Come back Bill!


There was one thing missing from Channel 9’s coverage of the First Test in Brisbane. Actually, many would argue that there were lots of things missing from Channel 9’s coverage and that there has been for a long time. But that’s a conversation for another time – or in the Comments section below if you feel so inclined.

But what I’m referring to relates to James Pattinson’s debut, and in particular his performance in the second innings. After he had taken his third wicket in an over, and had figures of 4/1, what we needed was Bill Lawry screaming, “And he’s a Victorian!”

Bill, however, was nowhere to be seen, in that session, or throughout the entire Brisbane Test.

I missed him. I hope he’ll be back at some point this Summer.

Until then, I’ll just have to make do with occasionally viewing this:

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Well, here we are. The Bulldogs have won a flag. What do I do now?


  1. By the way, I know we already have a Bill amongst our ranks who is known as Phantom. Nothing personal against the ‘Knacker version. I just reckon too many Phantoms are never enough.

  2. John Butler says

    I’m with you on this Gigs.

    We need to balance the NSW propaganda with some strident Victorian bias.

    And any move that might mean less airtime for Slats and Heals is no bad thing.

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