Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 15 Review and Round 16 Preview

True Believers, what can I say? We should have been six Goals up by Quarter Time? We should have Won this game easily.


Kayo. I had a commitment that was pretty firmly fixed. And then the AFL changed the timings. Bugger. Well, at least on Kayo I could revisit the game. Thanks, John, for my present.


Round 15


Fremantle Dockers 14.7.91 defeated Collingwood Magpies 12.7.79.


Collingwood led for much of Q1 and was even in the lead midway through Q4 but suffered from a lack of exploitation of their opportunities. We should have been six Goals up by the end of Q1, but we, in fact, in deficit. And there were some silly mistakes throughout the game. A look at the Goals scored by Quarter:


  • Q1: 2 (us) / 3 (them);
  • Q2: 2 / 4;
  • Q3: 3 / 3;
  • Q4: 5 / 4; and
  • Total: 12 / 14.

Match Report. Go to


AFL – News, Fixtures, Scores & Results –

FREMANTLE has spoiled interim Collingwood coach Robert Harvey’s party, holding off the charging Magpies by 12 points. In a see-sawing affair at Marvel Stadium, two late goals to last-minute inclusion Brett Bewley proved to be the difference, after nine majors were kicked between the two teams in a frantic finish.



Harves’ Comments. Go to


Harvey accurately identified the lack of consistency throughout the game.




Checking the control of the ball ‘new game’ first:


  • Disposals – 400 (us) / 346 (them);
  • Uncontested Possessions – 270 / 218; and
  • Marks – 129 / 85.

A dominant performance by us in controlling the ball.




  • Clearances – 23 / 34;
  • Inside 50s – 47 / 51; and
  • Disposal Efficiency – 77.5% / 77.5%. Other figures measuring player numbers with DE equal to or over 80.0% and equal to or under 50.0% were the same.

And Inside 50:


  • DE – 48.9% / 45.1%; and
  • Marks – 14 / 9.


So, from a statistical perspective, combining the difference in Inside 50s with the DE reaches almost the exact same figure. So, throughout the game we used the ball with very much the same effectiveness. But:


  • Scoring shots – 19 / 21;
  • Goals scored – 12 / 14; and
  • Losing margin – 12 Points.

Best: Adams, Sidebottom, Maynard, Pendles, Crisp and Grundy. I was surprised Hoskin-Elliott was not included – 17 Disposals, 1 Tackle, 4 Goal Assists and 466 metres gained. A pretty good day at the office for his 150th game.




  • Grundy was most effective Forward;
  • Using Cameron as the alternate Ruck was not successful and detracted from the Forward line – was Cox used in this role?
  • It was good to have Adams back; it’ll be even better with De Goey in the Midfield;
  • There were some key Umpiring decisions midway through Q4 warranting a look – 15.50 to go and 15.25 to go. One was the absence of a key caught decision and Free; the other, a dumb decision by a professional who should have known better. It’s not as if an Umpire will ever change his (or her) mind;
  • Work hard to deliver the ball to a leading Forward – hard, low and flat; and
  • We need to keep our attack up across the paddock for the entire game – watch the Geelong/Brisbane and the Richmond/St Kilda games to understand.


Experts? Yep, 83% of the Experts picked a Pies’ Win. Go to


AFL 2021 Round 15 – Who Tipped What – Who Tipped What

Round 15: AFL 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Home Away Print Less Stats The Verdict View Round Summary 58% 97% 72% 83% 97% 97% 97% 78% 64% All… Blogger Commentator …


We need to Win and keep Winning. A look at the results this weekend, quite simply, leaves me wondering what is going to happen between now and the end of the Season. A week ago, Geelong were lay-down Misère favourites, then Brisbane wrecked their passage; two weeks ago, we destroyed Melbourne’s easy pathway. And what just happened to Richmond? Go Pies – I don’t think we should ever give up.


Round 16


Collingwood versus St Kilda


Sunday, 4 July at the MCG; bounce at 3.20.




I’m going to cheat. I’ve only looked at one St Kilda game – their destruction last week of Richmond. Why? Because that is the best they’ll ever play and we should anticipate having to confront that.


Last week they destroyed Richmond 62 Points to 22. I watched some of that game and Richmond are flattered by that score. Of their two Goals, one should never have been scored – nobody should ever try to play on when you are withing easy reach of Dustin Martin; result: caught, Martin’s Free. St Kilda’s ruck dominance (42 / 19) very nearly matches their Clearance dominance (42 / 23) without resulting in any dominance of Inside 50s. Even with very close Inside 50 numbers and DE across the field, there is a huge difference in DE Inside 50 – 47.6% / 32.6% establishing the basis of their Win. What was the single most domineering characteristic they displayed? Application. Actually, it wasn’t too different to how Brisbane demolished Geelong the night before. And the lesson for us? Match it.


Players to watch:


  • Dunstan – Rover;
  • Steele – RR;
  • Sinclair – FP;
  • Crouch – off Interchange;
  • Webster – CHB; and
  • Byrnes – HB.

Also watch:


  • Ryder – Ruck;
  • Marshall – Ruck / CHF; and
  • King – FF.

Note the reliance on Midfield dominance and passage along the corridor (the spine) with little use of the boundary (Wings). There is potential to interrupt this passage.




Team & Tasks. Some changes:




  • Lynch. To take the principal ruck role, releasing Grundy to FF alternating with him. He performed that role well at this level before being dropped and had a great game at VFL last weekend. He can expect to confront Ryder and Marshall who did well against Richmond. I think the addition of De Goey back into the Midfield will do much to balance a reduction in HO to establish Midfield dominance;
  • De Goey. Into the Midfield alternating with Elliott; and
  • Kelly. Re-establish the Back6.




  • McCreery – injured;
  • Cox – omitted. Was he used at all in the second-ruck role last week (no HO are recorded for him)?; and
  • C. Brown – omitted.  Your thoughts?


Game Plan. We need to focus on:


  • Application. High intensity commitment for four Quarters – bring the same energy as last week. Watch the Contested Possession and Tackle numbers. The chase and tackle must be maintained for four Quarters, and when we tackle, we have to hold on;
  • Place Lynch as the principal ruck; move Grundy forward into the FF role supported by Cameron and Mihocek and Elliott and the other smalls. Critically important is the delivery Inside 50 to a leading Forward – one on one, Elliott has shown the ability to chest mark a leading kick and then to kick accurately;
  • Winning the Clearances. Dominate Inside 50s and look for a better placed goal-kicker (like last week). De Goey just appears to make things happen from the Midfield;
  • Drive forward off the HB line; and
  • We can Win this if we get possession and keep it.


Conclusion. We can Win this; it will be regarded as a ‘major upset’, but that’s what we achieved in defeating the Ladder Lead, Melbourne, a couple of weeks ago. We must control possession.


My picks. Collingwood to Win by 13 Points. BOG – De Goey – 29 Disposals @ 87.0% DE; 11 Clearances and 4 Tackles. Grundy – 3 Goals; Cameron and Mihocek each get two. Your thoughts?


Experts. Go to Check it out later in the week.


Weather. Rain is forecast on the day of the game and on the two days preceding that. Get the boots with stops out; leave the moulded sole boots in the cupboard.


TV. FTA coverage – not sure. Detail not there yet. Check later in the week. Routine for FOXTEL and Kayo.




  • Injuries. Go to
  • Greenwood – retiring. A great warrior. My favourite performances by him were his ability to shut down Selwood whenever we played Geelong. We really missed him on that last occasion. Thank you.
  • Footy Almanac. Go to Check out others’ comments under this – always interesting.


Go Pies.




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  1. george smith says

    Green shoots for Magpies. A couple of forwards called Kelly and McMahon owned the footy against Frankston in the VFA/reserves hybrid. Good to see Magpies kicking goals.

    The future is bright. A forward line of the above two plus Johnson from Sturt, Mihocek, Jamie Elliot plus big Cox is certainly scary. Just need a couple of midfielders, a big defender to cover Moore and Roughhead if either gets injured or retires then the sky’s the limit…

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