Cricket: Following the Test on the tele

Last time the Ashes were in England it was notable that the coverage was on SBS- not just for the non Nine Network commentary, but to watch without the ads. Cricket needs its rhythm which is why so many of us prefer the radio.

So last night at 8pm I switched on to SBS. End of over. Ad.

Flick to FoxSports. Same! Why am I forking out for pay TV if they are cashing in with sponsors and interrupting the broadcast?

Both stations provided the same coverage. I’m not a Botham fan nor rapt in Holding, but Bumbles and Gower are top notch and Nasser Hussein bearable.

The greater disappointment, however, was on ABC Radio. For starters, I find anchor, Peter Walsh, grating. His role should be invisible.

But worse was to come. Henry Blofeld. “Dear Old Chap”, no doubt, but a waste of (a lot of) airspace. “Blowers” uses seagulls and butterflies as Plan “A” rather than as a diversion when nothing much is developing. Chappelli tried to help. Loathed by many, I love Chappelli but could do without any more refs to Rodney Marsh and co. On tactics he is great listening. Aggers is a ripper but I’m gunshy of switching on and getting Henry.

Let’s hope things improve for those of us stuck in the Antipodes.

Night One …C- at best.


  1. What a revival on Day 2. Perhaps I’ve tuned in at the right time (basically always). With the exception of the flouncy Blowers, CMJ, Aggers, Chappelli and Boycs are magnificent. Educative, informed and entertaining. Great listening.
    A great highlight was Chappelli’s response when lured to comment on Mr Howard’s presence at the ground. I remember someone once writing that, despite what looked like early dalliances outside off stump, Chappell had, in fact, in his time the best defence in cricket…you’d have him to bat for your life. Here it was evident as he pointedly and hilariously (+, of course, very drily) deferred to the scorecard at each political prod. He and Aggers are a great team already.
    And the cricket? Fantastic. I backed Kat for top score and felt confident as soon as he saw the pitch as a flat SCG deck and batted accordingly. Punter looked in control from the moment that straight armed pull belted in to the square leg fence. Hughes had been engaging and Big Freddy fantastic. But the pitch won.
    Day 3 will be interesting as it will be interspersed with tuning in to my Doggies and the Pies.
    Looks like pizza on the couch!

  2. John Sandy says

    I find Nasser unbearable (how can he possibly talk about capatins being more positive) but think Atherton is great. Also tried the ABC on the tram on way home from the footy but Chapelli drove me nuts with refereneces to his experiences.

  3. Thanks for the feedback John. These impressions were early first test but it is interesting how we respond, and also how thje results affect our intuition.
    Chappelli can bang on a bit, I agree, but he knows his stuff and takes no prisoners.
    I went to a book launch a few years ago where Athers spoke and he won me completely.
    The radio appeals to me because I hate the breaks. Boyccts is unique, CMJ outstanding and Aggers is always willing to defer to someone else if they have aworthwhile voice.
    I haven’t heard Warney. How is he? I’d guess that he is great as he just knows his stuff.

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