Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: 2018 AFL Finals – The Year of the Magpie: A final thought

Cam has a final comment before tonight’s clash with the Tigers.
Go Pies.


  1. Matt Sherwood says

    Thanks Cameron,

    It’s a case of nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain. Things I think we need to do to win are:
    Grundy will win the ruck against Nankervis, so the mids need to convert a vast bulk of the taps into clearances.
    When winning the clearances, our forward line is stronger than when we previously met the Tigers in Round 19, so they need to be leading with the ball kicked low like it was against Adelaide.
    Ball movement has to be fast as Richmond is great at flooding, pressure and creating turn-overs (but we’re good at stopping turn-overs too!).
    We need to get more goals from the mids (Treloar, Adam, Pendles and Steele). Last time I think this group got none.
    Cox needs to take more marks and kick several goals early to draw defenders to him. If that’s the case, players like De Goey, Hoskin Elliot and Stephenson will have fewer and lower quality defenders on them. Goals can then flow and the defence gets further stretched.
    The mids also need to win the ball as the only way to stop Reiwoldt is to stop the ball getting to him. Greenwood needs to limit Martin in the middle and Goldsack or Maynard needs to take him close to goal.

    Overall, the bookies are saying we are unlikely to win, the table says we won’t win and the experts say we can’t win.

    If we do those 6 things we certainly can – and if it occurs it will be very close – but who is our Luke Ball with 2.57 left on the clock …….. (‘put’s it on the boot……..’)?


  2. Matt,
    Either Trav Varcoe or Steele could make a good Luke Ball moment, but hopefully we will be 4 goals up and it will be icing.

  3. george smith says

    What can you say???

    Like the Fonz, I was wrrrrr-

    go Pies

  4. Well in Mason Cox you’ve got the best ‘septic’ to have ever played this game of ours.

    It’s been great watching his progress the last three years, and his value in a finals, the last three weeks.


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