Crio’s Q: Captaincy

Geelong and St.Kilda, as usual, saw it differently. Whilst the Cats used “expert consultants” to appoint the low-profile Tom Harley, Grant Thomas declared an annual rotation of figureheads at Linton St in a bid to spread the load.

In an era of leadership groups, specialist coaches, shrinks and mentors, the question of captaincy remains vexed.

Ponting and Clarke have once again put it in to public discussion.

Is it an important role?


“What makes a good captain?”


  1. John Butler says

    I reckon the captain is vital in cricket Crio. The coach can have input (though it’s hard to see what with Nielsen, but nothing will replace the man on the spot with a bit of imagination, which we’ve been sadly lacking of late.

    In footy, the role seems more inspiration by example.

    A great topic for endless debate this one.

  2. Pamela Sherpa says

    In my view a good captain needs to be inspiring, have strength( physical and mental) self confidence and the team needs to have confidence in him. A bit of sparkle and charisma doesn’t go astray either, and I suppose these days being able to handle a few prickly after match press questions is a pre requisite
    What I find odd about the cricket set up is that the state captains aren’t in the running for the top job.

    I hate the whole leadership group thing in football. Too much labelling and sharing around for my liking. I prefer the old fashioned tiered system of responsibilty.

  3. It is interesting to contrast highly rated but lower-profiled Chris Newman and Nick Maxwell with the formidable, “watch this” style of Browny and Juddy.

  4. i think that the captian is an important role..not only traditionaly,but,to stand up as a “role model”,example,mentor and example to the other players.however,im not sure about multiple captians or leadership groups.have they brought these in because its all too much for one person to handle and they need more leaders?u tell me as i realy dont know but presume this to b the case.2 me,the perfect captain is chris judd.his on and off field persona cant be faulted but he has commented this week that he doesnt consider himself to be or should be a so called role model to all of the young men in society!but surely he is concious of it and it shows by the way he is surely.i mean,maybe he is just that good a person by nature.{lucky twigs!!).bad luck aussies re cricket but it looks like the poms had it all over us and now we are getting the criticism from all over the place!!seems they got a bit lazy????but i know nothing about cricket so will reserve my judgement.

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