Crio’s Q?

Everyone seems to be making predictions for the 2014 season, so here’s another challenge.
Predict the cover of the 2014 Almanac! Who will it be?
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  1. cowshedend says

    Hird rolling back the boulder at the mouth of his tomb

  2. Bob Speechley says

    Bulldog Brownlow Medallist – Ryan Griffen.

  3. Neil Anderson says

    Ryan Griffen and Tom Liberatore sharing the Brownlow as they prepare to take on Richmond the following Saturday.

  4. Nat Fyfe – Norm Smith to go with the Brownlow.

  5. Bulldogs and Freo??? Tell ’em they’re dreamin’.
    Harry Taylor (my preference) or Joel Selwood – its always an inside job.

  6. No but it will be Freo. How’s the serenity? Certainly no Selwoods.

  7. Pav

  8. Athos Hrysoulakos.

    You’re welcome

  9. Called it earlier, Karen Pini.

  10. Peter Flynn says

    Stephen Dank and Walter White are unlikely.

    Chrissy from Man About the House has strong claims.

    Pini circa 79 I assume.

    C Diaz would approve.

  11. Mickey Randall says

    Flynny- not Olive Rudge from On The Buses?

  12. Peter Flynn says

    Oooh Mickey don’t be so awful
    (Olive after being criticised yet again by grumpy old Arthur)

  13. How about a slightly more cultured leaning this year? I’m seeing the “Creation of Adam” scene from The Sistine Chapel but with Captian and Coach from the premiership side grasping the cup instead of touching fingers. The only issue I see is if, heaven forbid, Collingwood were to get up. Eddie would almost certainly demand to be God.

  14. Rick Kane says

    Why not break with tradition and have another cover of Hodge? He is the epitome of footy afterall.

    Okay you buzzkillers, how about Dangerfield or Brent Harvey or the really old dude from Essendon.

  15. Chappy’s not that old is he Rick? Still it would be nice to see him on the cover again, even if he’s in the wrong colours. Good to see him trying to help out a team likely to struggle a bit in 2014. A noble gesture by a great player.

    Cheers, Burkie

  16. Steve fahey says

    Another vote for Athos Hrysoulakos here.

    what about Buddy standing on Tippett’s back to mark a sack full of cash ?

    and if it is to be Freo, has to be Pav – an absolute champ over a long period

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