Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 13 Review

Hi True Believers. What did I say just a couple of days ago? Oh yes, let me quote myself:


“Thanks, Bucks, for everything. Be in no doubt of our recognition of your contribution to our Club and our great game.


Oh yes, as an aside, what happens if the Pies’ side on Monday plays like we know they can, for four quarters, and demolishes the ladder leader? And how much will the coach change figure after our bye when a number of our key players are available and back?”


And they played like we know they can. And they soundly defeated the flag favourite / ladder leader. So what happens now? I have always had confidence in our team, based on an external assessment; hopefully without too much emotion – certainly if I have to identify flaws in our performance it is usually focussed on the way the team has implemented the plan; rarely on the game plan itself. I challenge anyone to seriously suggest a 1 point loss or win is indicative of anything. Maybe Bucks should have a break, then apply for the job when it is advertised, starting next year?


Whatever. And my anticipated result for the game:


Against Melbourne, Collingwood to Win by 17 Points. BOG – De Goey – 29 Disposals @ 81.9% DE, eight Clearances, six Marks, four Tackles and three goals; Elliott and Cameron each get three goals.

Didn’t quite get his disposals or DE right – 32 Disposals (c/f 29), 65.6% DE (c/f 81.9%), 6 Clearances (c/f 8), 4 Marks (c/f 6), Tackles correct and 3 Goal Assists (c/f 3 Goals). And Elliot got 2 GA (c/f 3 Goals) and Cameron got 4 Goals (c/f 3).

What can I say? It’s a skill.


So, what do I think is going to happen over the second half of the season? How about a future like we win nearly every match, scrape into the finals and, all of a sudden, are competitive and scaring those above us. Playing who in the Grannie? Melbourne – I don’t think so; Richmond – maybe; Footscray – likely or Geelong – highly likely. Your thoughts?


Round 13


Collingwood 11.14.80 defeated Melbourne 9.9.63.


Let’s have a look at the game. A terrific four-quarter performance where the lead changed during the game though, in my view even when we were behind, the Pies largely appeared in control. By quarter, goals scored were:

Q1- 1 (us) / 2 (them);

Q2 – 5 / 2;

Q3 – 2 / 4;

Q4 – 3 / 1; and

Total: 11 / 9. There was a period during Q3 when Melbourne strung together three unanswered goals; then they were (answered, that is) and we bounced into Q4 with the first couple of goals.


Match Report. Go to


Buck’s Comments. Go to


Worth watching. He has a bit to say about “taking the next step” and the influence of the “young” players.


Extraordinary things we saw, by our players:

  • Breathtaking sequences of close handballs driving forward;
  • Loved the low hard passes to a leading forward inside the 50;
  • De Goey, from the midfield, spinning and passing to McCreery who fends for clearance to goal. Outstanding. Just advised that De Goey is facing a one match ban;
  • Pendles, BOG, Mr Cool in traffic, seemingly happy to be directing traffic while being chased down; and
  • Lynch, playing the four times AA, best ruck in the league – 23 Hit Outs (Lynch) / Gawn (20); 2 / 0 Clearances; 1 GA / 1 Goal. Should have been listed amongst our best. Should stay there when Grundy is back – Grundy into the forward line.



Do you recall anything?

Some Statistics and Comments:

  • Hit Outs – 33 (us) / 26 (them). Listed only to give visibility to Lynch’s performance;
  • Clearances – 34 / 24 (14 / 9 (Centre bounce) and 20 / 15 (at stoppages));
  • Inside 50s – 47 / 54. Interesting; we lost this most critical statistic but…
  • Disposal Efficiency – 73.4% / 74.8%. And this, though the difference is minor. See a couple of numbers further on. Individual DE are very close and not worried about here.



And as a measure of application:

  • Contested Possessions – 126 / 125; and
  • Tackles – 53 / 43. Though a couple were deemed a trifle hard on the receiver.



The critical numbers

  • Inside 50:
    • Disposal Efficiency – 53.2% / 42.6%. So, we got it into the 50 a little less frequently, but used it a lot better. This won us the game with the following:
      • Marks – 18 / 9; and
      • Tackles – 16 / 6.



And for the ‘new game'(keep’ens off):

  • Disposals – 395 / 357;
  • Uncontested Possessions – 257 / 223; and
  • Marks – 124 / 97. So, we got possession (control) and kept it.



Frees: 17 (to us) / 28 (to them). That’s a big difference.

  • Scoring shots – 25 / 18;
  • Goals – 11 / 9; and
  • Winning margin – 17 points (see opening comments).




De Goey, Maynard, Pendles, Crisp and Cameron. I would have been sorely tempted to add Lynch (numbers above) and Noble – 19 Disposals, 3 Tackles, 2 Clearances and 4th in the list of metres gained.



Lessons from the game

  • Application. Outstanding over four-quarters;
  • Drive forward from the HB line and out of the midfield – also outstanding;
  • One on one tackling – much, much better;
  • Delivery into the 50 to a leading Forward – outstanding. On those couple periods where we were under some pressure high up-and-under kicks handed over possession; and
  • Back 6 – love their work, willingness to run off their opponents and follow-up (and Tackles, regardless of the Ump’s view).



Experts: 94% of the ‘experts’ picked a Melbourne win. Thank you, James Hird, for your solitary support. Go to



‘Experts, I love them, however “just because you could play football ….“.


Round 14. Bye. Enjoy.


Round 15

Collingwood versus Freo Dockers. Saturday, 26 June at Marvel Stadium; bounce 4.35pm.

More on that game next week.





Go Pies.




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