Catches Win Matches

By Peter Argent

Spilled Skier 1


Spilled Skier 2


Spilled Skier 3


Spilled Skier 4


Spilled Skier 5


Spilled Skier 6



It’s the oldest cliche in cricket – but it is still relevant at any level of the game.

Invariably the difference between two sides in the ability to hold their chances.

Except maybe for Mark Waugh (who in the opinion of many was the best all round fieldsman in Australian history – just ahead of ‘Punter’ Ponting and “GS” Chappell) most of us mere mortals have been in this situation.

Standing under a skier, waiting for it to come down.

… and if we’re honest with ourselves -we’ve all dropped one of these!

At the latest Sheffield Shield venue, Glenelg Oval, in the 89th South Australia Country Carnival, this young man would have the weight of expectation on his shoulders.

It was a critical time of the game. The South East boys we edging towards victory …. and this chance went begging.

The batting side got home against the Mid North side by a couple of wickets in the end.

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