Cats keep out the Cold

It was a cold old day in Canberra last Sunday. Freezing in fact. With the kids bored out of their brain. And you kicking yourself for not having backed Serena to win Wimbledon. And sad with what the Uruguayans, and Fate, did to Ghana. Miserable outside and in. Although the fire and the Rice Bubbles [Read more]

Sport Talk Points To Julia

We live in interesting times: Julia Gillard is the national leader. She was born in Wales, the home of Bread of Heaven, which is what we’re all looking for really. They say rugby is the game played in heaven. It is certainly the game of the Gryffs and Myfs, but the Gillards immigrated to Australia, [Read more]

On The Question Of Race

When I hear the word ‘race’ I think of eugenicists and skull-measurers; I think of nineteenth century exhibitions at The Royal Organisation for the Conquest of Everything in London; I think of posses of white settlers seeking brutal retribution for stock loss on the frontier; I think of Indigenous peoples (wherever they are in the [Read more]

Geelong indulgence

When I was a kid in Queensland we only got to the footy in Melbourne on the rare occasions of a family holiday. We always went with great expectation. I never saw Geelong win. It was, after all, the (second decade of the) wilderness years: the 70s, a period which built a solid foundation of [Read more]

Poms Provide Prospective Punting Pillage

One of the many great things about using Betfair to satisfy your deepest punting needs is that you are betting with the world. The entire world. It would be brilliant to get a print-out of who your bets were matched with: fifth-at-Cranbourne wagers matched with the blackberry-using Telstra technician parked under a mango tree in [Read more]

Traversing the great divide

When I was about ten, we moved back to Queensland. I had been born there but then spent a few years in the footy heaven that is Victoria. I was footy nuts. We knew a little bit about rugby league: that they threw the ball and that there was mad tackling. Once or twice we [Read more]

How the Pies keep bookies in European cars

Friday night on a crisp Canberra evening. Greeting-card sunset. Chill in the air. The High Court and the National Library looking US-grand behind the autumn reds and yellows of the trees across the Burley-Griffin’s lake. In Melbourne, people bustle. A sense of happy urgency prevails. They are invoking their footy plans (which I’ve been cc-ed [Read more]

Dogs bureaucratic processes prevail at Manuka

When footy reports focus on the day, the weather, and the strength of the sunshine, the trees and the colour of their foliage, the state of the oval and the scoreboard, and the food and beverage preferences of those in the reporters’ company, you can usually draw a pretty good conclusion regarding the quality of [Read more]

Footy at Manuka: a preview

It’s a big weekend for Canberra footy fans. Yes, the Brumbies have the toughest possible opponent, away, in Christchurch. Yes, the Raiders will probably lead the Storm at half-time. And, yes they will sing ‘Abide With Me’ at Wembley on Saturday night before the FA Cup final. But when all is said and done, and [Read more]

On the footy punt

We all know that given the choice between working and not working just about everyone (with the notable exception of those who are related by blood to The Handicapper) would prefer the feet comfortably up, the computer fired up, the form guide opened up, and the races on the TV. This, sustained by a barrel [Read more]

The agon and AFL footy.

Every Saturday, around lunch-time, I do a spot on ABC Grandstand’s South Australian edition. It’ss a lot of fun. Roger Wills holds the show together in the way that only Roger can. He has a unique mind. It reminds of one of those rooms in an rambling old country dwelling; one that is full of [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League – Real Storm surprise is that people are surprised

It has been a most tumultuous week in Australian sport. Well, in Australian professional sport. You have to be specific because I reckon professional sport and normal, everyday, garden-variety sport are actually quite different. One is about commerce, the other is about the game. The tumult comes from the exposure of the flagrant salary cap [Read more]

Cats unfurl their flag for an old leader and a new.

I didn’t think I’d see it in my life-time. And now I’ve seen it twice. On an autumn afternoon that was more Kirra Beach weather than Kardinia Park, the community that is the Geelong Football Club raised its premiership flag. I wasn’t there. I was going to be there for the unfurling and the match [Read more]

JOHN HARMS: Daff’s thoroughly modern buck’s night

A buck’s day can be a very good thing. A very good thing. I’ve been to a few – all pretty tame affairs, by yobbo Australian standards. Thankfully. (Like the night I had a rest from the card table to find many of the other lads watching Sound of Music on TV.) My own started [Read more]

JOHN HARMS – Easter Monday: West Coast Dave and the Cats make it feel great to be alive

by John Harms It’s Easter Monday. Perfect sunny Canberra day. The Bruces are over for lunch. The kids, post sausage-in-bread, are kicking the soccer ball, and Theo (aged two) is filling up the golf hole with dirt from the marigold garden. There are no marigolds as the snails have eaten anything that resembles new growth. [Read more]

Round 1 – Ess v Geel: the wait is over.

When I was a kid in Shepparton, I remember that long, long wait for footy to start. Cricket had finished and the linseed oil was put away, and the sports pages were filled with footy again. I remember the first Saturday morning of the season when I was about seven years old. Getting up and [Read more]

Doggies can deservedly dare to dream

by John Harms 2010.3.15 It’s Sunday night. Kids are asleep. I’m doing a bit of financial planning. I’m sitting here sitting here with a glass of red, one eye on the Premier League Darts, and the other on the Betfair AFL premiership market. The Western Bulldogs have been backed from $6.40 before the NAB Cup [Read more]

Please explain: can somebody decipher the language of texting and blogging for me?

Sportsfans Can someone please decipher the language of texting and blogging for me? What are the terms, and what do they mean? Please explain. JTH

Third Test, Day 2: Ponting a chance for the Camira?

by John Harms We are on the Newell Highway. At last. Just south of Goondiwindi. Stumps have just been drawn at Bellrive; a couple of disastrous run outs ruining the Pakistanis day . The Handicapper has taken the wheel. The kids have been very good, sleeping from Michael Clarke’s dismissal, all the way to Pakistan [Read more]

First Test, Day 2: Views, Sport, Weather on Channel 9

by John Harms Cyclone Laurence has been gallivanting around the country this Christmas. He started up on the North-west Shelf, then had a puff at Port Headland, drifted towards Uluru where he turned the rock into a giant roof (it was just a pity there were no tanks to catch the run off), hooked up [Read more]