Co-Ordinator Col Calling: Something bugging you? Let it out, here!

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The footy season is only  two weeks in and already there are rumblings out there, particularly the performance, and non-performance of clubs that supporters were expecting bigger things from this year.


Essendon and Melbourne have been huge let downs for their supporters.


To hear the boos and abuse hurled at the Essendon team in their game against St Kilda was disappointing, but sadly a reflection of the frustration and anger supporters are feeling. I was shocked by their response. A true supporter follows their team through thick and thin, the good times and the bad times, everything is cyclical and good times will come again. We just have to wait for them.


How do you feel about supporters who act in this way? Your thoughts?


The new rules the AFL introduced have been in effect for two weeks now. How are they faring? Working or not? Like to make a comment?


The AFL has a potential issue on their hands, if it’s not already there, with the increasing occurrance and concern of concussion affecting players. We saw yesterday Liam Pickin’s retirement because of concession issues. Paddy McCartin is another player  suffering. It’s an issue that won’t go away.


What does the AFL do, other than introducing the mandatory wearing of helmets, to alleviate this problem?


There’s plenty to write about out there in the big, wide world of sport and we’d love to hear your stories.


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  1. Brad Scott.
    He is really bugging me.

  2. Colin Ritchie says

    Write me a story about it Smokie, let it all out!

  3. Good stuff Col. The concussion problem is a sleeping tiger.

    We’ve had all the neurological studies from the US on the gridiron players, a few chaps here like Greg Williams and John Barnes have spoken up about their problems.

    Is the football ground a workplace? Is the AFL, or the particular club, the responsible party as per S21 of the OH&S Act 2004?

    As a health worker,and a Health and Safety Rep, I’m interested but don’t know enough about this to put finger to keyboard.

    Would love to read,/earn more. Any Almanackers happy to share some knowledge on this?


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