Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Footy: we’re back. Go Pies


  1. The Alamanac’s editorial team welcomes you back for the new season, Cam. Love your passion and optimism even if this member of your extended ‘family’ will count the 2019 season as a success if the Bombers down your Pies at least once! Blow the siren!


    Thanks for the welcome back.
    I freely acknowledge other supporters’ aims and objectives. It’s what makes our competition great; not just the great game itself. In fact I’ve taken to printing John’s email and throwing darts at his “Go Cats” message to us all. And I do remember the game against Geelong a couple of years back – I haven’t looked up my prediction however I was spot on,unlike every expert commentator in the game, with quite clear reasoning.
    Best for 2019. And message for John, “yes, I’ll get around to the Membership thing eventually”.

  3. george smith says

    Sucked me in you did, Cam. Made me a true believer only to dash my dream at the last minute…

    However, after the dream comes the nightmare, barracking for those plucky little battlers Hawthorn and Caaaarlton! Caaaarlton! to overhaul the mighty Tigers. No good will come of this, God will punish me, Walter…

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