Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Finally… Round 2: Preview

True Believers, my thanks to those who responded. Guys, this is a Pies Family site. Feel free to comment. As always, there are no right or wrong answers; just opinions. Get involved. Please.


A start:


A parliament of magpies gathered for a backyard sing-along at a home on the Central Coast of New South Wales on May 13, with the birds lining the fence for the chorus. Rod Simmons captured this footage of some of the Australian natives forming an orderly line along the fence of his Bateau Bay home. The birds can be seen stretching back their heads to deliver a synchronised symphony of their distinctive warbling. “The choir are out in force today,” Simmons said in a Facebook caption to accompany the video. Credit: Rod Simmons via Storyful.


Thanks, Rod. Outstanding. Of course, we all understand what they are saying. And my thanks to Janet for her Magpie on Facebook.


Date / Time? Okay, we have confirmation (finally) of what was probably the worst kept secret since whenever; Round 2 – Pies versus Richmond Tigers at the G – Thursday, 11 June; bounce at 7.40pm.


TV? Of course. I want to Know if Eddie will be commentating on Fox Footy?


Weather? Okay, Melbourne in June. Forecast says   But we all know (and love) Melbourne weather so, who knows. Could be anything.


Game? A great match to restart the season. As I said in my last email, this is what last year’s Grannie should have been. Richmond are the standard and have been over most of the last three seasons. Really, they only ran into trouble when they ran into….. yes, us. 2018 PF will always be a classic. I don’t expect this to change this year.


For a bit of history immediately prior to the 2018 PF, and in my view not too much has changed since, go to Riley Beveridge’s assessment is first rate:



Why the Magpies don’t need to fear the Tigers – AFL


Why the Magpies don’t need to fear the Tigers. Riley Beveridge looks at why the underdogs have reason for optimism By Riley Beveridge on OVERWHELMING underdogs, but with nothing to fear. It’s an unusual position for Collingwood to be in ahead of its preliminary final against Richmond on Friday night, but one Nathan Buckley’s side will relish. …


Key Conflicts: Okay a few now:


  • Ruck. Nankervis has been competitive in the past against Grundy but he played off the interchange in Round 1; Soldo had the lead. I have confidence in Grundy but it needs to be as part of the Midfield group. Hit Outs without Clearance don’t work.
  • Other Midfield. You would be hard-pressed to find a more competitive group. The Midfield battle will, largely, determine who wins. Cotchin and Lambert, with Martin joining in occasionally, against Pendles, Sidebottom and Adams (without Treloar) will decide thgings. Use of De Goey and Elliott into the Midfield has shown real promise – things just happen when De Goey gets the ball. Previously Greenwood was our tag on Martin. I’m not sure we need it. Expect Prestia to tag Pendles.
  • Forwards. Of course, Rance has gone. Expect Astbury to pick up Cox (again); Grimes onto De Goey. We need to pursue concurrent options into the 50 though it would be churlish to fail to acknowledge Cox’s performance against Richmond on occasion. Not sure how fit Mihocek is. Also not sure how fit Houli is and whether Vlastuin – concussion will be available. The loss of these two would be a significant dent in their HB line.
  • Backs. I love our rock solid Back 6, potentially with Scharenberg added in (some how). Richmond’s Forward line is a challenge – Lynch / Martin / Riewoldt. Doesn’t need much further explanation, does it?
  • The Final Quarter. From a reasonable equivalence in Q3, we have lost games against Richmond in the Final Quarter, particularly with injuries to key players. Simply put, as per Beveridge, we ran out of steam. How do we fix that?


Your thoughts?


Style. Richmond are a team capable of ‘manic pressure’. Actually, so are we, as we demonstrated again in Round 1. The question will be who can apply that pressure for longer during the game. I have had no reason to change my Picks from last week – Pies to win. In the past Richmond have not demonstrated a huge numerical dominance in Contested Possessions, though I’m reluctant to suggest this is a team characteristic. My simple view is that manic pressure is predominantly the result of Contested Possessions, Tackles and Turnovers won across the ground, frequently starting in the Midfield, or driving out of our Backline.


Match Centre. Go to for the latest on the game. Will be ‘populated’ in due course.


Betting? I’m never sure how they do it but, without named teams, Richmond are favourites $2.25 to $1.65. I should check what the betting was before our Round 1.




The tips for Round 2 should be somewhere there.


For the (long-suffering) supporters?





Members in the stands? Pies float cardboard cutout idea

COLLINGWOOD is exploring the possibility of running select club members’ faces on cardboard cutouts to counter the empty stadiums for AFL games this year. The concept has already been used in South Korean baseball, which was one of the first sports to return to play from the COVID-19 outbreak. This …





  1. Crowd Noise. I hear the idea of “created crowd noise” has hit the streets. My original idea was not really serious, however… Did you watch the NRL Parramatta / Brisbane game? Or more accurately, did you listen to it? Yep, crowd sound throughout. Pretty good actually.


3. And our Eddie. Go get em, sir. Don’t take a step backwards.


  1. And, finally, the weekly AFL Record magazine is on-line and free for the season. Go to Note the cover article on Steele Sidebottom in the latest.


  1. Also watch the Footy Almanac contributions and comments.


Enjoy. Footy’s back.


Go Pies.



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  1. george smith says

    Eddie has had a stoush with a jouno over the Jack Steven situation, however he does seem to have made peace with Caroline Wilson. The two seem to share a grudging respect. Footy Classified has somehow gained the po faced seriousness about footy that the Channel 7 and 9 Footy Shows have been lacking – kiss cam anybody?

    As for the blockbuster against Goliath. If we win we get the psychological advantage, if we lose we don’t have to face them until the finals. The Cardinals skulduggerous plot to have us face the big boys early to knock us out of premiership contention seems to have faded with the quarantine hubs. For once, sorry about the mixed metaphor, David is not looking like Monty Python’s black knight. The team is looking both fit and well. On that note I have enlisted one of Australia’s famous skiters to lend support to our quest:

    But hurrah, my boys, my shears are set, and I feel both fit and well,
    Tomorrow you’ll find me at my pen when the gaffer rings the bell.
    With Hayden’s patent thumb guards set and both me blades drawn back
    tomorrow I’ll go with me sardine blow for the century or the sack!

    Widgegoweera Joe – Australian Folk Songs

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