AFL Finals — Week 1: Siren beats Bullies as Cats earn Preliminary Final spot

By Josh Barnstable This couldn’t get any better. A nice spring day, two of the best teams in the league are battling it out on the grand stage of the MCG on a Saturday afternoon. It’s the Second Qualifying Final. The Bullies and the Kitties. The Dogs have their full side in minus Tom Williams, [Read more]

AFL Finals — Week 1: Cats steady to keep Dogs at bay

I woke up on Saturday morning, eagerly awaiting the game between the Cats and the Dogs, for the second time in two weeks. At one o’clock I turned it on the VFL, Casey Scorpions v Collingwood. The Scorpions came out and got thumped; they were down 0-21 when I turned it off to watch a [Read more]

AFL Finals — Week 1: Cats’ victory completes family circle

By Roy Hay It was never a problem hitching one’s wagon to a Geelong star in 1977. Having supported provincial losers all my life, specifically Ayr United whose trophy drought in Association Football in Scotland exceeded that of Geelong in the AFL until 2007, I was always a gimme. For years I sat in the [Read more]

AFL Finals — Week 1: If you think Cats are under more pressure than Dogs, you’re kidding yourself

I was sitting at a family dinner on Sunday night, enjoying the lamb shanks but wondering who the Cats would play next week. I had no preference between the Pies and the Bulldogs – if you’re going to go all the way then you have to beat whoever fronts up – and the last update [Read more]