Flares for Dot Balls Campaign

Add your name to this petition I hope to take to those who run Cricket Australia.

We the undersigned believe that bowlers are copping the raw prawn in T20 cricket and believe that flares should whoosh heavenward when the bowler delivers a dot ball:

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  1. Dips.

    (We get to important issues here).

  2. John Butler says


    Maybe sparklers for singles as well?

  3. I think they should all be in flares.

    They are an absolute fashion icon and would add another dimension to the big bash.

  4. Peter Flynn says

    Bring back the Pal Superdogs and that calypso band.

    Maybe Norman Yemm v Dizzy Lynch.

  5. After, of course, a replay to check the front foot and an explanation of the requirements vis-a-vis the no-ball rule.

  6. If the batsmen fails to hit consecutive balls outside of the fielding ring he should have to face the next ball with his pants around his ankles.

  7. #6,


  8. Gigs.

    And full-scale New Year’s Eve level fireworks for a maiden over.

  9. Dips

    Imagine the tension as it got to ball four and five. People would be takling of Sobers, and Kapil Dev.

  10. Sorry, that should have read, Gigs etc

    And I don’t think it was Kapil Dev. I’m thinkking of when KD went to town to finsih a Test match. But it wasn’t six sixes in an over.

  11. Peter Flynn says

    J Harms,

    Kapil Dev hit 4 tommies to avoid a follow-on in a Test aganst England.

  12. Peter Flynn says

    To clarify, 4 sixes in 4 balls.

  13. dave latham says

    Why would you bother with this campaign when nothings been done to spruce up the power play.

    For 5 overs bowlers should be mounted on horses and able to hurl butternuts at the batsmen. I

    f a batsmen roundhouse kicks a pumpkin successfully, the batting side gets to release their attack walrus. The games become stale.

  14. Peter Flynn says

    I remember now.

    Commentary gold from Richie went something along the lines of:

    “It’s only logical that if you need 24 to save the follow-on, why wouldn’t you get them in 4 hits?”

  15. All for the flares of any kind and the Pal Super dogs, (only if they are dressed up in team colours for the relay race though). Suggest ‘half-time’ entertainment is the dwarf and giant walk around the perimeter as had at the Aus Vs Pakistan 1 day game in Abu Dhabi a few years back…

  16. Rick

    Flares for a dot ball, fireworks for three dot ball in a row and the batsman shot out of a cannon for a maiden over.

    Also, every time a bowler achieves a dot ball the commentators have to down a double shot of vodka. Then like Drunk History (check it out on YouTube) the commentary must continue unabated as the commentators become increasingly more inebriated.

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