Corowa and Rutherglen provide a team of handy recruits

This is a side of players from Corowa, Ruthergen, and /or Corowa-Rutherglen who played at the highest level, AFL/VFL. I have left out a numnber of players from the area who did not play for the above listed clubs, including Ross Henshaw and Justin Koschitzke. Any how here we go.

B: Stan Hiskins South Melbourne, Michael Gayfer Collingwood, Arthur Hiskins South Melbourne

HB: Jim Sandral Melbourne, Aaron Henneman Essendon, Daryl Henderson North Melbourne and Sydney

C: Greg Lambert South Melbourne, Max Urquhart Collingwood, Peter Chisnall North Melbourne

HF: Adam Houlihan, Geelong and Richmond, Fred Hiskins Essendon, Ryan Houlihan Carlton

F: Damian Houlihan Colingwood, John Longmire North Melbourne, Jeff Bruce Fitzroy

Foll: Robert Campbell Hawthorn, Rupert Hiskins Carlton, David Teague, North Melbourne and Carlton

Inter: Paul O’Donoghue North Melbourne, Brad Campbell St Kilda, Ben Matthews Sydney

Even though he wasn’t a local I can’t go past Fred Swift as coach. He captained Richmond to the 1967 premiership, the following year he led Corowa to the Ovens and Murray premiership. You won’t see those days again .


  1. Rocket Rod Gillett says

    Very impressive team.

    I reckon the only one you have overlooked was Frank Hodgkin who went from Rutherglen to St Kilda in the late 50’s/early 60s – a tough hard competitor – much different to the Houlihans. He went to coach Ganmain after his stint at the Saints where he is still very highly regarded.

    Did Maxie Urquhart play for the Spiders? Think he might have gone straight from Urana to Collingwood.
    Of course, Urana were the Spiders then too…

    Still I think you have a few from the district in the team. I always thought David Teague came out of the Tungamah league.

    Reckon the Horse could coach this combo – after he is a local – and current AFL coach.

  2. Ta Rod, Frank Hodgkin, good point, did his brother play for Fitzroy? I’m pretty sure Max played for Corowa, but i might be wrong. Good point re John Longmire, but i thougt Fred Swift would be included for sentimental reasons. Did Neville Forge play for Corowa? David Teague ?



  3. Good old Fred Swift Glen.

    He was half way from Melbourne to Corowa Rutherglen when he took that mark late in the ’67 Grand Final.

  4. Mark Doyle says

    Glen, I am surprised that you haven’t included Frank Tuck (ex-Collingwood 1958 premiership player and acting captain). He was captain/coach and great player of Corowa in the early 1960’s and I am fairly sure they played in an O & M grand final. He would be one of my first selections. Although they did not play in the VFL, Rutherglen’s Bill Gayfer in the 1960’s and Corowa’s Dennis Sandral in the 1990’s were great players. I am also wondering if Brian and Terry Leahy played for Corowa; they grew up in Howlong and played for Albury in the O & M and Melbourne in the VFL – I have a vague memory of one or both playing for Corowa after their VFL careers. Also, Frank Hodgkin’s younger brother Bob played for Fitzroy in the late 1960’s. Frank Hodgkin was a great player who played his best footy in the O & M for Wodonga and North Albury. Frank was a journeyman footballer who played for a number of clubs in minor leagues around Albury. I also have a memory of a bloke named Fred Way who came from Berrigan and may have played for South Melbourne and Corowa as a ruckman. Did Ben Matthews play for Corowa/Rutherglen? I thought he was from Yarrawonga. Another bloke was Nic Raines who played for Brisbane in the AFL in the late 1990’s and for Corowa/Rutherglen 4 or 5 years ago – I think he may have won at least one B & F for Corowa.

  5. Glen – Nice to see your team had a link to the Boroughs with 1986 coach Chisnall and Brad Campbell (7 games in 1996 prior to his 3 seasons with the Saints) getting a guernsey.


  6. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rocket says

    Terry Leahy coached Groong Grong Matong after Melbourne, then in the Farrer league, I think Culcairn.

    Benny Matthews played junior footy at Corowa-Rutherglen – father, Roger, is a club great. Ben born in Leeton when Dad coached Leeton to their last flag in 1978…

    Prettu sure Fred Way just went back to berrigan after South melvourne to drive trucks.

    Shame Dennis Sandrall never played VFL/AFL – fantastic player. We loved him playing for NSW!

    And if you’re going to include non-locals like Frank Tuck who came from the VFL to Corowa, then you’d start Ray Willett (ex Collingwood) in the first ruck! Runner up in a Morris medal after 3 Morrison medals with Mooroopna and a Michelsen medal in the Bendigo league with Rochester

    But the exercise of picking ex locals who went to play at a higher level you’ve done a good job Glen

  7. Yes, i was sligtly unsure re Teague and Urquhart, but they were from that neck of the woods. Fred Way is from the same place the great Bert Honeychurch was from, Berrigan. To my knowledge he returned there and went back to his trucking business. I’m pretty sure he never came to Corowa and played in the O&M.

  8. Missed a couple, Glen. I would have Campaign King in the midfield. Real flying machine. He was from Berrigan before Bart got him.
    Leica Falcon would be pretty strong in the rucks. Ran a place in the Cup from memory, before his legs gave out on him in the lead up to the next year. Freyers at Corowa had him. Red colours with a blue cap.

  9. G’day Peter, Leica Falcon 5th jin Caulfield Cup, 4th in the Melbourne Cup. His legs buggered him. His brothe Leica Larrikin has stalled, looked OK for a while, ran a dreadful race, cost me afortune, on Melbourne Cup day last year, amd not reapperaed. Any how back to Berrigan. What about Better Loosen Up ? And if whilst we’re in Berrigan, how can you go Past Allez Bijou? Not too much that’s city standard from Corowa or Berrigan right now, though Ausssie Bomber battled hard for a 5th at Flemington on Saturday. Regular Aussie from Berrigan looked like he might have been a goer at mid week, or the Valley on a Friday night, buit he’s being spelled. Aaah, horses and the footy how can you fault the Riverina???

  10. Glen

    George McInnes in the late 60’s from Corowa to Richmond?

    I also think George Tobias had a short stint?

    And Brett McKenizie?

  11. Hi Uneik. George Tobias, great O&M player, though never played VFL seniors. George McInnes, i can’t recall him. Where/who is Brett McKenzie ?


  12. Josh's dad says

    David Teague played for Katandra, formally in the Benalla/Tungamah League, now Picola & District,Sth east division, League.

  13. G’day Joshs dad, i thought David Teague played junior foot in Corowa. However if that’s not the case, i, like the man with the orthapaedic shoes, stand corrected.


  14. Three of the best from Corowa that should have, could have and would have succeeded at higher level, all similar hard tough tough style, all played both forward line and back line:

    George Tobias
    Allan Way
    Dennis Sandral

  15. Arthur German says

    Max Urquhart definitely played for Corowa, as I played against him in a practice match in 1961. I think he went to Collingwod that year. Surprisingly Frank Tuck wasn’t considered as he came to Corowa in 1961 as coach, having captained Collingwood during the fifties. I don’t think Fred Way played there. I think it may have been his brother or cousin. I know Fred Way played for Berrigan in the sixties,61 to 65 as I recollect . I played against him when he was a gangly 17 year old playing there in 1961. Adrian Chisnall was a budding champion then too, but his career was cut short by a severe eye injury, so he told me.

    Arthur German

  16. Arthur German says

    Please don’t post my comment, as since reading the other comments I now realise my comments have been mentioned already.

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