Cricketing Milestone on Saturday

Thousands will gather this weekend under the shadow of Tabletop Mountain (in Terang) to witness the world championship clash between the Pomborneit Proteas and the Terang Tryhards.

Pomborneit will be further inspired by the 300 game milestone of long term club secretary;  all round good guy; and Funky Miller wannabee Luke Reynolds.

Jacques Kallis will also be honoured, but sends his apologies for Saturday in deference to the Great Man.

Well done Luke from everyone in the Almanac community who greatly admire your commitment to your sports, your mates, your community and your kids.

Check out Luke and the Pomborneit Proteas (sorry Bulls) at:

Luke Reynolds Almanac




  1. Luke

    Hope the about-to-beaten Terang boys give you the Ricky Ponting guard of honour as you come out to bat.

    Crepe paper banner to run through?

    Well played mate and good luck


  2. Well played Knackers. A genuine ‘well played’ indeed.

  3. I nearly choked on my weetbix having to write this about a Collingwood supporter. But its still cricket season, so we are all still friends for another couple of weeks.
    Rulebook alerted me to your milestone.
    Well played on so many fronts. I really admire all the things you put back into the local community (for another 3 weeks at least – hope you smash the purple scum in Round 1).

  4. Congrats Luke

    Word is getting about.

    Someone in your neighbourhood said to me: “This milestone, in the words of G.Haigh, is more to do with availability than ability.”

    Anyway, I’ve been on the phones and here are a few things you may confirm or deny Luke:

    Senior debut at 14 in 1993/94 v Princetown at Princetown. As a number 11 and off-spin bowler. He took a couple of wickets.

    Played whole career at Pomborneit, mainly as an opener and off spinner until a late career change sees him now a medium pacer and middle order bat.

    Under 16 premiership in 1994/95, Division 1 premiership 2007/08. Missed selection for the back to back win in 08/09 and captained the second XI for a few years around that time.

    Played at Melbourne Country Week for 3 years and won two flags at Ballarat country week.

    Says Steve Castle and Craig Sargeant the best two players he has played with (Steve plays his 200th tomorrow) while played with club legends Max Castle and Brian Boyd at the very end of their careers when starting out. Scott Lucas (Essendon footballer) and Easton Wood (Bulldogs) were also former teammates at Pomborneit.

    Been club secretary for 14 years and under 13 coach the past 3. Loved every minute of playing at a fantastic family oriented club. Highest score 134*, Best bowling 6/87.

    Got beaten by Mortlake last week, but the boys are still clinging to top spot and Luke’s still clinging to my place in the team!

  5. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Congrats mate a huge achievment truly amateur sporting clubs are the lifeblood of the community of which you are a huge part of ! Sporting clubs have so many influences on people they don’t even realize which just from reading your articles are being given the correct values at Pomborneit .All the best mate enjoy the game and festivities !
    Go for it Luke !

  6. Great stuff Luke a fantastci acheivement. I hope you can get a few runs and wickets so you can talk yourself up on your interview next Thursday on Adelaide’s Coast Fm.

  7. Great effort Luke. Love reading your well researched scribblings and can’t wait to hear you on Coast FM next week.

  8. Wow a whopping 300 games! That’s a long time under a floppy white hat. Hope the ball found your bat’s sweet spot a few times in that time, Luke. Warm congrats and good luck on the weekend.

  9. Great stuff Luke ……we are as proud as punch !!

  10. Luke Reynolds says

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. Far too much attention for a very average country cricketer. Still love playing.

    Can confirm most of that JTH, your source is impeccable. Have been using that GCJD Haigh line about availability/ability all week. Love it.

  11. Congrats mate and good luck for tomorrow. Hope you make a 100 and take a 5 wicket haul . I reckon I played with you with your first senior game at Pombo. Pomborneit CC are very lucky to have you.

  12. Luke Reynolds says

    Thanks Atchie, yep pretty sure you would have playing when I played my first game, and very many of my earlier games were with you.

  13. mickey randall says

    Well done Luke! Terrific effort. Have a big day tomorrow (on and off the field!)

  14. Well done, Luke, and good luck!!!
    As my wife is overseas, I have seized the opportunity
    and will also be pulling on the whites on Saturday in our 4th XI.
    I will have a beer for you (and me) after the game.

  15. 300 games is a great achievement Luke – well done! When did you realise you were nearing the milestone? I imagine it would have taken a bit of calculation and research to tally the matches played.

    Hope it is a very enjoyable days play.

  16. Go well L Reynolds.
    I reckon maintaining availability is an ability in itself.
    Top stuff.

  17. Well done Luke.
    I’m looking for any starters at the Shield game Monday?
    Are you up for a beer in Pt Fairy during the ‘Bool?7

  18. Luke Reynolds says

    Thanks again everyone.

    Damien- Knew from the start of the season it would happen at some stage. Two wash outs and a heat day have delayed it a bit. Our club has kept meticulous records for many, many years and all current players have their career stats updated after every game on the club’s website, which makes it easy to celebrate milestones for all players as they happen.

    crio- super keen for one of the days of the D/N Shield game next week, not sure which day I’ll go yet but it won’t be Monday as I have Indoor cricket finals that night. Port Fairy/the ‘Bool is a big possibility.

  19. Luke Reynolds says

    It hasn’t been mentioned here but Steve Castle, who is playing his 200th tomorrow, is my step-brother, making it a unique situation. He is a far, far better player than me, holds the club record for highest score and played a few years at Premier Cricket club Geelong in the 2nds, 3rds and 4ths.

  20. Peter Fuller says

    Congrats Luke on a magnificent achievement, and best of luck for the match at Terang. Lovely that you’ll share the moment with brother Steve.
    You’ve demonstrated that your cricketing feats are matched by your good bloke status, and you represent that priceless asset to all sporting clubs (and indeed all community organisations), loyal, committed contributor in multiple roles.

  21. DBalassone says

    Well done Luke, a monumental achievement. Considering most are two-day fixtures, that is probably closer to 600. Great stuff!

  22. Luke Reynolds says

    We won, bowled Terang out for 80 in 24 overs then we made 129 in 43 on a very dodgy wicket. My contribution was 10 with the bat and did not bowl.

    Damian – until last season we would play 7 x 40 over one day games and 7 x 2 day games plus 2 day finals in a typical season. At the start of last season we went to 18 rounds of all 50 over cricket. I’d still prefer to play 2 day games but that’s the way it has gone and seems a very popular move for most players in these days of lessening week to week commitment. 100 overs can very a very long day too.

  23. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Well done Milestone Men and Have a great day today

  24. Troy Hancox says

    Play as long as you possibly can do!!!!

    We are a long time retired…. i miss playing.

    Its hard to watch. Make plenty of runs/take plenty of wickets, but most importantly. ENJOY IT.

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