Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – AFL Round 1

True Believers, greetings to all.


Okay, when I started writing this a couple of days ago I wrote: “That was fun. An outstanding performance by the boys against quality opposition.” Then the AFL stepped in and everything changed. Now? “See you after 31 May”. And I see that as highly optimistic. So, just some jottings, especially for all those who are working from home, sick or not. Be cheered, this is our year. 


Round 1: Collingwood 13.8.86 defeated the Western Bulldogs 5.4.34.


Match Report:


Buck’s Comments:



  • Frees 19 (us) / 12 (them). No obvious issue with the umpiring though some ‘soft’ Frees were awarded; same ‘soft’ 50 metres.
  • Hit Outs 44 / 15. Well done Grundy. See next.
  • Clearances 34 / 21. While this statistic is a win for the Pies, given the Hit Outs it should have been more. That said, this is a huge improvement over previous seasons and Bucks gave this special attention in his post-Match interview. Well done, Mids.
  • Inside 50s 42 / 22. Great result, especially the variety of the entries.
  • Marks Inside 50s 14 / 2. Also really good regarding both our entries and stopping their entries.
  • Scoring Shots 21 / 9. A pretty good day at the office in terms of Goals / Behinds scored. My previous comments that a Behind scored is a waste and simply a possession change is a reflection of the changes in the game.
  • Goals 13 / 5. Good.
  • Efficiency:
    • Team 5% / 73.7%. These are pretty good numbers for both teams, especially with a wet ball, but nearly 80% is outstanding for us.
    • In the new Match Report format the individual player’s Disposal Efficiency appears not to be reported. Apologies if is and I simply haven’t found it. Let me know please? Same for Goal Assists; both statistics I found very useful.
  • Competitiveness:
    • Contested Possession 123 / 93.
    • Contested Marks 11 / 7.
    • Tackles 49 / 41.
    • Turnover 50 / 48.


The Game. Under the open roof, the early shower left the field and ball-handling slippery. What was immediately evident was the Pies’ commitment and competitiveness. WB didn’t play badly; they were just out-hunted by the Pies’ endeavour. We destroyed them in Q1 establishing a handy lead and while Q2 and Q3 were closer they never seriously drew back into the game – got back to 30 Points (5 Goals) at one stage. Then we ran away with the game in Q4. The Bont was almost unsighted. English, having done well in the Marsh series, was comprehensively beaten in the ruck by Grundy in the middle and around the ground and Bruce was shut down by our Backs. Our Clearance numbers were healthy (for once), our close-in ball handling was excellent (almost as good as our AFLW team (yes, I’m serious)) and both the Forwards and the Backline performed. Well done to all.


Our Best. The listed Best are the usual suspects – Grundy, Mihocek, Adams, Mayne, Pendles and Howe. I would have added Moore, Crisp and Elliott, each of whom went about their job particularly engaging team mates (see below re Goal Assist statistics). But it was a generic, classic, team effort.


‘Expert’ Advice. Fox Sports’ experts were 2 (Collingwood) / 10 (WB) for the win. Knowledgeable experts were Waterworth and de Stoop. The rest, including Dermie, got it wrong.



  • ‘Experts’. Firstly, never trusts ‘the experts’. I remember one panel of ‘experts’ a couple of years back that included the PM, from Sydney, who obviously knew nothing about footy, and an Opposition Leader who was a professed Pies’ supporter who always picked us. Clearly we preferred one over the other.
  • The pressure applied by the Pies was fantastic and was done for four full Quarters. The Contested Possessions and Tackle numbers, above, reflect this. Interestingly, it looked as if Pendles was tagging the Bont at times. As per my pre-game statements, he is a potential game-changer. We did well to minimise his impact. Great tackle Hoskin-Elliott.
  • Game Plan. It was pretty obvious that we went into the game with a Plan, which was then followed. Let’s watch and see how the future evolves and how the Coach’s Box deals with unexpected things during the game in the future.
  • Transition of Hit Out dominance to Clearance. The change here, from last year, was outstanding. You could actually see the variety of Grundy’s taps in different directions to different Mids working. Well done.
  • Drive out of the Backline. How often did you see Crisp on the 50? Our rock-solid Backline is the very foundation of our forward momentum. Similarly the Backs’ willingness to peel off their opponent to pursue an intercept. They ‘read’ the game very well. Terrific.
  • Forward Line. Great variety of entry to different leads. Good finishing. Aren’t the Browns just like their Dad the way they run and move? Same Daicos?


Round 2: Collingwood versus Richmond – Not before 31 May 2020. Still the plan?


This game is what last year’s GF should have been. Richmond are the reigning Premiers and deserve respect as the best team in the competition. That said, they are beatable and we have the team to do that. Remember the 2018 Preliminary Final. We met twice last year – R2: Pies by 44 Points and R19: Richmond by 32. More on this later.


The Future: Not sure how the revised Season is going to work. I’m not even sure our next game will be against Richmond – that is a pure punt. Wait and see.




  • Eddie Watch. Thank you Mr McGuire for your personal email before the game and your stewardship of our Club.
  • Footy Almanac. Keep a watch on Footy Almanac at John, I presume the Footy Almanac Canberra Lunch on April 3 is cancelled? Without a game to attend after, with limits on travel (though I’d argue attendance was ‘essential’) and restaurant / pub closures this must be doubtful. Maybe we could have a picnic by the Lake or a bit of kick to kick in small numbers at Manuka?
  • AFLW. I watched most of the girls’ Semi-Final. Ladies, you were terrific, but very unlucky. Well played. You are a credit to the Club. The closure of the Season without a Premier is, I think, a very fair end.
  • Game Noise. It has been stated that the absence of the crowd detracts from the spectacle. I agree. It was suggested to me that a Disk Jockey (DJ) person with access to various ‘noises’ with speakers around the ground could facilitate crowd noise in line with the game. But wouldn’t that be unfair, favouring one side over the other, I asked? Okay, the solution is to use two; totally independent, DJ each with their own ‘noise’ stuff, supporting each team. But what about the Umpires I asked. Fair enough we could have a third DJ, but with a heavily reduced noise level. I love it when a plan comes together. Your thoughts?

Go Pies.




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