Cam Hooke’s Collingwood life – Round 18: Why we are Collingwood supporters

True Believers, that AFL game is why we are Collingwood supporters.


Home now; but watched the game on ABC Australia’s channel in Bali.


Were any of you at the game? Reports please?


And an amusing Bali story that you might enjoy. We were visiting a Hindu temple and because I was wearing shorts I borrowed a sarong to cover my nakedness. That, combined with my ‘white’ 2016 Collingwood Member’s polo shirt prompted another tourist to note the connectivity. I responded that it was just part of the ‘sensitive, new age guy’ that represented the Collingwood supporter. We laughed.



After last week, and the potential of North to actually produce, I would admit to having some concerns going into the game, But, the team were fantastic; committed, prepared to have a go, supportive of each other. I loved it.


The Future. Next:

Round 19 – Richmond (see below);

20 – Sydney, in Sydney;

21 – Brisbane, in Melbourne (sorry, Linda. What were your boys doing last weekend – nearly?);

22 – Port, in Melbourne; and

23 – Freo in Perth.


We are firmly in the Premiership race sitting 3rd on the Ladder (having got back to 2nd on the ‘live ladder’ on occasion during the game). We should finish in the Top 4 and go on to play and Win the Premiership. As I’ve stated from the start: “2018 – the Year of the Pie”. Let’s keep our optimism.


Match Report


I loved the description of the Pies’ performance as “manic attack”. I loved that there were frequently more than one Pie tackler attacking the ball carrier. And I loved that players ‘had a go’, that they didn’t ‘play safe’ – how many times did we see Pie players collect the ball and then run away from their chasing opponent before passing it on.


I noted we had 10 individual goalkickers – very positive.


The Best is pretty fair, but the whole team gets credit. To pick three extras not listed:

  • Murray was dropped on the basis of his performance after Round 9, particularly his delivery decision-making. In this game he was, on one occasion, run down, but he collected 24 Disposals at 79.3% DE – good numbers for anyone, particularly for a Back. I really like the way he’s willing to ‘take off’.
  • Varcoe had 11 touches at 72.7% DE, but critically he collected five Tackles. Away from the Midfield and other stoppages these are much harder to come by.
  • Who else not included in the Best did well? Daicos,


What happened in the Q3? About even. 2.2 (us) to their 2.1. I liked the fact that we scored our two immediately after the break. Check the Match Report graph – it’s up all (well, most) of the way.


Buck’s comments A happy bunny.



  • Frees: 23 (us) to 17 (them).
  • Hit-outs: 32 / 30. Hmm? A quiet day for Brodie in the ruck; but he did some great work around the ground.
  • Clearances: 30 / 34. Our Mids are amongst the Best in the competition; they need to demonstrate this.
  • Inside 50’s: 57 / 44. The game-winner statistic. Compare the transition from Clearance to Inside 50s and the next step.
  • Marks inside 50: 16 / 12.
  • Scoring shots: 30 / 19.
  • Goals: 20 / 9. And that is all she wrote…


  • Contested Possessions 128 (us) / 143 (them). I am surprised at these numbers.
  • Tackles 83 to 47. Not surprised at this at all.
  • Disposal Effectiveness – DE less than 70% – 3 / 11. Their number is not surprising given the continuous pressure by the Pies players on North.

Other? Moore’s injury – How serious is this? And for those who think they can find a spot in our AFL side for some recovering from injury note that Elliott was reported in his VFL game. No outcome yet.


Next: Saturday, 28 July vs Richmond at the MCG; bounce 1.45 (AEST).


  • Preview: At Not surprisingly, we are the underdogs – betting: $1.46 to $2.75. This game is between 1st and 3rd, 137.9% vs 121.7%; 13 Wins vs 12. We should Win, but it will take an outstanding, ‘four-quarter’ effort including the need to shut down some of their stars.
  • Them: Richmond are the ‘competition standard’, regardless of the fact that they Lost to GWS in Round 17 (two weeks ago) – importantly, in that game, they kicked 5 Behinds in Q3, but nearly made up a four-goal deficit in Q4. Their other Losses have been occasional and atypical of their usual performances – Round 12 Loss to Port and the Round 9 Loss to the Eagles by around 10 goals. We last meet in Round 6, four days after our Anzac Day game. That game was fairly even for the 1st Half but they scored 8 goals to 3 in a dominant 4Q. Our excuse? We were tired. Our Best included Phillips, Treloar, Grundy, Crisp, Pendles and Sidebottom. Their Best included Cotchin, Nankervis, Martin, Grime, Prestia and Caddy.
    • Their Best are spread across the paddock and include All Australian players. The most difficult challenge – you can shut down some of them for three full Quarters, but they can win the game for their team in one. The other key question is whether it is actually possible to tag Martin successfully for the whole game.
    • Who to watch? Martin (of course) wherever he is playing, Nankervis in the Ruck and Cotchin in the Centre, Lambert, Edwards, Caddy and Reiwoldt heading Forwards and Short and Grimes Back. And Prestia wherever he is sent from the Interchange.
  • Us: Injuries and availability as above – Moore, in particular. I have absolute faith in the team selected last week (including Daicos), the way they played and their commitment.  Your thoughts?

TV? I have difficulty believing this – No FTA TV (in Canberra); find a friend with Fox. Head to Eastlake.


My Picks: Pies by 13 points; BOG – Sidebotton with 33 Touches and three goals and restricted Martin to 17 Disposals.








Other sports, Canberra:

  • GWS at Manuka – Saturday, 11 August; bounce 7.25pm vs Adelaide.
  • Raiders – Next game Saturday, 28 July versus Storm away; kick off 7.35pm.
  • Brumbies – No more home & away games.




Go Pies.



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