Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 5 review, Round 6 preview

G’day, True Believers.


First, the best. Congratulations to our girls on an outstanding season, particularly Brianna Davey, joint Best & Fairest winner, and the other All Australians.


Just one kick away from the Grannie; and what might have happened then? The future promises much. Well done, ladies, we are very proud of you.


Round 5


Not a lot of fun watching that. Some were saying Q1 was good; at least better than the rest. I didn’t think that – yes we were up on the scoreboard but the play was ordinary. That said, FaceBook (and even our emails) commentators have been a bit over the top regarding who is to blame. Not once have I seen a simple statement that the Eagles played well; they were cleaner in their ball handling and positioned themselves well on the way to goal. Pity, because they were. Our people tried – I’ve been critical of Mihocek in the past, but you can never question his effort. So, Pies supporters, where do we go from here? Simply put, we’ll keep supporting our Club. We’ll make suggestions (as you do in a family) regarding selections and game plans. And we’ll hope,    always hope.


Collingwood 11.10.76 were defeated by WCE 16.7.103:

Buck’s comments – Worth watching particularly Buck’s comments about the use of Moore forward and the Pies’ Losses from a winning position (Rounds 3 and 4).


Extraordinary things we saw:

  • Nothing jumps out at me. Maybe Sheed’s three goals in as many minutes at the end of Q3? Do you recall anything?


Some statistics and comments:

  • Hit Outs – I’m ignoring this number as irrelevant (and as Bucks stated in his post-match interview).
  • Clearances – 31 (us) / 39 (them).
  • Inside 50s – 52 / 48. Pardon? Inside 50 dominance usually dominates scoring. So?
  • Disposal Efficiency – 73.2% / 80.0%. A significant difference.
  • Individual Disposal Efficiency – 8 / 12 players with a DE equal to or over 80% and 2 / 1 with an individual DE equal to or under 50%.
  • Disposal Efficiency Inside 50 – 52.0% / 59.5%. Again, a substantial difference.
  • Contested possessions – 143 / 138. Okay, we won that. So, where was the breakdown? Welcome your thoughts?
  • Tackles – 36 / 51. Remember Bucks identified this as a specific failing after Round 1. Now? As an indication of application, that’s pretty poor.
  • Scoring Shots – 21 / 23. Not much of a difference, but didn’t they get the ball to a good goal-scoring position?
  • Losing margin – 27 Points. That is another significant beating.


And a comment on the ‘new’ game; Maybe the “keep-ens off” style of play, as demonstrated by Marks – 81 / 136 and Uncontested Possessions – 205 / 275, are indicative of what we need to be doing. Certainly, the objective should always be to gain possession and keep it. Various entries into the 50 without a target in mind are a quick way of turning over possession.


Best: Crisp, Pendles, Maynard, Grundy, Moore and Mihocek. I don’t agree with all of those but I don’t have any to add. Classic Pendles – Mr Smooth.




  • Application. Bucks claimed in his post-match that he considered effort was better. That may be so, but it certainly hasn’t reached an acceptable level yet.
  • Back 6 – Not sure moving Moore forward is workable, particularly with Howe out. Kelly into this august group?
  • Ball Handling. Our ball handling was pretty awful.
  • Forwards, ‘the breakdown’ where our Inside 50s were wasted; where our win in Inside 50s was negated.
  • Crumbing packs, both behind and in front? Critical – Hoskin-Elliott in the VFL game demonstrates.
  • Tackling and one-on-one. Too many opponents ran out of tackles and in one-on-one competitions our player was occasionally on the ground, leaving his opponent free to continue. Stay on your feet or get up quickly.
  • Midfield success? Hit Out numbers are useless, unless turned into Clearances?




Experts Yep, nearly everyone tipped an Eagles’ Win (except me, of course).



Round 6


Collingwood versus Essendon

ANZAC Day – Sunday, 25 April 2021 at the MCG; bounce at 3.20pm.



Essendon are sitting 14th on the Ladder with a percentage of 91.4% compared with us, sitting 16th on a percentage of 87.4%. Both have one Win and four Losses and each have Lost close games – Essendon Lost to Hawthorn in Round 1 by one Point and to Sydney by three Points in Round 4. So, both teams are largely unproven with the ability to ‘blood’ new players. Importantly, Ridley is still out injured.


Players to watch:

  • Merrett – W / HF / C;
  • Hooker – FF; and
  • Parish – Interchange bench;


Not a lot to say.



Just so you are informed, have a read about the VFL game. Go to


Team & Tasks. I think we need changes to better balance our team, to target Essendon’s strengths and give some opportunities to others List members:


  • Lynch – Ruck, alternating with Grundy (FF). Lynch performed in the VFL game;
  • Kelly,
  • Murphy, and
  • Henry, Rantall and Poulter – more speed and dynamism. Have I missed anyone?



  • De Goey – injured;
  • Howe – injured;
  • Greenwood – not sure about this – injured – concussion;
  • Keane – suspension;
  • Mayne;
  • Thomas; and
  • Sidebottom. Your thoughts?


 Game Plan. We need to focus on:

  • Application. High intensity commitment for four Quarters. Watch the Contested Possession and Tackle numbers. The chase and tackle must be maintained for four Quarters, and when we tackle, we have to hold on.
  • A different approach. As suggested above, replace Grundy with Lynch as the principal ruck; move Grundy forward into the FF role supported by Cameron and Mihocek and the smalls;
  • Winning the Clearances. Dominating Inside 50s, would actually be a better target statement here – working backwards, Inside 50s rely on Clearances and the drive forward; Clearances rely on Hit Outs and action in the Midfield. A failure at any stage will result in a failure of the system. And you can add Disposal Efficiency into this process. Scoring is a direct consequence of getting the ball into the 50; and accurate kicking – look for a better placed kicker; and

  • Please don’t put Madgen on the Wing again. Against Gaff, it reminded me of putting Brown on Eddie Betts a few years ago.


Conclusion. We can Win this comprehensively.



My picks. Collingwood to Win by 41 Points. BOG – Pendles – 37 Disposals @ 93% DE; 17 Clearances and five Tackles; Grundy gets four goals; Cameron and Mihocek each get three. Your thoughts?



Experts. Go to This could be interesting. Check it out later in the week.


Weather. Light rain forecast following a number of wet days – ‘stops’, not moulded sole boots.


  1. TV. FTA – Channel 7; Routine for FOXTEL and Kayo.



  • Welcome Mark Corda. Do you think we need a Korda Hour, but you’d still need somewhere to rest.


Go Pies.



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  1. george smith says

    I think you are a week early cam. I am going down to Melbourne next week to amongst other things check out this version of Collingwood v the Gold Coast. Perhaps this will be the win to get our team back on track. I will do no more Buckley bashing for now, I’ll leave that to Sly, but I wonder if we will look back on this decade and think about the nineties, a decade that also started off so great and ended with such frustration.

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