Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – AFL Rounds 5 and 6 wrap

True Believers, g’day all. What a season we are experiencing? Anyone expect St Kilda at the top? I didn’t, that’s for sure. It’s hard to identify and allocate credit, where necessary, between the winning team and their opponent. Did Brisbane’s day at the office last week against Essendon and this past week against us reflect Essendon’s and our capability or theirs? Time will tell.




Round 5 – Brisbane


Collingwood 18.15.123 defeated Brisbane 8.13.61.



Match Report –


Ground Reports – None seen. Did anyone go? C’mon people?



Buck’s comments –


The Game


A really solid performance by the guys, highlighted by a four-goal burst in Q1 and a five-goal burst in Q3 (in an eight-goal Quarter). We always looked, largely, in charge; as Buck’s described “playing our brand of football”. After the grinding Win the week before a lot of the play was terrific. Well done to all.



Numbers. My usual criticism relates to the conversion of Hit Outs to Clearances and onto Inside 50s and Marks Inside 50. So?


  • Hit Outs – 36 (us, courtesy Grundy) / 18 (them) – a massive advantage (again). See the conversion, next step.
  • Clearances – 33 / 30 (Centre – 16 / 13; stoppages – 17 / 17). We have lost the advantage we had from the Hit Outs. But then …
  • Inside 50s – 62 / 42. Big win. Good delivery.
  • Marks inside 50 – 25 / 10. Match winning comparison. Well done.


Plus, as a measure of intensity and application, a couple of numbers:

  • Contested Possession – 138 / 121.
  • Tackles – 38 / 50. This surprised me.


And Frees: 26 / 26.


Best. My other principal criticism relates to individual performance as it relates to the contribution individual Disposals make to the team. Broadly agree with the listed Best, but have a look their efficiency and other contributions:


  • Treloar – 35 Disposals @ 80.0% Efficiency; 5 Clearances but 4 Clangers.
  • Mihocek – 18 @ 77.8%.
  • Grundy – 12 @ 83.3%; 1 Clearance. A quiet day at the office.
  • Stephenson – 18 @ 61.1%. Welcome back – he has been a bit quiet before this game.
  • Crisp –  27 @ 85.2%.
  • Beams – 26 @ 84.6%; 8 Clearances.
  • Phillips – 29 @ 88.6%; 2 Clearances but 4 Clangers.


I’d probably add:


  • Adams – 22 @ 90.9%; 5 Clearances.
  • De Goey – 19 @ 63.2%; 1 Clearance. Did very well moving to the Midfield in Q3.
  • Pendles – 26 @ 92.3%; 4 Clearances.


As a team comparison we had 13 players with a game Efficiency equal to or over 80.0%; they had 10; a significant improvement over last week. At the other end we had 12 players with two or more Clangers; they had 14.


In comparison, a couple of their stars:

  • Neale – 24 @ 70.8%; 7 Clearances. I understand, from Buck’s comments, that Treloar was tagging Neale, plus getting a few touches of his own.
  • Martin – 13 @ 84.6%; 6 Clearances.
  • Zorko – 17 @ 58.8%; 4 Clearances.



Round 6 – Essendon


Thursday, 25 April at the MCG; bounce at 3.20pm.


Essendon are currently 7th on the Ladder (percentage – 109.8%) versus us currently 4th (with 125.2%). Places continue to be somewhat dynamic at the moment but we are starting to see some consistent results. The final places after this Round will only be finalised after the Monday games. Watch what happens if Hawthorn beats Geelong.




Essendon, after a slow start to their season, have produced two of the most scintillating performances in the last two weeks. They Lost to GWS and St Kilda in the first two games before a narrow Win over Melbourne in Round 3. This was followed by resounding Wins over Brisbane and North, each with winning margins of 10 goals, or more. Interestingly, Essendon have, in the four matches following Round 1, made 11 selection changes, 5 ‘omitted’, 4 ‘injured’, one ‘ill’ and one ‘managed’. The likely adverse impacts of this level of changes is not evident noting the selected teams for the last two Wins included 4 and 3 changes, respectively.



Who to watch for? Essendon have had a broad spread in their Best list demonstrating a broad competence across the field. Based on performance this year the following are worth watching:


  • Midfield – Shiel and Heppell. Potential inclusions – Myers, ill last week, Zaharakis, from injury, and Smith, previously being ‘managed’.
  • Forwards – Brown, Stringer and Daniher, back last week for first game back; will be better this week.
  • Backline –  Hurley and Francis.


McDonald-Tipungwuti, who has made Essendon’s Best list, is injured and unlikely to be available.



Therefore? Again a competition in the Midfield and connection into the Forward Line. Essendon have a large number of ‘newbies’; not sure what we’re going to see.



This is going to be interesting, given Essendon’s recent results.



  • Midfield? We need to exploit our Ruck dominance, the direct link between Hit Outs and Clearances, around the ground as well as in the Centre. Alternate De Goey into / out of the Midfield.
  • Efficiency. Seek to meet the 80% standard. Look before you pass.
  • Access to goal? we need to seek to provide multiple leads into the 50. High ‘up & unders’ to Cox are not my preferred means, though our Small Forwards are frequently exploiting the ground ball.



  • Probably no change.


Weather? Cloudy but dry. Maximum of 19 degrees, cooling.



My prediction? Pies Win by 23 points. BOG – Adams – 34 Disposals @ 81.0% Efficiency and 8 Clearances. Cox, Elliott and Stephenson get 3 each. Crowd – 53,000.


Attendance? Anyone going? Ground Reports pls?


Future. We have an interesting period coming up (actually, continuing is a more accurate descriptor). Port, currently placed 5th on the Ladder, under the roof, after Anzac Day, followed by the ‘olde enemy’, Carlton, St Kilda, currently on top of the Ladder, and Sydney in Sydney, always a challenge.


TV? Yep. 7mate from 3.00pm.



  • Eddie Watch. Quiet.

Go Pies.



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