Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Review of Round 11 and Preview of Round 12


G’day to all.


Another Loss. And I didn’t have to watch in the Members with my Geelong-supporting siblings.

We are now halfway through the 2021 Season. I asked last week if someone could do the sums for me? Is it still mathematically possible for us to make the Finals? Regardless, it is worthwhile having a quick look at our season:


Round 1. Loss to WB by 16. During Q2 and 3 there were periods when we were under two kicks’ behind;


  1. Win over Carlton by 21;
  2. Loss to BL by 1;
  3. Loss to GWS by 30. In Q4 we were less than two kicks in arrears;
  4. Loss to WCE by 27. In Q2 we were under two kicks in arrears;
  5. Loss to Essendon by 24. In Q4 we were less than two kicks in arrears;
  6. Loss to the GC by 24. In Q3 we were less than two kicks in arrears;
  7. Win over North by 18;
  8. Loss to Sydney by 30;
  9. Loss to Port by 1; and
  10. Loss to Geelong by 10. We were less than two kicks in arrears in Q1, Q2 and Q4.


You can see that we were in a potentially winning position at different times during most of our games. The two games we Lost by 1 Point quite obviously could have been Wins. Where might we sit on the Ladder with (say) five Wins rather than two – threatening the Eight? My point is, we have the players, the Game Plan and the endeavour to Win games, whoever the opponent is. We should look forward to the rest of Season 2021 rather than fixating about the past half. Of course, that sort of comment is hugely damaged by Adams’ and Grundy’s injuries.


Round 11


Geelong 8.13.61 defeated Collingwood 6.15.51.


A poor game, as widely acknowledged by both Cats’ and Pies’ supporters but, as acknowledged above, we were well placed on multiple occasions during the game. And didn’t we miss Greenwood’s traditional shut-down of Selwood? So, the Midfield battle was fairly even, though I really did despair their ability to win the ball, drive it forward and score. Both Backlines worked hard. Our major failing was our ability to pass the ball to a position from which the receiving Forward could kick a Goal.


Match Report:


AFL – News, Fixtures, Scores & Results –

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Buck’s comments HERE.  Worth watching / listening particularly regarding the conversion of Inside 50s to scores. He also acknowledged the “keep’ens off” style of play.


A funny game relating to scoring, particularly the scoring of Behinds (which I would normally not be bothered with). For each Quarter, and the Total:


  • Q1 0.3 Goals.Behinds (us) / 2.3 Goals.Behinds (them);
  • Q2 0.4 / 3.5;
  • Q3 1.4 / 0.3;
  • Q4 5.4 / 3.2; and
  • Total: 6.15 / 8.13. Go figure.

    Extraordinary things we saw, by our players:

  • De Goey’s pass, gathered by himself and Goal;
  • Grundy’s injury; and
  • Bianco’s first game – great Q1; many more to come. Do you recall anything

Some statistics and comments:


  • Hit Outs – Ignoring this number as irrelevant.
  • Clearances – 26 (us) / 29 (them). Well, we Lost that.
  • Inside 50s – 44 / 42. But Won that.
  • Disposal Efficiency – 77.7% / 78.6%. And Lost that – very close.
  • Individual Disposal Efficiency – 8 / 10 players with a DE equal to or over 80% and 2 / 1 with an individual DE equal to or under 50%. These numbers are close enough not to be significant. They represent a measure of how clean the ball is moved between players. Both sides did okay.
  • Inside 50: Disposal Efficiency – 50.0% / 57.1% and Marks – 11 / 12. Inside 50 they did substantially better more than offsetting our minor advantage in Inside 50s.
  • Contested possessions – 100 / 111.
  • Tackles – 53 / 42. A match when you look at CP plus Tackles.
  • Scoring Shots – 21 / 21. Significant, particularly as the number reflects where the ball was delivered to a point where a score was likely.
  • Losing margin – 10 Points

So we Won the Inside 50s but our Disposal Efficiency there was significantly lower; the equal number of scoring shots emphasises this point highlighting the delivery failings.


In relation to the ‘new’ game, we Won the Disposals 377 / 370, Uncontested Possessions 272 / 248 and Marks 129 / 121. So, as demonstrated by these numbers, we achieved possession and kept it; not turning over possession. But, then, we didn’t use it effectively.


Best: Mayne, Moore, Quaynor, Crisp and, first gamer, Bianco. Not sure anyone would want to be listed in the Best after a game like that. What was quite extraordinary was how badly some of our usual Best played. Go to the AFL Match Individual Statistics if you want to see.




  • Application. Periodic.
  • Ball Handling. Periodic.
  • Delivery to the Forwards, Poor, frequently breaking down with the resultant handover of possession.
  • Tackling and one-on-one. Not good enough.



Experts – Everyone expected a Geelong Win. Go to


Round 12


Collingwood Magpies versus Adelaide.


Saturday, 5 June in Adelaide (maybe; not sure of the location); bounce at 4.35.




Adelaide’s performance this season has been a bit like ours. They are sitting 15th on the Ladder with an 85.0% percentage compared with our 16th place on 85.8%. They have four Wins compared with our two. They have a very strong Midfield and Tex Walker as FF so we need to Win the Midfield battle and keep the ball away from Walker. And, of course, playing at their home gives them a substantial advantage, with or without crowds.


Their season has included a couple of surprises in particular their Win over Ladder-leader Melbourne a couple of weeks ago:


  • Round 1 – Win over Geelong by 12 Points (in Adelaide);
  • Round 2 – Loss to Sydney by 33;
  • Round 3 – Win over the GC by 10;
  • Round 4 – Win over North by 41. So, at this point they were looking pretty good. Then;
  • Round 5 – Loss to Freo by 12;
  • Round 6 – Loss to Hawthorn by 3;
  • Round 7 – Loss to GWS by 67;
  • Round 8 – Loss to Port by 49;
  • Round 9 – Loss to the WCE by 30;
  • Round 10 – Win over Melbourne by 1. Now that was a surprise; and
  • Round 11 – Loss to Richmond by 28. Back on track.

Based on their games this year, so far, their weekly Best lists identifies Players to watch:


  • Walker – FF;
  • Keays – Rover;
  • Laird – Ruck Rover. Pendles? and
  • Seedsman and Sholl – Wings, noting of course, Seedsman’s background;

And, while not consistently making their Best lists, watch for:


  • O’Brien – Ruck; and
  • Fogarty – CHF.



Team & Tasks. A couple of essential changes given the injuries:



  • Lynch – Ruck, alternating with Cameron (FF); and
  • Elliott – alternating with De Goey between Forward and Midfield.



  • Grundy (injured); and
  • T. Brown (injured?). Your thoughts?


Game Plan. We need to focus on:

  • Application. High intensity commitment for four Quarters. Watch the Contested Possession and Tackle numbers. The chase and tackle must be maintained for four Quarters, and when we tackle, we have to hold on;
  • A different approach. As suggested above, replace Grundy with Lynch as the principal ruck; and in Grundy’s absence keep Cameron forward in the FF role supported by Mihocek and De Goey and / or Elliott; and
  • Winning the Clearances. Dominate Inside 50s to a target, always looking for a better placed goal-kicker.

Conclusion. We should Win this. We must control possession and exploit our Inside 50s on the scoreboard.

My picks. Collingwood to Win by 37 Points. BOG – Elliott – 27 Disposals @ 83.9% DE, eight Marks, four Tackles and four Goals; De Goey, Cameron and Mihocek each get two goals. Your thoughts?

Experts. Go to Check it out later in the week.


AFL 2021 Round 12 – Who Tipped What – Who Tipped What

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Weather. Forecast is for mostly cloudy conditions on the day but rain is expected on each of the three preceding days. Expect a slippery ground and ball. Strongly suggest leaving the moulded sole boots in the cupboard and wearing boots with stops.


  1. TV. FTA coverage unlikely unless you are living in Adelaide. Head to your Local to watch. Routine for FOXTEL and Kayo.




Go Pies.



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