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Greetings, True Believers.


I enjoyed that.


Half-way through the first quarter I was considering whether my prediction of Stephenson scoring eight goals and getting BOG might come true. But he only scored those two early, yet he still contributed. And my prediction of the final result was off – we won by 44 points – I predicted a win by 43. Onward and upwards, towards the end of October.


Round 3: Collingwood versus St Kilda


Collingwood 12.9.81 defeated St Kilda 5.7.37.


Match Report: Go to


Buck’s Comments:


I really like Buck’s description of the team as a group with a focus on aspects they can control – not fussing too much on things they can’t control. For anyone who has any influence on such matters, the AFL needs to recognise that the questioner during these post-match events cannot be heard and, as such, the responses can be curious (along with Buck’s enigmatic smiles, on occasion). Maybe the AFL could use sub-titles on the screen or, perhaps, mobile microphones?




The match statistics for the team and individuals are at and


These are worth a browse, noting that the basis of my comments are ‘gut feel’ and numbers over the entire game, neither of which are particularly useful in assessing critical periods of play. For example it would be interesting to look at both the team’s numbers and some individual’s performances in the first and third quarters to compare them – we went from a 10 goal to 4 first half to a rough equivalent in the third quarter. However, regardless of this limitation, some comments across the whole game:


  • Handballs: 153 (us) / 120 (them). I normally don’t fuss too much regarding total game disposals, but the difference in handballs here (with not too dissimilar kick numbers) was symptomatic of our teams’ domination of possession and control of the game. Well done to all, particularly the midfield, who weren’t scared to move the ball quickly and frequently over very short distance to achieve the clean break; and to pursue the reverse by our opponents, as required.
  • Hit Outs: 37 / 24. Well done, Brodie.
  • Clearances: 32 / 21 (Centre – 10 / 4 and at stoppages – 22 / 17). Much better by the total midfield – well done. Clearances, broadly, match HO domination numbers.
  • Disposal Efficiency: 76.9% / 74.4%. Good, given the incredible application by our opponents (of course, matched by our own).


And, as a measure of application:

  • Contested Possessions: 112 / 109
  • Tackles: 55 / 43. Much better than last week
  • Turnovers: 58 / 62. Interesting win by St Kilda here, however it’s best seen as “about the same”. I don’t have the numbers regarding the source of scores but I vaguely recall the commentators reporting the Pies’ domination of scoring from turnovers compared with the Saints’.


But let’s focus on Inside 50, to have a look at the pointy end of the teams, including both the delivery into the 50 and execution inside it (comparing both ends):

  • Inside 50: 40 / 34. Reasonable advantage that doesn’t fully explain the score differential
  • Marks Inside 50: 8 / 5. A good difference reflecting great diversity of entry but still needs to reflect better positioning for the actual kick on goal – avoid looking for the specky kick. The number also reflects our back six’s work.
  • Tackles Inside 50: 10 / 6 – good application
  • Scoring shots: 21 / 12 – Measure 1
  • Goals scored: 12 / 5 – Measure 2
  • Efficiency Inside 50: 60% / 38.2%. The difference here is good, but could be better still – get the ball to where the kick at goal is easiest.


This was not an easy victory. I don’t think the statistics fairly reflect the Saints’ game. The game was harder-fought and closer than these numbers would indicate. St Kilda came into the game with momentum based on the previous week, and the practice match against us in Morwell in which they showed how well they could move the ball. They are a competent team that we defeated because we took control of the game and kept it – a great lesson for the future.


Best: Difficult culling anyone from the team – a great team effort. Go to (again). The usual make the list including, the midfield and backline representatives, but no forwards. I’m not challenging this, just noting it.


The Future: After GWS we have Essendon a week later, then the next five-week plan. We’ll see what we see.


For an interesting, more general view of our progress including a review of the future (with a bit on the full range of games), go to


The experts? A bit of a change. Go to Note Riewoldt understandably picking his old team and Caro, unsurprisingly, picking against the Pies.


Round 4: Collingwood versus GWS


Friday, 26 June at Giants’ Stadium, bounce at 7.50pm.




I’m not sure how to describe GWS. They made it to last year’s GF and then, unfortunately for football, lost embarrassingly. On the way there they tossed us out of the finals, even though we only played well for one quarter of the game.  This year they started off with a bang, demolishing Geelong by 32 points. Some of their youngsters started to show something. Perryman scored four goals, interestingly off the half-back line (reported elsewhere as off the wing). But the last two weeks, following the restart, they’ve lost to North and the Bulldogs by 20 and 24 points respectively. I would usually anticipate a team playing at home in front of a big crowd would work hard to rectify the immediate past. But there’s no motivating crowd.


People to watch for are:

  • Perryman – HB / Wing
  • Coniglio – C
  • Haynes – BP
  • Whitfield – W (unlikely starter because of last week’s concussion)
  • de Boer – RR / HF


This above list takes into account the first three rounds. While they haven’t performed so far this season, I would add:

  • Cameron – CHF
  • Himmelberg – FP
  • Jacobs – Ruck
  • Langdon
  • Heater (for old-times’ sake)


Perryman and Coniglio are both deserving of some close attention – maybe tag Coniglio. You could also tag Heater for a while just for a bit of fun. It would also be fun picking who you might use in that role.


Expect GWS to run hard initially but fall off as the game progresses, especially if with little success. Expect and guard against rough tactics.



To do list (very similar to last week’s success):

  • Pressure, across the paddock for four quarters
  • Control of the game. We showed this last week. We need to get control and keep it. We need to be the team winning the midfield battle and then driving forward, keeping control of the ball until we have an easy kick at goal
  • Midfield. Key. Get possession and keep it. Measure success through clearance numbers
  • Backline drive? Incredible performance as a collective; well done
  • Forward line? Need to control the entry by providing alternatives. Continue looking to place the ball in the best position to routinely score a major.



  • Ins: Treloar and Scharenberg
  • Outs: There are no burning ‘rests’ I would suggest. Pick based on training out of Mayne, Hoskin-Elliott and the Browns – not sure. Your thoughts?


Pre-game Brief? Go to Eventually.


Weather. Expected to be dry, but it is Sydney.


TV. Go to


Anyone Going? Anyone into a ‘Corporate Box’ or balloted entry? I’d still really like to hear others’ views before, during and after the game?


Expert Predictions? Look around here at (eventually).


My Picks

  • Pies to Win by 33 Points. BOG – Grundy (37 HO, 29 disposals, 2 goals). Stephenson and Elliott both kick three. Your prediction and selections?



  • Eddie Watch. Nothing too new.


Keep the excitement coming. This is the Pies’ year. C’mon, let’s hear your views!


Go Pies.





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