Crio’s Q: Fox sports packages

FOX upped my direct debit by $11 a month, as I happened to discover on a bank statement last week.
I’ve told them to jam it.
Our “Yellow Button” is: FSN, TVN, FoxSport1,2,3, ESPN, Footy, Weather, Max, Al Jazeera.
That’s all we watch. We probably miss offerings on free-to-air as it never occurs even to look there!
But FOX is well named. They are sly. But they do deals.
How do fellow Almanackers manage their contracts with the payTV providers?


  1. Crio – I don’t.

    Any football matches missed can be watched later on BigPond TV if need be.

    I will never pay for TV just as I will never pay for a car park or a toilet break.

  2. Nor City Link, Dips?
    I could forego Fox. No need for a TV at all then.

  3. Crio – I tell a lie – I put money in parking metres.

    Also – remember the old transistor radio? It might make a comeback.

  4. Dips – I listen to more radio than I ever watch TV.
    But, the point is that if I am going to renew FOX, I don’t want to pay over the odds.
    Hence my call for advice from Knackers.

  5. N eil Anderson says

    I shouldn’t be admitting this to Knacker sport freakazoids, but as soon as the grand-final is finished I race to the phone and cancel Foxtel Sports. I think I’m so clever not paying again until the pre-season cup starts up. In other words I can get by without a hit from other sports. I guess that means I’m a just a footy freakazoid and I can just tolerate ‘it’s all happening’ Bill by about Boxing Day.
    But in reality I still pay through the nose for Pay TV. I keep the movie channels going and the arts channels going for my other interests as I wait for the footy to start up again.
    Then there is the harmonic balance factor. ‘Our Lady Of Tolerance’ during the footy season now takes pole position in front of the TV and after a few lessons on how the remote works, the TV seems to be permantly on Lifestyle.
    For my penance for apparently a long football season, I sit through hours of Grand Designs Australia and being constantly reminded that the host, “Is such a spunk”.

  6. Andrew Fithall says

    Crio – I have the Testra Trap home phone bundle – Home phone and internet and Foxtel via Telstra for a fixed monthly amount. We have all the channels (excluding the naughty ones) because it comes out cheaper than putting an options package together. The internet allocation (I think it is 25 gig) copes quite easily with 6 people including 4 teenagers but I don’t allow unlawful music or movie downloading which keeps the usage at a manageable level.

  7. I have never really been able to justify or afford pay TV. Having digital TV channels is my idea of a wide range!
    Having said that, I am looking into it for 2013, and be keen to know if it’s worth it. Keep thinking of the Springsteen song, “57 channels and nothing on”
    I worry that I don’t need more sport in my life (shock, horror) and more time watching what’s on will interfere with getting out and participating or at least watching, or having a kick in the park.
    My lovely lady also swoons over Grand Designs, but she’s more for the UK host, Kevin, which I am reliably informed can design houses and speak languagues, who despite being called Kevin is the thinking woman’s crumpet (I always thought that was Daniel Vettori).
    She’s led to believe that in her line of work (architecture and design) Lifestyle channel is a tax deducation. Maybe if that’s true, i could sneak the AFL package on too.
    The whole package with AFL seems a bit steep, what is it, $92 per month?


  8. N eil Anderson says

    This is all getting a bit touchy-feely. Grown Aussie men confessing that ‘they don’t need more sport in their lives! And partners being allowed access to the remote throughout the footy-offseason! Next there’ll be a call for all knackers to hug it out!
    That package price is about right. You need to check carefully the type of packages that will suit all members of the family. If you know anyone with Foxtel on, borrow the Foxtel guide for the month and go through it with the family to see if it covers what you want. Don’t be swayed by the wholesome National Geographic type channels which sound good but won’t last the distance. You’ll be on to the late-night adults only movie channels before you know it!
    The tax-deduction idea sounded good. As a playwright, I wonder if I could claim by watching the Studio channel? Then again, as an example of being sucked in, I had Studio put on hoping to see some plays. I’m still waiting twelve months later.

  9. For sport – ABC Radio; ABC Radio; ABC Radio. Supplemented by an Eagles membership and a grudging tolerance of Dennis and Bruce on Friday nights. The cricket on mute with a tranny in the garden and/or Bob and Bruce and Emmylou on the stereo. Look through the window when a wicket falls. Ch7 do the tennis well in January.
    Buy our TV in box sets on-line. Half way through Series 2 of Boardwalk Empire now. I think Andrew Demetriou is Nucky Thompson reincarnate. Trigg, Malthouse, Tippet etc etc are as good a collection of speakeasy spivs, crims and dolts as you would find in a prohibition era brothel. Have “In Treatment” (for Litza and all Carlton fans); “Rome” (for Magpies with Emperor Eddie) and “Treme” (the residue of Cyclone Katrina fits with the Tigers) – all waiting in the pile to be watched at leisure.
    Can’t wait for Series 5 of “Mad Men” (any takers?)
    Foxtel and too much TV sport is too little to do with my life until at least my 70’s (God willing and the cholesterol doesn’t rise).

  10. Crio,

    what is a contract to pay TV providers?

    And I don’t have one of those accounts with the Waterhouse brat either.

    Am I a luddite?

  11. Foxtel is like a drug habit.

    We’re all hooked. I used to think that I could save that subscription if I got an internet capable TV ( and use the racing network) but then i’d have to buy a new TV and how effectively could I toggle screens between racing and betting.

    I used to consider the footy a bonus but the blues haven’t been too exciting recently and aren’t likely to be in the near future with Mick in charge but do like watching 360.

    The best tip for getting the cost down is when they have a special for new clients ring them up and ask for the special price. When they say no, tell them where they can stick their Foxtel. You then have to go through the “supervisor” who will give you the good deal for 6 or 12 months. They don’t want to lose any customers. They will also go through a lot of crap about “your contract” which apparently is supposed to be for 2 years but I guess like everyone else, who’s had it for years and never seen or signed any contracts.

    In the end just like a junkie needing a fix, you get to keep your Foxtel and they keep their customer base at least until the next sign up special when your good deal runs out and you have to go through the charade all again.

    I agree it’s expensive but what can you do when you’re hooked. I reckon Elvis would gladly pay double if they took David Gately off air.

  12. David Downer says

    Have also heard from various sources that threatening to leave Foxtel results in them offering you a better deal. They throw all the incentives at new customers and just expect the long-term loyalists to fit snugly on their curve of price inelasticity and never bother to seek a better deal or make noise. Unfortunately I’m one of those. I should make the call. Sky Racing World oughta be free at the very least! Think I fork out an extra $5 for that. And a bit more for an extra box (er, keeps the peace).

    And I like Gator! There’s a few ahead of him in the queue they could shuffle off first.

  13. Barkly St End says

    I had a similar experience.

    One day the box went bung, and it seemed impossible to organise getting it fixed, so impossible, that I got jack of it and one day boldly declared to the bloke at the other end that I was going to cancel my Fox subscription.

    Of course that meant talking to someone else, but I couldn’t repeat the exact name on my contract, and therefore the person wasn’t able to put through my request – which sent me into an absolute rage.

    When I finally re-learned my own full name, I had to speak to one last person to cancel my subscription.

    Wouldn’t you know it, this last person happened to be a divine sounding female.

    When she learned that I only had Fox for the Footy, I was done like a dinner, there was no way I was going to get off that phone line without me retaining my Fox subscription – but she did throw in some financial sweeteners.

  14. I did all of the threats and was even told that, yes,they have a policy of one extra deal per customer….ra ra ra…even received a sticker to return the box via post office…BUT-
    2 calls from Fox yesterday and offering an even better outcome!

  15. $45 per month for Get started + Sport…stand your ground!

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