part of the season, I purrceive this Saturday as mainly serving as the entree to a fabulous post season feast of the very finest footy for many a long year.

    Which in turn will hopefully lead to the realisation of another purrfect dream.

  14. Dear oh dear.

    Am I going all soft and benevolent because of the pressure of the impending block buster?


    Could this be: reality?
    one hand on the prize
    black and white aloft with hype
    this year the Magpie flies
    we come in trams, in cars in prams
    through Yarra Park our army crams
    we know you just can’t understand
    the pulse, the rhythm, of our lives

    from right across the demo graph
    pre school to PhD’s
    young and old, rich and poor
    brave crusaders off to war
    “it’s our time” we can but pray
    “the Sunday sun will greet ‘our’ day
    when we bid farewell to Dolly Gray
    you’ll hear our anthem roar”

  15. Honestly, I think the Pies should be hoping for a loss this weekend.

    For the past – how many years? 8? 10? – the team that has won the grand final has lost to their opponent in their previous match.

    Geelong and Collingwood you’d think have top two locked away. All going according to plan, they should be facing off on the last game in September. As Gigs constantly reminds us, these stats can’t be ignored! ;-) But as a rational person, you’d have to think this game doesn’t REALLY matter too much. Both teams just want to suss each other out. Whatever happens this week won’t change what happens on September 25. That one, I think, will be the MOTS, the MOTPFY.

    Twice Geelong and Collingwood have faced off in prelims in the past three years. Give ’em a shot at the real deal.

  16. Peter Flynn says

    In 2008, Hawthorn lost to the Bulldogs (R10), St Kilda (R16) and Geelong (R17).

    They then beat these sides (comprehensively) in consecutive final games.

  17. The Dogs seem to have a habit of beating the ultimate premier in a minor match.

  18. PF – great point

  19. Tony Robb says

    Question from the floor. What if Freo pinch 4th spot and somehow get a home qualifying and Prelim final placeing Collingwood and Geelong on the same side of the draw. Not sure if that’s possible but it would certainly throw the cats amongst the magpies and doggies

  20. Peter #16,

    bring it on. Or is that ‘game on” in contemporary political speak

    Tony #19,

    It doesn’t matter what side of the draw you are on, you have to beat several (if not three) contenders to win the flag.

    There is one team that is likely to finish in the top four that knows all about that senario.

    It doesn’t matter who you get, and when, you still have to beat them.

    I am not sure how Freo would get a home qualification final if they took the last spot in the top four but I am sure I would like them to play the Cats at the ‘G’ in the first week if they did.

    Further, I reckon the Cats would be pretty pissed off if they lost a final in the first week and would come out scratching and biting next week.

  21. Tony Robb says

    Phantom. Leaving your Cats cap off for a minute. It does matter which side of draw as a loss to either of the top two in week 1 means that the Cats and Collingwood most likely end up playing against each other in prelim which obviously means one of them can’t win the flag. Im sure that the Cats would beat the Anchors at the G but, big but, if they didn’t, Freo then has the home

  22. Tony Robb says

    Im sure all will be revealed as things pan out but Im off to the AFL and electoral vacuum which is New Zealand .Id rathes cop a bagging from a All Black supporter than be in town if Essendon beat the Blues this Friday

  23. Tony, Freo would only have the home prelim if they win the second week, so they have that hurdle.

    In both 2007 and 2009, Geelong and Collingwood COULD have faced off in the finals, but both times Collingwood had a bit of a hiccup in the first week. Let’s hope both teams keep to their end of the bargain, and make it to the last day.

    I’d think the top four would be all-Victorian, with Freo looking a bit weaker minus Barlow, and Doggies on the up-and-up. Saints are dropping their game, but have enough momentum to keep a top-4 spot, I’d think. They have an easy run home (compared to Geelong who has Collingwood, WB and Carlton in coming weeks), so no excuse.

  24. Actually, ignore my second week comment. Brain fade, my bad :p

  25. Cheers Tony, agreed and understood.

    I suppose the point I was trying to make was that it there will be only one winner at the end of it all.

    Therefore it is obvious that no matter when or where Geelong and Collingwood (or any other combination) play in the finals they both can’t win the premiership.

    I don’t give a hoot how many people go to what venue, how big Andrew’s ego expands to during the process, how many block busters there are, how successful the finals series is, how tricky Mick is, what Rocket Eade had in that garbage bin full of salad in the grandstand at the GF years ago when David Parkin caught him, what the media think of the whole shoot’n match and how many expert opinions there are.

    When you have watched your team have as many years in the wilderness as I have you just want another flag.

    We Cats are very hungry at the moment. We are concentrating on tangiables as they present themselves.

    And….there is nothing more tangiable to us than the posibility of a favourable result next month.

    We believe. We really believe.

  26. WE BELIEVE BACK TO BACK 2010!!!!

    Encore, Phantom, encore!

    To summarise the majority of the points here, I think most of us feel that this game has no bearing on September, at most Geelong and Collingwood will swap 1 and 2. No bearing, that is, unless you believe in the Statistical Pattern.

    In which case, I sure hope Geelong wins both on Saturday and make it to the GF and win then too, just to break the pattern. (I’ll be peeved if both Geelong and St Kilda make the granny and we win again, but not as peeved if we both make it and Geelong DOESN’T win)

  27. If Fremantle somehow make the Grand Final, we’ll just see a repeat of what happened to the Port Adelaide Chokers in 2007.

  28. You’re all forgetting about the other tight clash at the same time as Geelong v Collingwood. While 1st v 2nd clash, 16th v 15th will play at Subiaco to decide the Wooden Spoon. West Coast and Brisbane, has there ever been a top of the table and a bottom of the table clash at the same time?

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