Crio’s Q? – Calling from the Heart

Biased callers can really grate.

Ever heard Adelaide’s MMM on footy? Juvenile.

Bruce on Cyril? Spooky.

Others have been obvious but somehow tolerable – the late George Grljusich wore his heart on his sleeve and you never doubted his commitment to a Sandgroper nor to a trotter carting his hard-earned.

But the EPL is a world game and the British broadcasters tend to remain professionally neutral whilst conveying the joy of the great game.

Not so this year.

Anyone else jump off their couch when Leicester scored on Saturday night? Unless you’re from Manchester or North London, the Foxes’ dalliance with history is exhilarating – and the commentators are on board the biggest bandwagon in memory.

And I don’t mind. This is not berating the opposition but rejoicing in a Cinderella story like few others.

When’s “barracking in the box” bearable?

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