Collingwood v Geelong Preliminary Final

Collingwood- 18.12.120

Geelong- 11.13.79

After all the hype, it seems inevitable there was an anti-climax.

The Magpies exorcise some demons with this win. But the biggest historical demon of all now faces them- another Grand Final.

For the Cats, they await Gazza’s decision. After that, they probably have some other tough decisions to make.

Tell us what you think folks.


  1. Tim Lane was right. Just a few weeks early.

  2. Another Geelong v Collingwood letdown.

  3. Gutted. The GFC era should not have ended this way. What made it even worse was that Collingwood were kind to us in the final quarter, allowing us not to be utterly shamed on paper. Talking about being killed with kindness. Who could have predicted this? OK, Collingwood to win, but not like that … not after the last time.

    I feel awful. Hate to be a Geelong player right now. Something was definitely off about them as they ran through the banner. Everybody watching in my house said the same thing.

  4. chris murray says

    Ok we wont be going to the GF next week, but so what. Its someone elses turn. We have two flags and many memories. My wife goes under the knife in a few weeks . Do you think that stopped her from going to the footy. Not a bit of it. Ok, the the pies are -the pies. St Kilda for the flag.
    Chris Sandringam

  5. Been saying it all week: Collingwood are the real deal. They are the best team in 2010, and downright deserved to win tonight, and deserve to win next week.

    GO PIES!!!!
    (DON’T) GO GARY!!!!

    The little Master seems to produce his very best games in losing finals. Breaks a Cats’ heart.

    I believe he will stay. Have believed it all year.

    Latest rumour is that a Cat HAS been swooped up by the GC Suns … but not who everyone thinks.
    I won’t name names, but think of a player who has been controversially dropped from the team. A player for whom his teammates broke all instances of protocol and publicly went against their coach (who is yet to give a credible reason for dropping said player) and declared they wanted back in the team.

    Sad if this player does go, but less sad than if Gazza left.

  6. G’day Susie,

    I’ve heard that rumour as well.

    I think Mackie is staying and Gary is going.

    Susie, are you going to the GF lunch?

    Collingwood was awesome. Superb.

    It was sad watching great players just over the edge. Anyway I’ll get over it.

    JB was right about Geelong all along. I suspected it.

    Dave Latham was right to skite. I didn’t engage in the banter because I knew he was right.

    Collingwood should win this flag by 4-6 goals. And they should win the next flag by a lot more.



  7. Commiserations PF

    The signs were there, as we’ve discussed.

    But I wouldn’t go too early on the Pies. Even if they win, the Hawks were supposed to be a dynasty after 2008.

    The mob from Moorabbin may still have something to say about that subject.

  8. David Downer says

    I guess the Mackie’s wont be at the lunch next week then. And the Cats boys will be off the waters at the brownlow.

    10 minutes into the first qtr it was time for the gold jacket, and I wondered if I really wanted Stk to win tonite! Coll were scary good.

    BUT, while Coll have been the best team all year, it doesnt guarantee you the flag. It all comes down to one day of course. Stk were best last yr but couldnt do it, ditto Geel 08.

    If my mob does get through, I do have to pray that Coll played their GF last nite – surely they couldnt play better than that! They will have to deal with the unprecedented pressure and expectation this week.

    However, when it’s all said and done – I am afraid, very afraid!

  9. Stephanie Holt says

    Well, at the moment the fans of the mob from Moorabbin are as shell-shocked as the rest. Awesome Pies display. But not too surprised, on reflection, by the Cats’ capitulation. Two weeks ago they looked tired, out of sorts, arrogantly disrespectful of the opposition, and struggled to know how to meet a challenge. Comeback against us was admirable, but conditions helped re-set the game at half time. Regrouping against Freo shouldn’t have been seen as proving much at all. Saints will have to find a lot more against Pies, but at least we can take them on. Having said that, can’t help hoping Ball really has done a hamstring, and wishing Didak’s spectacular fall really had involved an injury. Scary.

  10. There is something morbidly fascinating about watching the walls come crashing down on the end of an era. Although hugely disappointed by a game for which I had held much anticipation, I sat it out until the bitter end.
    From a purely objective stand-point, my memories of the match will be: the tortured look on Darren Milburn’s face; Cam Mooney capping off a terrible season with yet another single-digit possession game; wondering what the All-Australian selectors were thinking in picking Harry Taylor at c-h-b; Brad Ottens coming to the realisation that he is closer to the end than he had believed; a one-paced Cam Ling being cruelly exposed time and again; the feeling of sheer horror that we could be at the beginning of a Magpie era.
    D D

  11. PF,

    It’s line ball, and the Mackie thing could be purely the product of some over-active imagination trying to cause a stir over his omission, but I ask you this:
    When was the last time players publicly went against a coach like that?

    Usually they’ll trot out the line: “We’d love to have him in our team, but it depends on team balance”, but here were players openly coming out to say “PUT HIM IN THE TEAM, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!”

    Only time will tell.

    No, unfortunately, I have previous engagements so won’t be making it to the lunch.

    Smokie – I wouldn’t write us off just yet. See how things unfold next season.
    Some things I think will (need) to happen:

    1. Thompson to Essendon (I won’t discuss this at length here, as the reasons I want him to leave make my blood boil)

    2. Otto to retire (can’t even get off the ground in ruck contests anymore, waste of space and is averaging, what, six games a season? Get rid of him and we get a bit of breathing space in the salary cap)

    3. Dawson Simpson to bulk up and play permanent ruck (remember, he beat Sandilands in round 3)

    4. Linga to give up tagging role and move forward

    5. Gazza Captain, Selwood Vice

    6. Sando Coach

    7. Menzel, Duncan and Adam Varcoe to find permanent places in the side.

    Do this, and I rate us a chance to challenge again next year.

    Oh, and learn to kick the bloody footy.

  12. If anyone wants to listen to the local Kyabram District Football League Grand Final, go to this website:

    And click listen now. I’ll also be on air during half-time and after the game if anyone is interested.


  13. Josh, I tried, but listening live made my internet crash. I tried several times, and no luck :-( It broke my internet everytime!

    I hope you had fun, though!!! :D

  14. Yeah its been known to do that, sorry!

    Yeah i’m having an unbelievable amount of fun.. :P

  15. It’s a relief to have the old handbag back. All is normal. I can relax without fear of acrophobia.

    The only problem is this one is bigger as it has to carry the Kleenex and the two cups (and flags).

    Thanks to “Tails” for his Robert Zimmerman reference on Friday. I used to use the same quote when engaging my old man a life time ago.

    I will now refer to David Gilmore from his Division Bell disc. Wearing The Inside Out.

    If you have ever travelled along the Bass Highway in NW Tasmania in Spring, in early morning sunlight and a mirror like sea with it blaring on the CD player you will know where I am at at the moment.

    Go Cats. We still have more than enough lives left.

    The brave may not live forever, but the cautious may not live at all. (Anon.)

    From morning to night I stayed out of sight
    Didn’t recognize I’d become
    No more than alive I’d barely survive
    In a word…overrun

    Won’t hear a sound
    From my mouth
    I’ve spent too long
    On the inside out
    My skin is cold
    To the human touch
    This bleeding heart’s
    Not beating much

    I murmured a vow of silence and now
    I don’t even hear when I think aloud
    Extinguished by light I turn on the night
    Wear its darkness with an empty smile

    I’m creeping back to life
    My nervous system all awry
    I’m wearing the inside out

    Look at him now
    He’s paler somehow
    But he’s coming round
    He’s starting to choke
    It’s been so long since he spoke
    Well he can have the words right from my mouth

    And with these words I can see
    Clear through the clouds that covered me
    Just give it time then speak my name
    Now we can hear ourselves again

    I’m holding out
    For the day
    When all the clouds
    Have blown away
    I’m with you now
    Can speak your name
    Now we can hear
    Ourselves again

  16. Yes it was sad for Cats’ supporters to watch them lose without a whimper. Plenty of problems to deal with over summer. But it was also fascinating. When Leigh Brown kicked that goal that bounced out on Punt Road then darted back through the goals I was actually laughing. It was just soo ridiculous I laughed! The game was over about then. That was followed by an interchange infringement (I don’t think the Cats have ever had one of those), fumbles, stumbles, wreckless tackles, bad kicking – it was like watching a senior team playing an Auskick first 18. In the end I became quite philosophical about the whole thing.

    The Pies were way too good that’s for sure, but they were also WAY too hungry, and I think that counts for a lot.

  17. Some well-made points made above.

    Time for some renewal of personnel (this won’t be easy) and a re-jig of the game plan.

    Some peculiar comments made by Bomber after the game re game-plan and coaching.

    Susie, your Mackie comment is an interesting one.

    Time to let the Pies and Saints have the limelight.

  18. Andrew Fithall says

    Now that game is out of the way, there is one question on everyone’s mind. No, it is not whether Gaz is off the the Gold Coast. The question is: “Was Dips wearing the lucky jocks”?

  19. AF #18… And here I was blaming the umpires!!

  20. My fault Dips.

    I stayed at home and watched in my den by the fire where I have had no success in finals ever rather than go to the Shack at Rocky Cape where I have 100%.


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