Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: A Curate’s Egg

True Believers, a ‘Curate’s egg’ sort of weekend; good in parts (Google it, if you aren’t familiar the term).

We are still proud of our sides, it’s just the variety of results that is confusing and the margins (a point here, a couple there, whatever – (and for Canberrans, look at the Raiders (Golden Point) and Brumbies (after the siren) Losses) – a Win to the AFLW girls, well done; a Loss to the Netball side and a loss to the AFL side.


Another Win.  But the statistics were very clearly against us – Clearances – 26 (Freo) to 13 (us); inside 50s – 32 to 15; Marks inside 50 – 7 to 5. Apart from Hit Outs, which we won 14 to 32 (looked at against the Clearance figures raises other concerns regarding the Mids) the rest of the team statistics were close.  Given the scoring shots differential favouring Freo 11 scoring shots to our 7, we were (I suspect) lucky to get away with this.  But then again, I didn’t see it.  

Some feedback on the game: Go to  For the statistics? Go to the Match Centre report and Team and Individual Statistics at matchid=100640403&competitionid=10064.

Next weekend? Round 7 – vs the Giants on Sunday, 12 March; bounce at 11.05pm at Olympic Park. They sit just below us on the Ladder with a single Win.  Could be a hard-fought game.   Anyone going? Team – later in the week.  No Free to Air TV.

Good luck, ladies.  We continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, week by week.  Onward and upward.


The Super Netball season rolls on; and the Giants won last weekend off the top of the Ladder.  My uninformed assessment: They seemed, in my view not to have a counter to the Giant’s attack and found the Giants’ defence formidable leading to missed shots taken at some distance from the hoop (watching on TV – but not the whole game, admittedly).

Some feedback on the game: Go to and

Next. Thunderbirds at Hisense Arena in Melbourne on Sunday, 12 March; tip off at 3.00pm (local).  Telstra coverage. Anyone going?

Go ladies. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you.



Once again, an interesting practice match, less successful than the last in terms of Winning. Remember, Winning is habit forming, regardless of the circumstances. Anyone watch it on Foxtel? Your views?

Okay, lets have a look at the Team Statistics and Individual Statistics at; click FULL-TIME STATS, then ADVANCED STATS: 24 scoring shots (Freo) vs our 17; Hit Outs (Yep, Sandilands was playing – one of the very best traditional rucks in the game) – 28 to 21; Clearances 33 to 22, noting that at the Centre we lost 21 to 6, but won 12 to 16 at Stoppages around the ground.  What was going on? Did Sandilands play the Centre and let others chase the ball?  It gets worse: Inside 50s – we lost 48 to 32; Marks inside 50s – we lost, as you might expect, 9 to 6.  Two point Loss after the siren?  C’mon, from the numbers,we shouldn’t have got even close.  What happened in the second half of the Third Quarter – a five goal turnaround? Good points? We had 16 players with Disposal Efficiency over 80%; that is very good, particularly when measured against their 11. But, of course, it was a practice match.

Some match feedback at and And a bit of a wrap for Phillips (plus Sandilands) at Cox – Well done to both.  

A good result re injuries – fortunately nothing to report.

Next? The last practice match – have a look at who gets a run – not too many will get a game in Round 1 of the Season without at least one match under their belt – Reid? Richmond vs the Pies on Saturday, 11 March; bounce at 1.10pm at Moe. Anyone going for a drive? 



First practice match vs Geelong on this Saturday, 11 March; bounce at 11.30am (local) at the Holden Centre.

Check the familiar names reappearing –  


  • Eddie Watch.  Not seen at any of the games, though the attention he got at the single ‘four-team photo’ was quite extraordinary – go to  It really is worth a quick look
  • Other.  Also coming soon – for Canberrans, GWS vs North at Manuka – Friday, 10 March; bounce at 5.50pm.  Wear your Pies shirt proudly in support of ‘AFL into Canberra’.  And if you are interested in attending the Round 6, 28 April, Manuka GWS / WB game, book a seat (even if you are a GWS Member (if you are a GWS Member and are happy to sit behind the goals it won’t cost you anything).  They are already declaring it a ‘sold-out’ game and everyone needs to have a seat allocated to get in.
Go Pies in 2017, especially our Collingwood Magpies Netball team and the AFLW side for their games this coming weekend. Go for both, ladies. Plus the AFL and VFL practice matches too – no injuries and a bit of teamwork – let’s see the Game Plan put into operation?



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