Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: And They Still Won by Seven Points?

G’day True Believers all,

April 4th is not too far off.  Anyone planning on going to the opening game?  If so, ground reports please?  I understand it is nearly sold out already.


Last week:  A practice match against Carlton. I didn’t see the game. If you did, I’d welcome a bit of ‘expert’ feedback. What happened in the first half of the first quarter that led to us being 33 points down?  How did we reverse that so that it was almost level by half time?  Did we need a ‘tagger’ back to shut down Judd or Yarran?  How did our US import go (big, isn’t he?)? And Carlton won by seven points – hardly the big deal.

Having read the post-match reports – particularly Rohan Connolly’s – it seems to me that Carlton performed exceptionally well across the ground, compared with the Pies’. It reminds me of how much better a team is when they win by one point. Get real, commentators.

Here’s the match breakdown by the numbers from

Scoring shots: Pies – 21, to 18; Goals-to-behind ratio (8:13) – did our kicking let us down (again)?

Carlton 328 disposals to our 250;

Pies 54 Inside 50’s to 42.

And they won by seven points?

Statistics: Go to Full-Time Stats/Advanced Stats to have a look at the numbers – seven players with 80% or over Disposal Efficiency; look at the 1%’ers – Brown, Goldsack, Toovey, Dwyer (the usual suspects); Tackles – Blair, Brown, Gault, Swan and Crisp – a good mix of tackles in both the forward and back lines.  What was more important last week?  Reid and Witts got through their VFL ‘starter’ without a problem, though Witts is still on the Injury List (not sure what is going on there).

What did you think?  Do you think the commentators make too much of the winning team, regardless of the margin?


This weekend:  Saturday, 21st March against Footscray at Etihad.  7.10pm bounce. Anyone going?

The final practice match;  selections will be interesting – probably heading towards picks for the round one clash with Brisbane on April 4th.

The forward line didn’t appear to have clicked last week – maybe not too many changes from then (Trav needs to perform);

Midfield – took time to get going – maybe some changes; and Backline – maybe Reid in for a run?

Other question marks – Grundy subbed off last week – fitness?  Witts – in?  Keeffe – fitness?  The squad can be seen HERE.  As shown, Reid and Witts get a second run in the twos.

Westerrn Bulldogs?  Don’t know much about them – They beat Richmond in their first game but were beaten by Melbourne (just) in their second.  Watch for Picken (son of Billy); Liberatore out for the season already.  Watch for Boyd, Bontempelli, Macrae, Wallis and Daniel.

Coverage:  Fox Footy. Find a friend with Fox.

Who do you think should be in and who should we be looking to to ‘produce‘, as we head towards the Round One game?


Know Your Team:

2015 Preview:  Michael Gleeson & Jake Niall reckon we’ll have difficulty making the Finals predicting a seventh to 12th finish, which I’d argue is a bit negative. I don’t disagree with the importance of the loss of Maxy last year.  They suggest the success chart their progress with the performance of Reid, Fasolo and Seedsman. I think they are underselling many of the others – it is a young list, but has real talent now and real potential.

Rookie Watch: Rookies due to move up?  Frost & Gault.  The team at have had a look at the Pies rookies, which you can read HERE.

The Best Players:  Check out who the players think are their best. The List summary of places: 50 to eight.  Seven to one is coming (seven is Dangerfield, six is Roughead (really?)).  Pies in 49 to 50 and I expect Pendles to turn up shortly; light on for Woodsmen otherwise.

Eddie Watch:  Quiet. I have concerns whenever he drops off the radar…

Training Facilities: I enjoyed this article on the ‘arms race’ developing between Clubs:

The Law:  Do we have any lawyers amongst us?  Anyone interested in what’s going on in ‘reporting’ and ‘hearings’?


Start finding all the gear so that you have everything ready for 4 April.


Comments / Expert Views / Criticisms / Vitriol / Whatever in the comments space below and thanks to those who have provided their views.


Go Pies!



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