Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 23 Review

True Believers, our last game of Season 2016.  We didn’t finish with the win, but we did everything else to head to 2017 with optimism and a bit of pride.


A very short match summary here.  I will follow this with a bit of a season assessment in the next couple of weeks.  I have been invited by John Harms, from Footy Almanac, to provide a short season-in-review style piece in conjunction with the report of the final match which I will use as the basis of this follow-on.  As per previously, welcome your comments and input, particularly regarding the season (and our future).


The Season. Over.


Belief. Bucks:  No surprise there, of course.


Match Reports: and


Comment?  I thought it was a really great game of footy.  For a side that had nothing to gain from it, the commitment was outstanding.  The errors by both sides flowed directly from the pressure by each’s opponents.  It was a result that actually means nothing except as a performance that achieved all the things we were looking for – commitment, pride, skills and the promise for the future.


Expert Tips – My guess that ‘the experts’ would go 22:2 for a Hawks’ Win was spot on.  Thank you Mr Shorten for your prediction of a Pies win by 2 points – closest by a ‘country mile’.  Just to balance publicity, Mr Turnbull picked a Hawks’ win by 30 points.  Correct decision; wrong numbers.  Do any parallels with their other decisions jump out at you regarding either’s ‘pick’?



  • VFL – No minor premiership (we finished Second) –, but we are in the Finals. Our first Final will take place at Princes Park, most likely on Saturday, against Williamstown. Importantly, the Magpies have secured the double chance, and are guaranteed to play in the Semi-Finals should they fall to the Seagulls – follow at; and
  • Things to do?  Paralympics gets a big rap.  Have you ever watched the Wheelchair basketball?  Worth watching.  If you think Footy is tough, watch this (and the Wheelchair Rugby).  You could also watch some Finals’ footy – I think the WCE and Adelaide are looking pretty slick; but whfeere to fit Sydney?  Or Hawthorn, for that matter?


Reporting?  Did anyone go?  Ground Reports pls?  Anyone go to the VFL game?


Remember to keep an eye on the Footy Almanac –; a good Christmas present, particularly if ‘yours truly’ gets published.


Next. Round 1, 2017 Season. More on this next year. Actually, I think the Women’s competition kicks off earlier, but we’ll wait and see.


Go Pies.


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