crio’s Q?

I’ve long been convinced that cricket now coaches a breed of flat track bullies whose technique is hopeless against swing – but compensatorily devastating on the drop-in decks that prevail.
Usually my protestations are dismissed as old hat and sometimes, as with Kevin Pietersen’s career, proven wrong.
I can’t help think of the dismay from my Dad’s generation when Borg tried a double-handed backhand or McEnroe an open forehand (“get that front leg across”!).
Athletes and equipment have evolved. Sportswatchers’ needs are now different.
So a sweet backhand volley or a well judged leave outside off stump might no longer be a part of a child’s sporting journey…. (tennis)” foot across, swing through” (cricket) “back and across” “foot to the pitch”.
Does it matter? Are be better off or not? And will the emphasis on power ultimately be a fad undone?


  1. Andrew Starkie says

    Crio, how do I get a job in a tennis player’s entourage as a ‘hit up partner’? Looks pretty easy: carry my player’s bag; knock a few balls around; collect them when done; hold his towel in the shower(?); sit in his box; scream C’mon when required. I can do that.

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