Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 15 Review; Round 16 Preview.


True Believers,


What a performance?


Round 14 – North Melbourne


North Melbourne 11.15.81 defeated Collingwood 5.7.37.


Match Report –


Ground Reports – Was anyone there? Reports pls?


Buck’s comments – and Underwhelmed but responsible.

The Game


Bucks hit the nail on the head when he said that he had been wrong when he said the Pies’performance last week had been the worst for some time. This week’s game had taken that description to a new level. Statistically, Collingwood’s score was its lowest for 25 years.


We were outplayed by North, staying in the game for the 1st Half only because of their poor kicking. If Brown had had his kicking boots on it could have been significantly worse. The difference – physical effort as reflected by application and resulting in turnovers. They demolished ours and produced their own.


Numbers. My usual criticism relates to the conversion of Hit Outs to Clearances and onto Inside 50s and Marks Inside 50, and the flow-on to scoring shots. So?

  • Hit Outs – 46 (us) / 33 (them) – Great, but not exploited (see next).
  • Clearances – 39 / 44 (Centre – 6 / 13; stoppages – 33 / 31). This is simply not good enough. Is their Midfield ‘better’ than ours?
  • Inside 50s – 36 / 64. Reflects the turnover statistics as well as Clearances.
  • Marks inside 50 – 5 / 14.
  • Scoring shots – 12 / 26.

Plus, as a measure of intensity and application, a couple of numbers showing a comparison of effort:

  • Contested Possession – 142 / 152.
  • Tackles – 51 / 59.
  • Total: 193 (us) / 211 (them).

And Frees: 27 (us) / 11 (them).


Best. My other usual criticism relates to individual performance as it is a measure of the contribution individual Disposals make to the team and comparison with their direct opponents. I’m going to skate over this today. If you want to check the numbers go to – compare Cunnington’s and Ziebell’s with their opponents. Our Best (courtesy AFL website; not sure I agree all – see suggested changes, below):

  • Treloar
  • Crisp
  • Phillips
  • Pendles
  • Greenwood


Conclusion. A depressing day at the office. A change in attitude and application is sorely needed. And? What about North’s performance? They were pretty impressive.


Round 15 – Hawthorn


Friday, 5 July at the G (thankfully); bounce 7.50pm. Go to Betting: We are Favourites – $1.30 to $3.40 (yesterday) shifted to $1.40 / $2.90 after that performance.


This game is between 2nd and 15th; 119.9% and 96.9%; 10 Wins versus five. But, as we have seen, the competition this year is extraordinarily even. Any team can beat another. Hawthorn are not to be underestimated and, quite fairly (and very sad to say) after our last two performances, we should not be overestimated.




Hawthorn have had a rotten season. From the powerhouse team of the last decade finishing each year, with one exception, in the Top 4; this year they are sitting 12th, with five Wins. Their last Win was over Port in Round 10 in Tasmania. Of the five Wins, only one was close (under a goal). Of the nine Losses three were close. While varied, Hawthorn have shown the capacity to produce good starts, but then fail to continue.


They come into this game after Losses to the Eagles in Melbourne, Sydney in Sydney and Essendon at Marvel. Before that their Bye and a Loss to the Lions in Brisbane.


Who to watch for? Repeat performers this year make the following worth watching:

  • Midfield – O’Meara (Rover), Henderson (Wing), Shiels (Centre) and Worpel (Ruck Rover).
  • Forwards – Breust (HF, back through the VFL?), Impey (FP) and Roughead (FP, if he’s playing and just because this may be the last time we see him against us).
  • Backline – Sicily (CHB). Recently Sicily has been shifted Forward but is best Back.

Also watch Ceglar or McEvoy whoever is playing Ruck.


Hawthorn rely heavily on their Midfield and individuals Forward and Back. Therefore?  Play our game. Win the Midfield battle and use the corridor. Close defence against the key players, particularly near both goals crumbing around packs.




I said in the last several weeks that we are a winning side albeit we’re not doing so cleanly and comprehensively. But we are winning grinding against our opponents, picking up the points in spite of the fact that we’re not at our best. That must be a positive, although wearing on the long-suffering supporters. We are coming off another pretty ordinary performance. We need to establish our control of the game early and take it from there. It’s less stressful on the supporters, as well.


Hawthorn is one of the Clubs that produces an ‘Opposition Analysis’. Go to – last week’s, but ours should be there in the next few days. Worth a look-see.



  • Critical approach – same as previous weeks – Establish control of the game – play it our way; not theirs.
  • We must take advantage of Grundy’s ruck dominance, turning this into Clearances. Midfield; what is going on?
  • Behinds? Avoid.
  • Oh yes, application. That’s fairly important.



Time for some changes:

  • Outs – Reid (injured), Greenwood, Cox and Hoskin-Elliott. Maybe Mayne, if you need another.
  • Ins – Elliott, Adams, Crocker and Quaynor. Plus, maybe, Broomhead? Presuming Sier is okay.

Weather? Mostly sunny with a slight chance of light rain. Common to the week leading up to the game.

TV? FTA on 7mate.


My prediction? Pies Win by 27 points. BOG – Grundy – 23 Disposals @ 73.9% Disposal Efficiency plus 41 Hit outs and 2 goals. Elliott, De Goey and Crocker get three each. Broomhead gets one and is mobbed by teammates.


Attendance? Anyone going? Ground Reports pls?

Future. The challenges continue and in the current competition no team can be ignored or considered an ‘easy beat’:

  • Round 17 – WCE at home in Perth. With Nic Nat back in his 2nd game back?
  • R18 – GWS in Sydney.
  • R19 – Richmond at the G. Always a critical competition.
  • R20 – Gold Coast at the G. C’mon, they don’t like the cold.
  • R21 – Melbourne at the G. Again, getting tiresome.
  • R22 – Adelaide in Adelaide. Fairly impressive against Geelong for much of Friday’s game.
  • R23 – Essendon at the G. Anyone writing off Essendon after last Thursday?

And, as I said last week, we have Adams, Elliott, Quaynor, Crocker, Noble, Broomhead, Madgen, young Brown and Lynch all champing at the bit; a Selection Committee’s nightmare. Note that I removed Daicos and Scharenberg from the list as they played this week; still some great depth.



  • Eddie Watch. Quiet; a good thing.

Go Pies.




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