Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – 2018 Round 8: Onward and upward

True Believers, a result we did not want. Onward and upward.




What did I like? Not much, actually. In fairness, flashes only. There were occasions when the Pies’ Mids executed close-in handball to drive forward.  The Backs were magnificent with a simple observation – getting up quickly, pursuing their opponent and supporting each other.  Great work. The Forwards? Out of the total of four we scored at least two were opportunity crumbing.  Now, I don’t mind that but what it means is that (I think) two were deliberate kicks into the arms of the Forwards to kick for Goal – not enough.


Where do we go from here?

* Round 9 – Saturday, 19 May; 7.20pm – St Kilda ES (see below).

* 10 – Friday, 25 May; 7.50pm – WB

* 11 – Sunday, 3 June; 3.20pm – Dockers

* 12 – Monday (QB Holiday) 11 June; 3.20pm – Melbourne

* 13 – Bye


So, we should expect to go into the second half of the season on 8 Wins (32 Points on the Ladder) from 12 games; a sound basis which should have us in the Eight and heading for the Finals. The final run might be challenging.


Match Reports:


Buck’s comments:


Others’ Observations: Ben Guthrie, AFL Media, reported in the game as “an ugly encounter” and “dour”. His opening comment: “Geelong eventually wore down a battle-weary Collingwood, holding firm to record a 21-point victory in a scrappy contest at the MCG on Sunday afternoon.” It was a fair summary. I would acknowledge Ratugolea and Menegola up Forward for Geelong (plus Dangerfield, always the skilled opportunist). ‘The Rat’, as I understand he is nicknamed (from a Geelong supporter), was simply outstanding; a great mark and a beautiful kick. And he’s going to be big when he grows up.




* Frees: 19 (us) to 17 (them). Again, some Frees awarded to both sides right in front of Goal – location, location, location?.


* Hit outs: 50 (us) / 23 (them). Good work by Grundy, but if he gets the tap and it goes to the opposition that is not useful.  See next step.


* Clearances: 32 / 35. Given the advantage from the Hit-Outs this reversal of the statistics really tells the story of the game – when we lost possession it became a game where our Backs had to work extraordinarily hard to reverse the flow.  Inevitably their advantage turned into scores.  Luckily Geelong couldn’t kick either.


* Inside 50s: 46 / 46. Whatever…


* Marks inside 50s: 8 / 6. Both sides should see this transition into the 50 to marks as appalling.


* Scoring shots: 20 / 21. Yeah, right.


* Goals: 5 / 9.  And, whatever… (again).


Best: Scharenberg, Howe, Treloar, Sidebottom, Mayne, Grundy.  Once again, I’d add Varcoe to the list; and not sure about Mayne and Grundy. Neither played badly, but neither stood-out. Note the unusual number of defenders recognised.


Effort. Our Contested Possessions and Tackles reflected our application (CP: 141 (us) / 150 (them) and T: 84 / 61)

Disposal Efficiency? We had 9 players with DE under 70%; them – 8.




* Same as nearly every week, when we got the Clearance from the stoppage we dominated; unfortunately so did they. The transition from Hit Out to Clearance was routinely awful – I found myself screaming at the TV as Grundy’s taps were neatly gathered by Geelong’s Mids and driven forward.

* Forwards were terrific at opportunity crumbing and scoring – great effort and in fairness we were routinely unlucky. Very few of our Goals were the result of structured play – ball passage that looked controlled with an inevitability about the score.  I still want to see varied leads and low, hard passes.

* Defence. With exceptions (when the ball bounced over everyone through an empty goal), much improved crumbing around the Defence packs. What was terrific was the endeavour – there were some classic actions by defenders – very pleasing to see defenders represented amongst the Best.

* Again, using Cox for the high ‘up and under’ entry to the 50 worked, occasionally – he is very tall and can take a mark.  But his kicking is awful, hence the ‘hand-offs’, also well-known.

* Injuries. The likely loss of Elliott is very serious; as is Moore (both with recurrent hamstring injuries), Reid and (still maybe) Grundy.  Expect Pendles back soon.


Your thoughts?




Round 9. Versus St Kilda at Etihad Stadium on Saturday, 19 May; bounce: 7.25pm.


Match Preview (when there) . The betting, there already, has us favourites ($1.33 to $3.35).


* Them. Okay, St Kilda have been awful this year. One Win (against Brisbane) and one Draw (with GWS) reflect on their opponents on those days rather than on St Kilda (and I think Brisbane have come a long way since that Round 1 Loss). People to watch for?  Brownie at Full Back, of course (family); Hickey, Ross, Steven and Stevens (maybe out because of Concussion) and Steele amongst the Mids; noting (for the Canberrans regarding a local boy) Josh Bruce is still out injured.


* Us. As above, now is the time to rest players who aren’t 100% (like Grundy). It’s also the opportunity to rotate a few – Fas in for Crocker; McLarty in for Cox?


* Picks? Pies by 71 points. BOG – Treloar – 53 Disposals at 89.0% DE. Cox and Fas each get 5 Goals.


* TV? No – yes if you live in Melbourne (and Darwin); no if you live in Canberra (or Sydney; Lucky I checked). Find a friend or I’ll see you at Eastlake. Neil, plus others, let me know if that suits? See you there for a drink and tea.


Reporting? Let’s get into it, please.  Did anyone get to more than one game last weekend?




* A four-point Home Win 13.13.91 to 13.9.87 over Geelong (after having a 29 point lead at the final change). Still sitting second on the Ladder behind Richmond on a percentage of 155.9%. Well done.


* Match Report at . Best included Sier and Wills, especially at stoppages. Others noticed were Blair, Mihocek, Oxley and Hore. See


* Next: Round 7 – Saturday, 19 May versus Coburg at Piranha Park, Coburg; bounce 2.10pm. Anyone going? Report pls?


Magpies Netball


* Our third game in the Suncorp Super Netball Season was startling; a big improvement with a Win over the Adelaide Thunderbirds 70 to 50. Is this our season turning point?


* Match Report: Good question.


* Next: Sunday, 20 May; tip-off 1.00pm versus Sunshine Coast Lightning at Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne. Anyone going? Report pls? Good luck, ladies; we’re with you – ‘Side by Side’.




* Well done, ladies – a Draw is better than a Loss, any day. The historic Draw 3.9.27 with Geelong 4.3.27 (always seen in terms of the scoring shots – we should have Won).  Congratulations and best wishes for the next one.


* Match Report at and statistics / teams / game play at


* Next: Round 3 – Sunday, 20 May; bounce 11.00am versus Richmond at Olympic Park Oval. Anyone going? Report pls?




*The Robert Rose Foundation VWFL also started this weekend: Go to: and Worth a read.


*No results yet for the 13 May games.


*Next: Sunday, 27 May; Pies Bye.




* Eddie Watch. Quiet again.

* Coach? – 68% happy; who’d have thought that late last year?

* Training surface at the Holden Centre – watch this space re injuries.

* Other Sports – Canberra:

GWS – Not until 11 August;

Raiders – Away; versus St George; and

Brumbies – Away; versus Lions in Johannesburg.


Another view of our game –


Go Pies.





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