Round 9 – West Coast v Richmond: The thing about Richmond

‘2018 is an odd year to be a Tigers supporter. We’ve got to negotiate success. It’s a good problem to have, but not one we’d ever really believed we’d have.’ Bede McKenna tries to make sense of losing now that winning has become habit with his Tiges.

Round 9 – West Coast v Richmond: Bloody Sunday

Richmond flew to the West but were swooped on by the Eagles. Paddy Grindlay saw his Tigers not so much clawed but out-tigered. Here he pays his respects.

Round 9 – West Coast v Richmond: Superheroes League

Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Wolverine got together in Perth on Sunday to overpower the reigning premiers. Peter Baulderstone reports on the feats of this League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.