A vitriolic outburst at Collingwood is a thing of beauty

by David Downer From an early age we are indoctrinated to despise the evil that is Collingwood.   Let’s face it, stereotypes are a staple and lifeblood of footy. The reasons are obvious.  The supporters.  The players.  Coaches and administration.   Victoria Park.  The inflated delusion of self-worth,  the collective club ego. “That side of town”, the [Read more]

AFL: The Answer Lies With Sly

By Daniel O’Sullivan If the first five minutes of last Friday night’s game didn’t set the pulses racing it is clear evidence that you were either stone-cold dead or simply just stoned.  And if it was the latter, you’ve probably spent the last week at IMAX 3-D screenings of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ so you can [Read more]

AFL Round 3 – St Kilda v Collingwood: Humble pie not on Mick’s menu

Welcome to Café Mick (“Nothin could be finer than to be in Micky’s Diner”), where every unhealthy white-man dish can be procured – except Humble Pie. Even after being humiliated by the injury-ravaged Sainters, head chef Mick Malthouse (King of the Pampered Pies) used the excuse of bad luck in shooting for goal for losing [Read more]

FPS Report: Round 3 match report and Danny Roach

Greeting Gents Floreat Pica Society continued a long Collingwood tradition by blooding youth in a big game.  !6 year-old Richard Cornell wrote the match report while his 11 year-old brother Nicholas awarded the Danny Roach votes -see both below.  I wonder what these young blokes are like at kicking goals?

Saints win bruising encounter.

Round 2: St Kilda v Collingwood It was a boring day. Sleeping in until 10, I faced a long wait until 8:30 for the footy to start on the TV (should be 7:30, I’m looking at you Better Homes and Gardens!). I got through the day by reading the Herald Sun and I started to [Read more]