Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Back to back wins

True Believers (nearly all): ‘Back to back’ wins, each impressive in their own way.  How can I say that given our awful start against Hawthorn and our lapse in Q3 against the bottom-placed Brisbane?  Simple, actually; because we took the attack in each case and rebounded – fought back seriously and effectively. That is not to say I wasn’t concerned – particularly the Q1 by Hawthorn (yep, I was off to read a book (maybe) in Q1) but also the Q3 against Brisbane when they got to 10 points down – nerve-wracking.


A major achievement – our percentage is now over 100%; we are one Win and percentage outside the Eight.  How optimistic can I be?  (A little story about optimists/pessimists: When we were in the Pilbara, WA there was always an ultimate pessimist who would always state that “It was going to be a bad year for cyclones“. And then it wasn’t. But you just knew that when it was, he was going to say “I told you so.“). Okay, a win against Freo this week (see below) is highly achievable. Then Melbourne (yep, this will be a serious game – more next week); then a bye. Could we get to the start of the 2nd half of the season on 6/6 and have Varcoe  and Reid (and Aish) back (interestingly I value Varcoe higher than Reid or Aish)? Then? Port/Hawthorn/Essendon/Gold Coast and WCE (in Melbourne). Anyone think any of those are not winnable? That would certainly put us in the eight; maybe knocking on the door of the top four. Yep, you are absolutely correct, it depends on which Collingwood side turns up to play.


Go Pies.




Last Weekend?


Magpies Netball: Last H&A game: An away win against Adelaide in Adelaide.  Commentary highlighted the ‘come-back’ by Adelaide without the pretty obvious corollary that the Pies weathered the storm and ran away with the close win 49 to 47 – I’ve said any number of times “Winning is habit forming” and “The close Wins are the best reflection of character”. Well done, Ladies.  Match Reports at and




Another win, with periods of some self-doubt (particularly in the Q3).


Match Reports and comments – and Some other comments, worth a browse are at and Buck’s comments:                                          .


Our Best: The usual gang headed by the mids – Pendles, Treloar, Adams, Grundy and Sidebottom; Elliott added; plus I would add Goldsack. Over this season, so far, I’d be tempted to identify Goldsack as the closest to Maxy in terms of effort and commitment without being the most skilled footballer in the side.


Check the statistics: The game statistics do not explain the game. We had 39 scoring shots to their 19 which should have been converted into a much higher score advantage. While our kicking has attracted a lot of publicity – for them 13.6 is good kicking; 18.21 for us, is not that bad (I basically assess the numbers of Behinds and Goals as equal on a reasonable day in the office; the fact that we kicked five Behinds in a row is what got everyone excited.  Frees were in their favour 22 to 20 (though earlier on we were well behind); we won Clearances 38 to 32 while winning the Hit Outs 43 to 27 – deduction: their mids did better than our domination of the Hit Outs – that’s a surprise. But Clearance numbers in Q3 ran in their favour 11 to 3; while in Q4 (of course) they were in our favour 12 to 3.  Our numbers with Disposal Efficiency of 80% or higher were similar, though we left them for dead with Clangers – we had 16 players with at least two Clangers; they had 12 – DE and Clangers are a reflection of pressure.


Implications for us? A pretty good team effort. Good recovery after the dip in Q3.


What stood out? The style of play when we are being successful – fast and connected using the corridor as well, as the wings; leads from the Forwards and Goldsack’s endeavour.  Your thoughts?


VFL. Bye.




Next week?


Magpies Netball:


Finals –  Saturday, 3 June: Semi-Final: Giants vs the Pies; in Sydney; tip off: 7.00pm.  While the Giants are sitting above us on the ladder (with 10 Wins c/f our 9), our previous games are reasonably shared (R3: Giants Win 59 / 51 and R9: Pies Win 59 / 56). So our more recent form gives us a slight advantage. A win here will have us in the Preliminary Final with a view to winning that to progress to the Grand Final (each separated by a week). A Loss at any of these and we head towards ‘2018 Pre-Season’. Game coverage on 9Gem. Go girls.


Go to: To know more about the team and the game go to: and





Our game: Fremantle vs Collingwood; Sunday, 4 June; bounce 2.40pm (AWST) at Domain Stadium, Perth.


Them: Sitting 7th, but with a percentage of 81.5%. They are coming off a thrashing by Adelaide last week and a mix of performances before that – wins over Carlton and Essendon (both in Perth), a close win over Richmond (MCG) and another thrashing by the Eagles (Perth). There doesn’t appear to be too much performance ‘certainty’. They have a very strong Midfield, led by Sandilands and Fyfe, but with support from Neale and Walters. Unsure whether Sandilands will play.


Implications.  This, again, will be a battle for the Midfield.


Things / people to watch. Sandilands and Fyfe. Freo will try and slow the game down – avoid (see below).


Us: 12th, but with a percentage over 100% – 100.2%. We are coming off back to back wins over Brisbane and Hawthorn, each of which has seen some of our best footy.  Unfortunately each has also seen some of our worst. Difficult to target anyone specifically in a pretty good team effort. I’d probably give Blair a rest, maybe replacing him with Crocker (or Daicos if you want to stay Small in the Forwards). Game Plan – note Freo will attempt to slow the game down – we need to apply the ‘fast-transition’ style of play to defeat this using the corridor when we can; kick-ins as per usual; also crumbing in both Attack and Defence around the packs rather than everyone going for the screamer.


Other ideas or changes? What do you think?


We should win this.



Weather? 10 – 21 deg; Overcast, but following possible shower on Saturday. Could be slippery – avoid the moulded sole boots.



Game Previews:

  • Agenda. Michael Christian’s Agenda at the Pies website – there go to:
  • AFL Match Day Preview – Next few days; their prediction – I suspect it will be Freo (their home game; substantially up the Ladder) but maybe close.
  • Natoli’s ‘Ultimate Preview’ will be on the Pies Home Page at in the next few days.
  • The Age Preview – Should be at in a few days.
  • Expert Tips – will be at I expected the 24 to 0 picks for a Pies win last week, with extreme margins. Margins were between Carey’s 9 and Richo’s 43. As anyone who followed the game might (quietly) admit: the numbers might have gone anywhere (even negative). This week? Expect a bit of a mix – regardless of Ladder position and percentages.

My PicksPies by 23 points. BOG: Treloar – 36 touches; two goals (and his direct opponent, Fyfe, with 16 touches). Darcy – three goals; Elliott – four goals; Fas – six goal assists. Crowd: 42,000. Best competition: Grundy vs Sandilands or Treloar vs Fyfe (if Sandilands doesn’t play).


TV? No Free to Air TV coverage for the AFL game (again). Find a friend or head to Eastlake? See you there?




This weekend – Sunday, 4 June; bounce: 12.00pm – Sandringham at Victoria Park. We are currently sitting 12th with a single, solitary win; they are sitting 7th with four wins. After the week of rest this could be a good game; we are way overdue for some good performances. Who to watch for? I don’t think Scharenberg or Ramsay will be returning soon. Look for Keeffe (Back; rotating Ruck), Crocker (Tall Forward) and Brown (Centre).  And, of course, Daicos. Go to: (only just found this VFL site).




Other Things:



The Future? 


Hmm, again. See my comments in the opening paras. Your views?


ReportingC’mon – your Reports? 


Footy Almanac. Remember our little brief gets lodged on-line at the Footy Almanac site at Worth a quick look-see especially  – Thank you Mr Wilson; addresses “Why do we barrack for Collingwood I wonder?” and ‘the game’.


Go Pies.




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