Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – The Year of the Magpie: The Grand Final 2018

Ladies & gentlemen, I just want to acknowledge your membership of our ‘True Believer family’.


And   to wish us all well for the Grannie.


My thanks to those who have contributed. Others’ views are always welcome; even when sometimes ‘challenging’.

One of our number was kind enough to suggest she had learned about ‘footy’ from simply reading the blurb. The comment is appreciated; as are all the other comments, sometimes to all; sometimes with more limited distribution. For me, I have learned hugely from others. My thanks to you all. Krista refers to this as my ‘therapy’. I don’t disagree.


The important stuff:


  • We have a published team, no surprise at “no change”; but don’t be (too) surprised if a further change occurs bringing in one of the Emergencies. But please don’t leave Goldie out (again) – he couldn’t miss two GF
  • I’m reminded, again, of the individual’s influence  – for example, Varcoe’s threegame-changing events at our last WCE meeting – 1. running goal against the flow of the game; 2. run-down tackle and 3. his slip over leading to a 12 point turnover. Any one of these could change the outcome. Another example would be Maxy’s ‘touch’ in the dying minutes of the (first) 2010 GF. 
  • We can win this. While a couple of the Weagles at our last meeting were newly returned, the same applied to us. The last meeting could have gone either way. If we play anything like last week this will be a done deal.
  • And please, please, please, don’t play safe. Have fun and enjoy it; spectators too.



Preview (There are still unbelievers out there):


And with more of a focus on ‘the current’, Bucks on Talking Footy –


Both worth watching.

And just because I can, the experts’ picks – 6 each way so half will be wrong. Go to Unbelievers include Judd and Pearce, but Carey and, get this, Caro Wilson (Eddie’s bestie (sometimes)) have picked us. Mr Gleeson is still exceptionally informed; gifted almost.


Go Pies. ‘2018 – The Year of the Magpie’.




PS. Krista and I will be watching from one of the sports bars in Sydney, with another of our members.


PPS. And for John, our resident WCE supporter, he is somewhere in the USA. Best for a good game. And safe travels.



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