Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 4 review and Round 5 preview

Round 4: Collingwood v GWS



Collingwood 9.10.64 lost to GWS 10.6.66


The Game. We failed to control the game with the possible exception of the last quarter. Then we simply squandered our dominance in the last few minutes. We didn’t deserve to win but, then again, neither did GWS. It was a pretty poor performance by both teams of what our great game can be, but we, certainly, can do a lot better.


Match Report: Go to


Back on track: Gutsy Giants take down Pies in another classic


Earlier, the Giants looked set to lodge an emphatic victory. Harry Perryman kicked truly on the run midway through the third quarter to extend the margin out to 18 points – and at that point they had kicked six of the last eight goals.


The heading “Gutsy Giants take down Pies” is as misleading as it is unfair, A better heading might have been “Pies miss by 2, taking it to Giants from a 20 Point deficit mid-way through Q3”. The heading, as is, seems to indicate the Giants were ‘gutsy’ and the Pies weren’t. Not so. This was a hard-fought match by both teams. My suggestion for us, is that it needn’t have been – our team is sufficiently capable that we should have been able to win fairly easily.



Bucks’ Comments:


Buckley: ‘Won’t see Howe for a while’

Worth a look/listen. Bucks emphasises the slow start and the failure to execute the basics well. He acknowledged the resulting high turnover rate and while reinforcing the team fought hard with an increase in the workrate, goalkicking inaccuracy was a final nail in the coffin. Much of his interview focussed on the Howe injury – MCL and PCL.



Statistics: The match statistics for the team and individuals are at and



These numbers are worth a browse, noting that the basis of my comments are ‘gut feel’ and numbers over the entire game, neither of which are particularly useful in assessing critical periods of play. Again, I’d love to be able to have a look at number between the early period and the Q4. I did find the individual player’s Disposal Efficiency at Player Statistics/Advanced but, still this only applies across the whole game. But Clangers are not recorded. Some selections that I think are significant:



Hit Outs: 55/21. Well done, Brody. See next, Mids, what is going on?

Clearances: 31/36 (Centre – 12/9 and at stoppages – 19/27). Clearances, broadly, should match HO domination numbers. The numbers here is a reversal of the HO dominance; we were dominated particularly around the ground. Our midfield were comprehensively beaten.

Disposal Efficiency: 69.2% / 66.7%. Not good by either team.

Individual Disposal Efficiency: Okay, I only just found this. We had 16 players with an individual disposal efficiency of less than 80%. Pendles – 57.7%, for example. To restate ‘the obvious’, this means that nearly half his disposals were wasted. There were others who did worse.


But, supporting Bucks’ comments regarding application:


Contested Possessions: 127/116;

Contested Marks: 11/7. Good numbers – a great display by Moore and Howe early on;

Tackles: 66/51. Good; however…

Turnovers: 48/59. A significant win by GWS contrary to the other numbers.


Importantly, ‘One percenters’ – 25/43. This, along with the turnovers, really describes the tenacity of the two sides and, I have to say, GWS won that battle.


Let’s focus, like last week, on Inside 50s. A look at the pointy end of the teams, including both the delivery into the 50 and execution inside it (comparing both):


Inside 50s: 48/37. Reasonable advantage that doesn’t go close to explaining the score differential. But maybe closer to Scoring Shots?

Marks Inside 50: 9/7;

Tackles Inside 50: 15/5 – good application;

Scoring shots: 19/16;

Goals scored: 9/10; and

Efficiency Inside 50: 39.6% / 40.5%. The difference here, although small, won them the game.


This was not an easy victory by GWS nor do I expect we’ll meet again this season. If we do, we simply need to play our game and avoid being sucked into theirs.



Best: Interestingly, midfield and backline representatives only; no forwards. I’m still not challenging this; just noting it again. And with the greatest respect to our mids listed, check the individual disposal efficiency.


The Future: After Essendon next week we have the Brisbane Lions at the MCG before we and Geelong head west. Then the next five-week plan starts. We’ll see what we see. My current understanding is that the Pies and Geelong will head to Perth for a few weeks where they will play each other (R7) and each of the Eagles and Dockers (returning home after their holiday at the Gold Coast). I would suggest the Geelong game is seriously season-defining. Do any of our Geelong fan members wish to contribute anything? I promise to include what you supply with only the anticipated spelling and grammar errors fixed.




Round 4: Collingwood v Essendon

Friday, July 3 at the MCG; bounce at 7.50pm.


Them: Essendon are sitting 6th on the Ladder under our 4th place but their percentage is 106% compared with our 154.3%


Essendon are a little light-on regarding performances this season because of their R3 postponed match with Melbourne – maybe they could have it this week? Notably Heppell and Cutler are likely to miss due to injuries; Merrett (amongst their best each week, so far) could miss a week for the ‘love-tap’ he gave Carlton’s Silvagni this weekend.



Players to watch:

Merrett – Centre (if available);

Saad – HB – critical in driving Essendon forward. Note Carlton’s successful solution dragging Saad deep to limit his influence;

McGrath – RR

Fantasia – off Interchange;

McDonald-Tipungwati – HB


And watch Bellchambers in the Ruck. Go get him, Grundy.


I watched much of their game against Carlton and was, except for their application, pretty underwhelmed by both – lots of effort and run and chase, but little skill. Guys, Essendon are not in our league.



Us: Okay, let’s make it very simple.


To do list: Control the game. We showed this the week before. We even showed it during Q4 against GWS. We need to get control and keep it. We need to be the team winning the midfield battle and then driving forward, keeping control of the ball until we have an easy kick at goal.



Ins: Treloar, Cameron and Scharenberg;

Better use of: De Goey. I think De Goey is wasted in the forward line; suggest midfield (wing maybe)

Outs: There are a few vacancies that should happen – Howe, suggest Mihocek (yes, I know he kicked two goals) and Cox (who got one). Your thoughts?


Pre-game Brief? Go to Eventually.



Weather. Expect it to be dry and cloudy but could have some rain the day before. Get the boots with stops out; not moulded soles.


TV. Go to


Anyone Going? Anyone into a ‘Corporate Box’ or balloted entry? I’d still really like to hear others’ views before, during and after the game?


Expert Predictions? Look around here: (eventually). Dermie was wrong, again (backing us), but Caro got it right against us (not sure but she does seem to always vote opposite to Eddie).


My Picks Pies to win by 37 Points. BOG – Treloar (34 Disposals, 2 goals). Stephenson and Elliott both kick three. Your prediction and selections?



Eddie Watch. Loved his criticism of England’s support, post-Brexit, against their fellow-Commonwealth, FIFA selection of the Women’s World Cup.

GC. If you want to pick a Brownlow winner, look for an exciting player amongst a team without multiple stars. The GC Suns jumps to mind. Rowell. Could we have a Brownlow and Rising Star winner in the same player? I also like to keep an eye on Witts – formerly Collingwood’s leading ruck (and occasional CHF) before the hand injury put him behind Grundy.


Keep the excitement. This is the Pies’ year. C’mon, let’s hear your views.


Go Pies.



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