Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 16 Review and Round 17 Preview

True Believers, I didn’t enjoy that. If by some miracle we’d been awarded that free and 50 metre penalty with less than two minutes to go (1.43 to go), yes, we might have won. But we didn’t deserve to.


Now, I’m going to be critical, hopefully in a useful manner. I agree Facebook comments decrying abuse, criticism and swearing but consider criticism is warranted on occasion.


A friend of mine, when asked about the performance during the game said to me: “turned it off at half time and am out for a walk.  There’s not much else to do in locked down Sydney. Hopeless. No run, no playing for each other.” I agree. Dermie’s view? Go to Whatever you think of the man; he knows football. It is worth reading. And I agree it too. Fundamentally we looked disinterested (other descriptive terms were ‘lethargy’ and ‘risk aversion’) for most of the game and we can’t expect to Win games on the back of one Quarter of effort. Some of the players’ defensive actions and the disposal decisions were simply astounding, as was much of the kicking.


But what happened in Q4? And does it really matter? The Pies, suddenly, applied ‘desperation’ and fast ball movement became the norm. Did it matter? No, not really, except, again, it showed what we could do if we wanted to. We didn’t deserve to Win.


I note that the VFL side has entered the Eight and the AFLW team continues at the Top of the Ladder.  Good luck to both teams as they continue.


Round 16


St Kilda 10.10.70 defeated Collingwood 8.13.61.


A look at the Goals scored by Quarter:


  • Q1: 1 (us) / 3 (them);
  • Q2: – / 1;
  • Q3: 2 / 6;
  • Q4: 5 / -; and
  • Total: 8 / 10.

Match Report. Go to

AFL – News, Fixtures, Scores & Results –

Max King’s set shot was the only goal of a dreary second term, when De Goey missed two straight kicks at goal that could have reduced the 18-point deficit at half-time.


Harves’ Comments. Go to




Harvey: ‘We’ll be asking a lot of questions’


Harvey accurately identified the players playing for pride in the last Quarter. Maybe. Pity it didn’t start a bit earlier – “Totally outworked in the first three Quarters” – his words.




Checking the control of the ball ‘new game’ first:


  • Disposals – 377 (us) / 410 (them);
  • Uncontested Possessions – 241 / 256; and
  • Marks – 94 / 107.


Beaten on each component.


The Possession statistic is interesting: 39.0% / 46.0% (not sure where the missing 17.0% went). A dominant performance, across each of the relevant statistics, by them in controlling the ball – ie. possession. Beaten, again.




  • Hit Outs – 38 / 39. As I’ve said before this figure is unimportant. I’ve included it because I want to make a point regarding where to play Grundy. Grundy’s performance was not that of an AA Ruck. I have been impressed by Lynch’s performance. His inclusion and shift of Grundy forward could open up the Forward line, particularly given his overhead strength and his ground work;
  • Clearances – 33 / 40. Interestingly, we Lost the Centre bounce clearances substantially – 8 / 13, with stoppage figures around the ground being close – 25 / 27. Comment as above.
  • Inside 50s – 48 / 54 – telling; and
  • Disposal Efficiency – 73.7% / 72.9%. Figures measuring player numbers with DE equal to or over 80.0% were 8 / 7 and equal to or under 50.0% were 1 / 3. Not hugely different except for the Marks inside 50, below.


Okay, Hit Outs similar, Clearances we Lost, Inside 50s we Lost and marginally different DE.


Effort: Bucks was a strong supporter of effort being indicated by Contested Possession and Tackle numbers. So:


  • Contested Possessions – 132 / 143; and
  • Tackles – 60 / 70.


Poor. And I’ll bet the Q4 figures seriously lifted our numbers at 3/4 Time.


And the use of the ball towards the Goal? Inside 50 numbers:


  • Tackles – 6 / 14. Poor;
  • Marks – 15 / 8. An extraordinary advantage. What happened to it?; and
  • DE – 41.7% / 37.0%. Balancing out.


So, from a statistical perspective, combining the difference in Inside 50 numbers with the general DE difference, it reaches a combined figure that is almost exactly the same. So, throughout the game we used the ball with very much the same effectiveness. But:


  • Scoring shots – 21 / 20;
  • Goals scored – 8 / 10; and
  • Losing margin – 9 Points. And we Lost.


Best: Adams, De Goey, Pendles, Daicos and Quaynor. I’d probably be tempted to add Mayne and Crisp.




  • Grundy could be an effective Forward;
  • Use Cameron and Grundy as the alternate Rucks;
  • Adams, De Goey and Elliott alternating between the Midfield and the Forward line; potentially releasing Pendles to go elsewhere, Forward or Back, subject to need;
  • Deliver the ball to a leading Forward – hard, low and flat; and
  • We need to keep our attack up across the paddock for the entire game.


Experts? Yep, 64% of the Experts picked a Saint’s Win. Go to

We need to start Winning; this is not good enough. Go Pies – I don’t think we should ever give up.


Round 16


Collingwood versus Richmond


Sunday, 11 July at the MCG; bounce at 4.10pm.




We all know Richmond, don’t we? The most successful team of the last decade (maybe except for Hawthorn)? We still remember the 2018 Prelim Final?


Richmond have had an extraordinary 2021 season. In Round 4 they beat Brisbane by 93 Points, followed the next week beating St Kilda by 86. Then they Lost to Melbourne by 34 Points and Geelong by 63 (at the MCG, not Kardinia Park). More recently, since their Round 14 Bye, they’ve Lost to St Kilda by 40 Points, scoring only two goals, and, most recently, to the GC Suns by 10 Points at Marvel Stadium. Most significantly, the Suns’ fans sang their opponents off towards the end of the game – very embarrassing.


So which Richmond team will turn up to play us?


Players to watch:


  • Lambert – Rover;
  • Lynch – FP (test / injured?);
  • Vlastuin – HB (test);
  • Martin – FF / anywhere;
  • Houli – BP / HB;
  • Cotchin – Centre;
  • Prestia – CHF (injured?); and
  • Bolton – HF.


Also watch:


  • Choi – Ruck (test);
  • Baker – RR;
  • Rioli – FP; and
  • Riewoldt – FP / HF.


Note there are number injured or subject to testing amongst their best players. The link between Lynch, Martin and Riewoldt is important in their Forward line. Cotchin may warrant tagging.




Something first – the VFL side are now inside the Eight, sitting 7th. The following have been producing outstanding results:


  • C. Brown – 29 Disposals, 6 Tackles, 6 Clearances and 7 Inside 50s;
  • Sier – 10 Clearances; and
  • Lynch – 36 Hit Outs against 26, 17 Disposals and 6 Clearances.


Team & Tasks. Some changes are essential, if for no other reason than recognising effort:




  • Lynch. To take the principal ruck role, releasing Grundy to FF, alternating with him. He performed that role well at this level before being dropped and had a great game at VFL last weekend;
  • Sier;
  • C. Brown; and
  • Kelly. Re-establish the Back6.




  • Daicos – injured;
  • Cox – omitted;
  • Murphy- omitted; and
  • Thomas – omitted.  Your thoughts?


Game Plan. We need to focus on:


  • See Lessons, above;
  • Application. High intensity commitment for four Quarters – bring the same energy as in Q4, last week. Watch the Contested Possession and Tackle numbers. The chase and tackle must be maintained for four Quarters, and when we tackle, we have to hold on;
  • Place Lynch as the principal ruck; move Grundy forward into the FF role supported by Cameron and Mihocek and Elliott and the other smalls. Critically important is the delivery Inside 50 to a leading Forward – one on one, Elliott has shown the ability to chest mark a leading kick and then to kick accurately;
  • Keep the ball away from Dusty;
  • Winning the Clearances. Dominate Inside 50s and look for a better placed goal-kicker. De Goey just appears to make things happen from the Midfield;
  • Drive forward off the HB line; and
  • We can Win this if we get possession and keep it.


Conclusion. We can Win this; again, it will be regarded as a ‘major upset’ and a nail in Richmond’s coffin. We must control possession.


My picks. Collingwood to Win by 31 Points. BOG – Grundy – four goals and three Goal Assists.  Your thoughts?


Experts. Go to Check it out later in the week.


AFL 2021 Round 17 – Who Tipped What – Who Tipped What

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Weather. Forecast on the day of the game and on the days preceding it is for dry and cloudy weather. Moulded-sole boots should be okay.


TV. FTA coverage – not sure. Detail not there yet. Check later in the week. Routine for FOXTEL and Kayo.




Go Pies.



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