Cooks River Blues

You read about the flood?


Down near Marrickville rail underpass there’s a corner that never drains.  A foot deep today, cars stalled or stopped, blocking the road, folks flapping about.  I should have stopped, removed shoes and sox, rolled up trousers, got the orange cones outa the van, sorted it out.


Poor people got worried, had no place to go


High tech black German cars were immobilised.  By the drivers, who lacked the nous to turn around and drive to higher ground.  Three blokes stood in the roller door of a small factory, looking at it and laughing.  The road is almost blocked by stalled cars, how about pushing them out of the way?


My van rides high and the battery is in a box behind the seat, out of the way.  I was okay.  It was wet and dreary and I wasn’t gonna get any work done, I wanted to get home.  But I still wish I’d stopped and sorted out that traffic problem.


Town called Tupelo


There’s a brutal streak of desperation coursing thru Headquarters today.  Swans v Monaros for the prelim final and they have to sacrifice a week of column inches to Rugby League cos of the bye no-one wanted.


Gillo, give the word and replay the greatest ad your organisation ever came up with.



Cats playing the blues longer than me?


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  1. bob.speechley says

    And not a Hawk on the RADAR. Cats & Blues are a great combination.

  2. Peter Warrington says

    I remember the Council declaring a whole sector flood prone and people scoffed. More rainwater gardens. And a new coach at Tigerland.

    Happy Fathers’ Day

  3. I’m enjoying the break. We all need to take a deep breath and get a little perspective. I reckon the finals will be all the better for players getting the chance to freshen up. US football has 2 weeks before the Grand Final/Super Bowl. I reckon ours is better timed to get a real festival of great finals matches.

  4. PB i generally agree but having just spent a long weekend in Bleak City, it’s as flat as Richmond at a Manuka Oval game.

  5. Earl O'Neill says
  6. PW – That’s why we don’t live in Bleak City. Imagine how Cranky Pete we’d both be then.
    There is a Jackson Brown Live Acoustic recording where he congratulates the smug Bleak City audience on “living in the world’s most liveable city” and then postulates on waking up and thinking “this is as good as it gets??##!!”
    They need footy to avoid slashing their wrists. Given half a chance they’d be back to the VFL and just stealing the interstate talent like before.

  7. Earl O'Neill says

    Too elliptical for you lot?

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