Carlton aren’t so bad after all

Our thanks to Jeff Dowsing for bringing this to our attention.



  1. Gol’ darn it funniest and cleverest thing I seen in a long time.
    Them Blue boys and John Voight and Ned Beatty thrown in too. Who was that Granny at the winder’?
    All it needed was Miss Beccy and Miss Megan in denim cutoffs, pigtails and plaid cotton tie up sleeveless blouses – and I reckon them Bluebaggers woulda nearly had me.
    Well done Jeff and the creators.

  2. And we all know how their season turned out!

  3. My only problem with this video is if Ned Beatty represents the umpires from last Thursday’s game, as it was they who [email protected]#*ed Carlton, not the other way ’round…

  4. Laughed and laughed and laughed. Loved Kreuzer. I love it when people can be bothered doing this stuff!

  5. Daryl Sharpen says

    Classic. Like JC the effort and imagination impresses me greatly. Lovely selection of the Tassy boy on the banjo. I suspect he’s heard that tune before and reckon both would be able to play by ear.

  6. John Butler says

    Re heading, just what I’ve been saying. :)

  7. Wait on, we have a sequel!

  8. blues supporter, this is piss funny, great work!

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