Crio’s Q: Football Schools

Phantom has provided me with this week’s crio’s Q?…

“There have been three ex students from Marist College (Burnie) named in AFL sides this week. Tom Hislop (Richmond) Maverick Weller and Luke Russell (Suns)

What do the Knackers think is the most from any school in Australia named to play senior footy on any one day?”


  1. assuming we do not take in to account the presumed “first” Aussie Rules match which was between two groups of stuffed shirts.

  2. Assumption College have traditionally have always had a lot, although I suspect St Joseph’s in Geelong might lead the way of late.

    Early 2000s – Chris, Scott, Brad Scott, Stephen Powell, Simon Garlick, Josh Mahoney and Ryan O’Keefe all hailed from St Kevin’s College (where I graced a back flank around the same time). Not sure if their careers crossed paths, but there were a few.

  3. Dave Nadel says

    I’m sure it’s more than three. To start with most of the inner city VFL clubs used to offer young country and interstate recruits places at Uni High and Melbourne High so I would be very surprised if there weren’t multiple graduates of these two schools playing VFL in the same week in the 60s and 70s.

    Then there is Assumption College Kilmore. I haven’t checked whether Crackers Keenan, Peter Crimmmins, Peter McCormack, Simon O’Donnell and Renato Serafino all overlap but some of them do and they aren’t the only Assumption Boys who played VFL in the 70s.

    Even my own, insignificant, northern suburbs High School, Heidelberg, had four former students playing VFL in the late sixties. Norm Brown, Colin Hobbs and David Wall all played for Fitzroy, while Robert Farmer played for Collingwood. I didn’t know Norm, who was a few years older, but I was in the same Fourth form as Wall and Farmer (Bobby Farmer and I had been in the same class at primary school for years) and I probably got to know Colin Hobbs best at Uni when we would sometimes catch a lift to Monash together.

    Thinking more about Crio’s question I would think there are probably about half a dozen St Joseph’s CBC Geelong boys playing AFL at the moment. The Pies’ Nick Maxwell is a St Joseph’s boy and I think one of the many Cat Knackers could name most of the rest.

  4. The school of hard knocks – heaps of them every week.

  5. Michael Lourey says

    I recall a particular day a year or two back where 10 Hale School old boys played. I’ve forgotten a few, but the Morton and Jones brothers were half the 10, Paul Medhurst and Matt Leunberger others. Michael Gardiner is ex-Hale although he also spent part of his high school years at another Perth PSA school, Wesley College. The Benjamin brothers (both now delisted, I think) are Hale OBs. A recent AFL game featured 2 first-year players, both from Hale, one being the Demons’ Michael Evans – the other I’ve forgotten (but Essendon or St Kilda as I recall). This year’s Sydney-bound draftee (who but for the father-son rule, was tipped to have been high first round), Tom Mitchell, is also at Hale.

  6. The Cleaner says

    Not sure about most in one day but St John’s College Darwin has three Norm Smith Medal Winners:

    Maurice Rioli. Michael Long & Nathan Buckley.

  7. johnharms says

    I think Andrew McLeod also went to St John’s – that’s what they told me when I took some writing seminars there. They said that I was in a class room (a garden variety English classroom) at the desks of which four Norm Smith Medalists had sat. They have a few really interesting programs there, and some wonderful characters (staff and students).

  8. Mark Branagan says

    Crio – Assumption College Kilmore claims to have produced 148 VFL/AFL players. Current players include Richard Douglas, Daniel Talia, Angus Graham, Dion Prestia and Michael Barlow maybe one or two others. There may be more but I read earlier this season that PEGS (Penleigh & Essendon Grammar School) may have claimed up to 7 players in one round including Dustin Fletcher (father Ken is still coach there I think), Cochin and Maric and a few of the GC Suns boys. I would say that back in the 60s ACK would have easily put out more than 6 or more players per game – Francis Bourke, Crimmins, Keenan, Heath, Pavone, McCarthy B and S but not sure of the actual figures.

  9. Shane Johnson says

    The Wynyard High school in Tassy had Alastair Lynch, “Scratcher” Neal, Colin Robertson, Simon and Paul Atkins and Chris Bond and there might have been one other Ive missed. Not sure if they overlapped though.

  10. Alovesupreme says

    I’d be interested to hear from Adelaide Almanackers on this subject. A couple of weeks ago in the Age, there was a profile of Nick Holland who mentioned that his best mate at school (The Priory ?) was Ben Hart, whi, iirc, was the Crows’ first 300 game, and there’s probably been a few more from that source. Sacred Heart College also had a formidable reputation. Prince Alfred College has been more noteworthy for its cricketers (esp. the Chappells) but I expect it also can also boast quite a few footballers.

  11. Dave Nadel says

    Craig Kelly for one. He looked and played like his teammate Darren Millane, but their backgrounds couldn’t have been more different. As well as being a PA graduate “Ned” was the grandson of Liberal MHR, Bert Kelly, possibly the first Neo-liberal in the Liberal Party. One of the funniest stories I heard at a Collingwood fundraiser in the early 90s, was Ned telling about going home to Adelaide for Christmas after the 1990 Premiership. After the victory all the players got a Magpie tattoo. In 1990 Upper Class boys did not wear tattoos and Ned spent the Christmas holidays hiding the tatt from his Mum, including wearing a bandage on his tattoed ankle when swinmming im the family pool.

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