Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: The Curate’s Egg

Like the ‘Curate’s egg’ (Google it, if you don’t understand) I enjoyed that, in parts.




  1. The commitment was fantastic. Well done ladies. In a lot of ways you were unlucky not to walk (run) away with a win. See more on this relating to Team Statistics, below.
  2. Skills. We need to avoid pursuing an approach based on “Stacks on the Mill”. Disposal decisions need to be quicker. Our players were consistently tackled between receiving the ball and disposing it. Other skills were poor at times. Perhaps the only redeeming feature was that Carlton’s were, pretty consistently (except, in the First Half, by their Forward Line), worse.
  3. Regardless of gender, umpires will still penalise you because you are wearing a B&W jumper. Free Kicks: 27 to them; 18 to us (and I am not critical of the D’Arcy decision at the MRP – just silly). Can anyone explain the “incorrect disposal” rule to me?
  4. Centre clearance. It seemed to me that we were out-rucked, killed at stoppages, though the statistics, below, don’t quite reflect that.
  5. If you are being consistently out-marked, try something different – insanity is expecting a different outcome doing the same thing. I found myself yelling at the TV as we, over and over, tried to win contested marks in front of their goal – Well done, Tayla Harris, nice marks! Try ‘punching’; practice it at training.


Lessons for the guys?


Dot points 1,3 and 5.


Interestingly, regarding Dot-point 2, I’ve been critical in the past of our AFL side Mids slamming the ball onto their foot without checking where it might go (and to whom). Obviously there is a balance.


Match Report: 


Go to:


A pretty fair summary. I agree the Best though might have reordered them slightly. Well done, a real Captain’s game, Steph Chiocci and welcome and well done Chloe for a performance recognised with a Rising Star nomination and inclusion in the Team of the Week. Keep it up. Statistics.


Have a look at What doesn’t make sense are the Team Statistics, specifically:


  • Disposals 199 (Collingwood) / 153 (them).
  • Clearances 20 / 14.
  • Inside 50s 29 / 22.
  • Marks inside 50s 7 / 3.
  • Scoring shots: 4 / 7


Excluding the Scoring Shots, the other numbers would normally have reflected a fairly solid win to the Pies. Your thoughts?


Crowd. Marginally disappointing in that it wasn’t a ‘sell-out’. But close.


Reporting? Did anyone go? Love to hear what it was like to be there? Love to hear some others’ views? Coach’s view? Go to In particular check the opening photo at the start of this article – emphasises what I’m on about, above, re disposal speed.


Footy Almanac records: Some feedback:

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Freo vs Pies. Perth; Saturday, 10 February; bounce: 4.10 (WST) / 7.10 (EST).


Freo are sitting at the bottom of the Ladder below our 6th place separated by percentage: 63.6% cf 46.9%.


Both teams (pretty obviously following the percentages after just one game) Lost last week, the Dockers quite substantially to the Western Bulldogs. However it is noteworthy that Freo outscored the Bulldogs 3.5.23 to 2.3.19 in the Second Half of their game (but they did have a shocker First Half). Each team will be pursuing a big Win to get their seasons back on track. I would hope the Pies will go in as Favourites, apart from the influence of a highly partisan crowd; likely more than 40,000. Criticism of Freo last week reflected a pretty good performance by ‘a rated’ Bulldogs team, however also focussed on the fact that Freo scored three Marks inside 50 for the entire game and appeared to be missing a ‘target’ up Forward – not sure what that meant when they looked at the Second Half operfiormance. Expect changes in their side.




  • Us – Duffin, replaced in selected side.
  • Freo – Antonio – head knock.


Match Centre: Later in the week, go to:

AFLW Match Centre –





Detail in last week’s missive, including links to Rules.


I have no idea how this is going to pan out so will watch it and see.


Starts Thursday, 15 February in Adelaide at Hindmarsh Stadium.


Actual games, involving Collingwood, are:

  • Adelaide vs Collingwood Bounce (Actually, that’s the wrong term – no bounce to start the game or after Goals scored): Ball-up 6.08 (EDT).
  • Collingwood vs West Coast Ball-up: 8.00 (EDT).
  • Final (between Pool winners) Ball-up: 8.33 (EDT).


  1. On 7Two starting at 6.30 EDT.

Go to: This site mentions coverage for Sydney (and other) viewers without specifically mentioning Canberrans. Trying to check the TV Guide for 7Two is an automatic double-check, but is slightly too far ahead for me to confirm with any certainty. Wait and see (pun not intended).


Other games not involving Collingwood, are on Friday, 16 February (Melbourne – Etihad Stadium) and Saturday, 17 February (Sydney – Allianz Stadium).


Reporting? / Your views? Is anyone attending? Welcome your feedback from the game or just watching it?


Other Teams?


No news of significance in the short term on the other teams. More on them later.




  • Eddie Watch. Nothing heard. Sighted in the crowd at the AFLW game.
  • MRP. Michael Christian. Michael had his first ‘outing’ as the MRP. Probably useful it was about a Collingwood player. Did well, I think. Acknowledged it was a serious incident warranting punishment but didn’t over-state the case. Well done. Importantly, what does this mean to the future of the weekly Agenda summary?


Go Pies.
Cam Hooke





  1. I’m certainly not a Collingwood fan, Cam, but I loved your line: “Regardless of gender, umpires will still penalise you because you are wearing a B&W jumper.”

  2. Paddy O'Peace says

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Carringbush but that spot is probably on my inner sole.
    Cameron’s Mackie days may have coloured his optics.

    Magpie fans have been complaining about umpires.since Daniel Mannix walked down Smith St.
    He may even have mentioned it in his homilies.

    Don’t remember Chicken Smallhorn, Pastor Doug Nicholls, Hayden Bunton or Dinny Ryan

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